Featured Artists Kevin Beers and Amy Williams (Beers)!

Monhegan Dock Sunset by Kevin Beers 16x20 Oil

Monhegan Dock Sunset by Kevin Beers  16×20″  Oil

Amy Williams (Beers) and husband, Kevin Beers, are having a show (now – through June 26, 2017) at Legacy Properties in Damariscotta, Maine. If you’re in the area STOP BY! You won’t want to miss this show! It’s the last week of the show and you KNOW it will be good!

Many of you will recognize the painting above by Kevin. He has a way of capturing the essence of Monhegan. Every detail meticulously captured.


There is a reception at Legacy TODAY from 4-7PM – if you’re in the area, it’s the perfect time to meet the artists AND see their work! Here’s the address:

Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty

170 Maine Street, Damariscotta, Maine  04543


Also note Kevin has a show coming up in July (actually opens June 29th!) at Gleason Fine Art  in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

“The Beers show will be from June 29 through July 25, 2017.  The opening reception is Friday, July 7 from 5-7 pm.


Forsythia by Amy Williams Beers

Forsythia by Amy Williams Beers 12×12″  Oil

I love this forsythia painting of Amy’s! I remember a forsythia painting she did last year, it was different, but equally amazing… I also remember a fabulous painting of clouds – that one has stuck in my head! She has a cool perspective on things.

Read a bit about Amy, from her website:

Amy Williams has drawn and painted her whole life but she began taking formal art classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Art in 2000 after moving to Boston to take a position as Trustee Professor in Computer Science and Accounting at Bentley University. Over the next few years, in addition to taking SMFA and other museum school classes, she studied with Dennis Sheehan, Diane Rath and Casey Baugh and took workshops with Charles Sovek and Colin Page. In 2009, Amy gave up tenure and negotiated a contract to work half a year for three years so she could study intensively at the Art Student’s League of NY. She studied with Nelson Shanks, Burt Silverman, Ray Kinstler, Dan Thompson, Costa Vavagiakis, and Tom Torak and was invited to be Burt Silverman’s assistant in three workshops. She also frequently went to life drawing classes at Spring Street Studio in Soho. Upon leaving Bentley in December 2012, the university gave her a solo show in the McGladrey Gallery. In January 2013 she became a full time New Yorker. accepting an offer to serve as Director of Cyber Initiatives for the NY Citizens Crime Commission while taking classes and painting when she could. For years Amy really enjoyed helping others with their cyber security issues and painting in the evenings and on weekends but it became clearer with each day that all she wanted to do was paint.  So for that reason plus a few others, in September 2014 she and her husband Kevin Beers sold their apartment in Brooklyn NY and moved to Maine. Amy and Kevin initially met in Maine and spent summers painting together on Monhegan so this move was inevitable. Today they are both currently, happily, working as fine art painters from the renovated barn attached to their beautiful old Greek Revival house in Thomaston. Continue reading HERE

Read a bit about Kevin, from the Gleason Fine Art website:

In the Fall of 2014, Kevin Beers did something he had long dreamed of doing—he packed up his Park Slope, Brooklyn, apartment and moved to Maine to become a full-time resident. Beers and his wife Amy rented the Rockland home of a Monhegan friend and spent the winter of 2014-2015 hunting for their dream house. They found it on a Thomaston side street—an antique white farmhouse with a barn big enough for two studios.

For his 2015 summer show, Beers has given the gallery not only his typical Monhegan Island  panoramas and landscapes but also a half dozen sparkling winter paintings done on site in Rockland as well as several dazzling sunset views of Pemaquid. For Beers’ many fans of his truck and car paintings, this year’s show contains a special treat—“Stars and Stripes,” a majestic rendition of a familiar Rte. 90 sight, an old truck painted with red, white, and blue stars and stripes.

In mid-July, Beers heads out to his beloved Monhegan Island once again, but come fall, instead of facing the 7-hour drive back to Brooklyn, he will step off the ferry, drive less than half an hour, and be home—Maine at last! 

Amy and Kevin are about as nice as they come and their art… well, let’s just say that you will thank me 😉

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All images via AmyWilliamsArt.com and gleasonfineart.com, used with permission…
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Featured Artist: Greg Barnes!

Pawley’s Creek Sunset by Greg Barnes  10×10″  Soft Pastel

What a fabulous painting – and such a cool photo! I think it’s great when you can see where an artist paints – I love how artists all interpret scenes differently, its so interesting!

Greg has a wonderful style that has some abstractness to it which makes each painting so interesting! That sky! The wonderful colors reflected into the water and then to top it off that wonderful marsh grass. This painting will not be around long!

Check out links to Greg’s work on the following links:


Read a bit about Greg, from his website:

Greg Barnes got his formal training at Wake Forest University receiving a BFA in 1985. Under the instruction of many fine teachers he learned painting, printmaking, sculpture, and figure drawing.

Following college, Greg entered a career path that included technical illustration, computer graphics, computer-based training, and multimedia programming. Throughout those years, Greg always kept his brushes and charcoal close at hand.

