Featured Artist: Colin Page! *Solo Show Alert!*

Snug Harbor by Colin Page 30×40″ Oil

Colin Page. A brilliant artist and a damn nice guy. Everyone who knows Colin loves him. He’s got an easy way about him, friendly, full of great information and one heck of an artist. If you’re in Maine, you most likely have seen him painting somewhere at some point. An avid plein air artist, Colin has a way with paint and a style all his own. You can spot one of his paintings from a distance and immediately know that it’s his work. Not easy these days. So many wonderful artists, so to have a style that stands out… well that… speaks volumes! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Colin Page! *Solo Show Alert!*”


Featured Artist: Sarah Spackman!

Allotment Nasturtium by Sarah Spackman 30x25cm Oil

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Featured Artist: Annie O’Brien Gonzales!

Evening by Annie O’Brien Gonzales 24×24″ Acrylic

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Featured Artist: Paul Batch!

Until Tomorrow by Paul Batch 24×24″ Oil (More Info)

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Featured Artist: Kevin Beers! – *Show Alert!*

Light at Two Lights by Kevin Beers 24×36″ Oil

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Featured Artist: Kathleen Speranza!

Climbing White Rose by Kathleen Speranza 11×14″ Oil – Price available upon request

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Featured Artist: George Shattuck!

Schoodic 3 – Photograph by George Shattuck

George Shattuck. The way George takes photos leaves the image with a painterly quality that is quite amazing. It’s unlike anything I have seen. Just look at this painting closely, it’s almost as if there are etchings or strokes within the photograph, but its his technique. These photos are of the highest quality and so unique! Be sure to look through George’s photographs on his website – I think you will love them as much as I do! Continue reading “Featured Artist: George Shattuck!”