Jessica Lee Ives | Light Shapes Life Show at the Lupine Gallery (Monhegan, ME)!

Light, Water, Magnetism by Jessica Lee Ives, Oil, 40″ x 60″

Jessica Lee Ives. I love how she’s able to portray her subjects in the water. Whether it’s floating, jumping, diving – the view from underwater is magnificent. Jessica captures her subjects well, the ripple of the water, the COLOR of the water, the light reflecting off of the water – all are difficult, yet Jessica masters each so well.

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Featured Artist: Matthew Cornell!

The Gallery by Matthew Cornell | 8″ x 8″ Oil on Panel | Robert Lange Studios

The Seeds of Change show opened on Friday, May 5, 2023 – so if you’re in the Charleston, SC area, stop by Robert Lange Studios. Owners Megan and Robert Lange have created one of the most successful galleries and they’ve managed to keep it so current. They have such creative and talented artists. Their gallery is stunning, so be sure you stop by and say hello!

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Featured Artist: Lisa Shimko

Home Roseate Home by Lisa Shimko 48″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas

Lisa Shimko. An artist with quite an imagination – her paintings are vibrant, have a fun, story-like vibe to them. They’re happy, energizing pieces that will bring a smile to your face wherever you hang them. I want you to know, Lisa’s website has more than her paintings – it has information regarding flooding events, which in our (Charleston, SC) area have become a real concern for the future.

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Featured Artist: Brett Gamache!

Rock Islands by Brett Gamache | 16″ x 20″ | Oil on Linen

Brett Gamache. He has a style that is so unique. When you think about how many artists there are – it’s amazing that some artists can really stand out – I love when when I can look at a painting and know who painted it. I love running across an artist that I have somehow (how???) missed along the way. I hate that it’s taken me so long to feature Brett. But happy that I have!

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Featured Artist: Joyce Hicks!

Laurel Mountain Highlands Farm by Joyce Hicks 18″ x 24″ Watercolor

Joyce Hicks. Beautiful work – right now I am mesmerized by watercolor paintings, and Joyce’s are no exception. Beautiful work. I love how she will sometimes show the actual image of what she painted alongside the painting. Wow, she makes everything so beautiful. It’s like walking around with a filter that makes everything look so nice.

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Featured Artist: Garry Kravit!

Never Again (Tribute to Federal Flight Deck Officers) by Garry Kravit 12″ x 20″ Oil

Garry Kravit. Love his paintings. This painting in particular is especially touching given the subject matter. Garry seems to be an interesting guy. An artist that paints all over the world – and he just happens to be a Boeing 777 Captain for a major U.S. airline. How interesting would it be to fly all over the world – and in your spare time have the ability to paint some pretty cool subjects? Garry can paint a wide variety of subjects – each as fabulous as the next!

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Featured Artist: Tony Warren!

Tony Warren. Super nice guy and a WOW artist! There is something special about his watercolor paintings. I love them. There is a freeness to them. Years ago my sister attended a demo or workshop and came home with a painting. I can picture it now, such a great little painting – she learned a lot. Isn’t that the best kind of workshop? The low-pressure/learn a lot/have a good time type of workshop. You simply can’t beat it!

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Featured Artist: Marc Anderson!

Dapple Dumpling Gang by Marc Anderson | 30″ x 40″ | Oil on Board

Marc Anderson. An artist who can create the most stunning work! For example, in this painting, Dapple Dumpling Gang, just look at the light on the rocks in the foreground and throughout. Absolutely brilliant. Marc captures every detail without making it look too “tight”. The subtle nuances in the color of water from near to far – the movement in the water, texture and of course LIGHT.

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Featured Artist: Sue Fawthrop!

Garden Cafe by Sue Fawthrop | 20×20 cm | Gouache

Sue Fawthrop. An artist located in the UK with the most fabulous paintings. She paints with oil, acrylic and gouache (and probably everything else!) – this particular painting is gouache. I love the way gouache shows such nice details with light. A cool tree – love the umbrella – this makes you want to be wherever this is located. A garden cafe on a beautiful day. Perfect!

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(RE-) Featured Artist: Jessica Fields!

At the Window by Jessica Fields 24″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas

Jessica Fields. Don’t you just love the color? Jessica is know for her not-afraid-of-color paintings. I LOVE paintings with color. As much as we love the monochromatic look in a house, my husband and I both adore color. I think it livens up a space and gives it great energy. I especially love little blips of orange – It’s like the sun at sunset – magnificent!

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Featured Artist: Dennis Campay!

Blue Easy Chair by Dennis Campay 22″ x 39″ Work on Paper | Shain Gallery

Dennis Campay. Refreshingly different. Happy paintings (love the sun shining in many of them!). A treat for the senses for sure. It’s always nice when you look at a painting and it makes you smile. What a gift. To be able to draw and sketch so loosely isn’t easy.

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Featured Artist: Anneli Skaar!

Anneli Skaar! Aren’t these flowers beautiful? It’s amazing that someone can create them. They appear so real, as if freshly cut from the garden, and placed in pretty vases. It’s hard to believe these are hand made paper flowers. THIS is a workshop I would love to take. If I lived closer to Camden, Maine – I would be signed up and ready to go. This workshop with Anneli will be fabulous…

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Featured Artist: Melanie Morris!

Summer in the South by Melanie Morris 36×36 Acrylic {SOLD}

Melanie Morris. Her zinnia’s are out of this world! I love a happy painting, full of wonderful color and a subject matter that I adore. Zinnia’s fit the bill on both counts. I like the trees in the distance, it gives you a feel for how large this zinnia field is! I like the zinnia’s that are poking up reaching towards the sun like the overachievers they are. Wonderful detail up front blending into the more subdued in the back gives that feeling of depth. What a beautiful field this must be…

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Featured Artist: Brett Eberhardt!

Garwood Corner by Brett Eberhardt 19″ x 19″ Oil on Panel | Sold

Brett Eberhardt. Someone shared this painting on social media and it caught my attention. I see so many paintings – a select handful will jump out at me and make me say, WOW. I love Brett’s description of this painting – he nailed this painting beyond belief! I mean, just look at the sheen on the floor, the oh so slight reflections. The years of paint – some of it chipping away. The tiles… can’t you just see them? This painting tells a story! But this time, you get to know what the story is!

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