After 911, he and his wife Janet decided to take a leap of faith, pursuing a fine art career full time. Greg quickly found portrait work, which eventually led him to pastels. A few week-long plein air workshops set him in on his current course.

Landscapes are Greg’s love. He enjoys painting on location, and as a result of working quickly, leans towards impressionism. A mix of realistic and impressionistic elements give his pieces a life of their own, while a free and creative use of color punctuates his style.

Greg currently splits his time between painting in his studio/gallery in Charlotte, NC, selling at national art shows around the country, and teaching.

All images via BarnesStudios.com, used with permission…
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Featured Artist: William McLure!

Ab6 by William McLure 48x48

Ab6 by William McLure  48×48″

William McLure. Designer, artist, and creative genius with #hashtags on Instagram! His work is (mostly) large abstracts that make a bold statement. William’s Instagram is stunning with images of his loft space, designed so beautifully! You will quickly notice his sense of humor, especially with his hashtags! #️⃣ #williamisthekingofhashtags #goseeforyourself – You will also notice the newest addition to his life… Rankin Bayne McLure, also known as “Ran”, a beautiful Weimaraner puppy that is quickly teaching William the ways of the world…

I love how everyone sees/feels something different in regard to abstract paintings. William’s abstracts are quite wonderful and fit so well into his designs, which I also adore!

abstract by william mclure 60x60 atl symphony showhouse

Abstract by William McLure  60″ x 60″ Black and white commissioned for Atlanta Symphony Showhouse.

I love the look and feel of this room, and this abstract, while simple, makes a grand statement that just pulls the room together!

Check out more of William’s paintings – Wow!

Check out William’s work via these links:

[  W E B S I T E  |  I N S T A G R A M  ]

Read a bit about William, from his website:

William Rankin McLure IV was born an artist.  William was creative since he was a very young child thru his God-given talent of art and design.  Born in Louisiana, he and his family soon moved back to Alabama to be close to a large and loving family and to live on a family farm.  William’s kindergarten teacher recognized his talent and wrote his mother a note when William was 4 years old for her to recognize, support, encourage and nurture William in his creativity and said that one day he would be a famous artist.  His talents have grown from there, to him now being a self-employed artist and interior designer.  William graduated from The Southern Institute of Design, where he was active in the American Society of Interior Designers as a student.   His artwork can evolve from realism, to drawings, to sketches, to abstract at any given moment, and many times being created in literal hours during long evenings at home.  His design work and art were highlighted in the 2013 Cathedral Antique’s Show House in Atlanta. His latest exhibit was a literal one-day sell out, and his work has been featured on many design and art blogs, including Lonny Magazine, La Dolce Vita, Southern Living, Mark D. Sikes, and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.  Continue reading HERE

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All images via WilliamMcLure.com, used with permission…
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Featured Artist: David Williams!

Early Morning Marsh by David Williams  24 x 24″  Oil

David Williams. So many beautiful paintings – David’s landscape paintings show his love of the outdoors. His still life’s… ooooh! Fabulous! I think David’s use of color and his brush strokes really stand out. Early Morning Marsh has such a sense of peace – that wonderful violet color in the background really shows the distance and plays beautifully with the green in the marsh grass. Those little bits of light are perfection!

Check out David’s work from these links:

Website   |   Facebook   | Pinterest  |  Instagram

🎨 For those of you looking for weekly art instruction (Still Life) David teaches near The Plains and Stone Ridge, VA  – what an amazing opportunity!

Read a bit about David, from his website:

David was born in Washington, DC and grew up in the Virginia countryside. His love for the outdoors was instilled early on, growing from childhood explorations of field and forest, river and bay. Influences collected during youth color his work to this day, forming the foundation of a lifetime interest in nature and art.

David began art classes around the age of ten, which led to art foundation at VCU and classical figure drawing at the Los Angeles Academy as well as portrait and landscape painting with Jove Wang, Sunny Apinchapong-Yang, Sherrie McGraw, Gay Faulkenberry and Camille Przewodek.

David’s paintings have been awarded numerous prizes, including artist’s choice, collector’s choice and best of show. His paintings have been featured in newspaper and magazine articles and are included in collections throughout the United States. Continue reading HERE

All images via williamsart.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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Featured Artist: Patrick Lee!

Cruisers by Patrick Lee 24×30″ Oil SOLD  – Best in Show at Wayne Plein air 2017

Patrick Lee. His paintings are captivating. What grabs me are the abstract qualities. Cruisers is a striking painting that won BEST IN SHOW recently at Wayne Plein Air, in Pennsylvania, well deserved! Just look at the scale of those ships – the colors in this painting are stunning.

Another one of my favorites (also sold) is The Blue Side – a stunning side of a house in the shadows. WOW! (Check Patrick’s Facebook or Instagram to see what I mean, links below).

Beautiful paintings!

Patrick Lee

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Patrick, (from his website):

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and attended Edinboro University, where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Painting with an Art History minor. I’m the youngest of seven children raised by a single mom. My mother, who was an artist herself, gave me my first drawing book at the age of 10. It was an original copy of Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth by Andrew Loomis.  The bulk, and greatest part, of my artistic education has come from interacting with and learning from fellow artists and from studying works of art of all kinds.  I work primarily in oils, charcoal, and watercolor (gouache). My chosen subject matter generally ranges from figurative works and landscapes, to still-life and interiors.

I’ve participated in many group and solo exhibitions, including Plein Air painting events like Plein Air Easton and Wayne Plein Air and have been an adjunct professor of art at Allegheny Community College for the past several years. I like to look for the design and form possibilities in art which sometimes leads to strong elements of abstraction and suggestion in my work, rather than explicit detail. I love plein air painting because of its immediacy and freshness. Because you must work quickly in most cases, intuition and feeling take over and force you to simplify and look for the essence of what it is that you’re trying to accomplish. There is no better way to develop real skill in painting.

All images via PatrickLeeFineArt.com, used with permission…
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Featured Artist: Melanie Thompson!

SUNSET ON HURRICANE RIDGE by Melanie Thompson Oil 20 x 24

Melanie Thompson – Sunset on Hurricane Ridge. Stars will get me every time. There is something magical about a painting with stars in it, and those trees! They’re fabulous! Especially with the dark color around that stunning orange of the sunset. The purples are get-outta-here wonderful, especially with the orange!

The cherry on top? The signature – love it in red! It’s not overwhelming, it’s perfect, but in red stands out a wee bit, in a very classy way! Check out more of Melanie’s paintings via these links:


Website   |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Melanie (from her website):

Trained as a graphic designer but always an artist at heart, I was first inspired to paint the landscape after working three seasons as a wildland firefighter. Never having spent much time outdoors, I worked weeks at a time with my crew digging fireline, monitoring fire behavior, hiking, and sleeping under the stars. I was deeply moved by the stunning vistas and by the fierce beauty of nature. In each painting I use my training as a designer to intuitively construct simple yet powerful designs reflecting the pure wonder I feel when outdoors.

The most important practice in my development as an artist has been extensively painting on location, or en plein air. Through direct observation I capture the effects of light that often are lost in photographs and use the studies to create a more beautiful and compelling work in the studio. In my mind a painting is not complete, whether created in the studio or on location, until it conveys both the appearance of a place and the feel of a specific moment: the smell of dust, the hot sun, or the cooling shade of a passing cloud.

Recently I have been exploring my homeland, the landscapes of Eastern Washington and Oregon, painting iconic locations such as Hells Canyon and Dry Falls. When confronted with the unique geology of these areas I am reminded of the overwhelming sense of awe I felt as a wildland firefighter. When people see my work depicting these often overlooked landscapes I’d like them to taste the desert air, feel the sun on their skin, and see the splendor of the wild places around all of us. Continue reading HERE

All images via MelanieThompsonArt.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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Featured Artist: Stan Moeller!

Uncle Henry’s by Stan Moeller 11×14 Oil

The Lupine Gallery and the Island Inn will be presenting a fabulous show of Stan Moeller‘s paintings of Monhegan Island and France! What a show it’s going to be. I cannot wait to see it! If you’re fortunate enough to be on the island on June 28, 2017 – there is an opening reception from 2:00-4:00 PM. What a good time!

Here is a bit about the show, from the Lupine Gallery website:


The Lupine Gallery and the Island Inn will be showcasing Stan Moeller’s paintings of Monhegan Island and Paris, France in the 2017 Island Inn Show, “Stan Moeller: from Montmartre to Monhegan.”  The exhibit will be on view from Friday, May 26 through Sunday, October 8. The public is invited to a reception for the artist at the Island Inn on Wednesday, June 28 from 2-4 pm.                        

To view the paintings, click here.

Stan Moeller has been painting and teaching oil painting workshops on Monhegan since the 1990’s. He describes his style as “Modern Impressionism with a little Contemporary Realism and a smidge of the Ashcan school.” The works on display reflect his passion for painting on site and his ability to capture the energy of a moment—whether the power of an ocean wave or the gesture of a figure in a café.

There has been a strong thread of connection between Monhegan and Paris for over 100 years, as American artists who were drawn here to paint the rugged and rustic life of the island were also drawn to the Paris art scene. In the late 19th and early 20th century, the hill of Montmartre was a mecca for painters, and many of Monhegan’s most prominent artists lived and studied in Paris, bringing the latest movements in European art back with them.

Stan travels annually between Maine and Europe to paint two of his favorite muses: Monhegan and Paris. This show brings together, for the first time, his paintings of these two iconic places. The owners of the Island Inn, Jaye Morency and Michael Brassard, split their time between Monhegan and Paris each year, and were inspired to bring their love of their two favorite places together in this exhibition.

All images via stanmoeller.com and lupinegallerymonhegan.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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