Featured Artist: Paige Oden!

The Shell Collectors by Paige Oden 12×16″ Oil

Paige Oden. Beautiful paintings – bright, happy paintings without being too bright. I love the pop of orange and the colors of the sky and water. Nice figures.

Paige’s comments on The Shell CollectorsThis painting is also from my time spent on Balboa Island. I often paint on the island because it is where I grew up and I feel a connection to the simple beach lifestyle and beauty. Also, because of its tight space and natural waterways, it cannot change too much. I mean yes, the tiny beach bungalows have given way to over-sized tiny castles… But if you look at the bay views and canal waterways and alleys, you can see the genuine love of a simple beach day where time stands still.

See more of Paige’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  | Workshops

Read a bit about Paige, from her website:

As the daughter of nationally renowned illustrator Dick Oden, I earned my BFA in Painting and an MFA in Figurative Sculpture, studying under artists such as Ed Moses, Ken Auster, John Lincoln, Stephen Werlick and bay area sculptor Stephen De Staebler. Upon returning from school in Italy in1988 (Fine Arts scholarship) I completed a figurative sculpture scholarship at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C and then finished my MFA bronze works at CSULB metals foundry in 1991.

It was during my CSULB MFA program in 1991 that I also taught painting classes at the nearby Orange County High School of the Arts (aka OCSA).  Now, nearly 25 years later I continue my association with OCSA as the Director of the Visual Arts Conservatory where I get to design and oversee the arts curriculum, guide the 14 member faculty and oversee the admissions process for the OCSA Visual Arts Conservatory and its 200 extremely talented fine art high school students.

Overseeing and redesigning the OCSA Visual Arts Conservatory was an opportunity I could not pass up. While it has deferred my painting career, it is an opportunity to guide and mentor the most talented fine artists of our local future. The OCSA fine arts curriculum is comparable to any arts college with outstanding faculty. I cherish the opportunity to bring in the most talented and often economically challenged student artists and then offer them a curriculum and education that will create a fine arts college portfolio that will get them to the most prestigious art colleges in the world, Yale, RISD, College of St. Martins, SAIC, and on and on. Most of our students could not get to these schools without the leadership of the OCSA. The OCSA experience will change their future forever so how could I not jump at the chance to be the guiding factor in that event!

Throughout my 14 years of leadership at OCSA I have continually painted in my home studio though not at the pace of her pre-OCSA career. I have been awarded many awards for her OCSA teaching career including the OTIS Teacher of the Year Merit Award. I have been lucky enough to receive multiple grants and have studied with Camille Przwodek, Ken Auster, Randy Sexton and Colin Page.

I participate in various regular California gallery exhibitions and sell my work to longtime collectors while acting as the Director of Visual Arts at OCSA and raising my family.

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Featured Artist: Emmy Wommack!

Fighting for Air with Full Lungs by Emmy Wommack 16×20 Acrylic, House Paint, Oil Pastel

Emmy Wommack. I first saw Emmy’s work when she held a fundraiser for on Instagram – a great (and large!) abstract. She seems like a super cool person. Her work is happy – I love that!

See more of Emmy’s work via these links:

Website  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Emmy, from her website:

me and paint. we go way back. from accent walls to faux painted furniture to folksy ducks painted on switchplate covers. early in my adult life i made the decision to change my college major from fine art to psychology. a decision based on a lot of self-imposed limitations. i then proceeded to engage in any business venture, hobby, or volunteer activity i could get myself roped into that would allow me to create…withoutcalling myself an artist, mind you. those adventures have served me well. these days i embrace the title “artist”, even though there will probably always be a part of me that feels like a fraud. my antidote is to be as transparent and authentic as possible and to place the credit for any success where it rightfully belongs. it’s a tricky one, but the goal is to be an instrument that allows genuine, divine expression to flow from the creator through me. the hard part is getting out of the way.

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Featured Artist: Kyle Paliotto!

Painting by Kyle Paliotto

I featured Kyle back in 2015 and after running across more stunning paintings I felt the need to feature him again! The light in Kyle’s paintings is incredible AND memorable – I remember those paintings that I had featured back in 2015 (click on above link to see), and I feature a lot of artists and oh so many paintings, so it really has to stand out.

I love, love, love all the light in Kyle’s paintings – how the gorgeous toned canvas seeps through in places adding so much interest. His paintings have a life of their own as shown above! Be sure to check them out!

See more of Kyle’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  | Classes

Read a bit about Kyle, from his website:

Oil painter Kyle Paliotto gathers imagery from the beautiful rustic landscape of his local  surroundings in North Idaho.  He searches out rural settings which display a time gone by when harmony between land and man existed.  His style is one that takes from impressionism without disregarding the discipline of representational art up to the early 1900’s.  Painting plein air on location is essential to his process but the real meat and potatoes is in the studio.

At the age of 42, Kyle has had some great achievements, but his greatest joys are his wife Rebecca and children Vincent and Sophia .  Teaching a weekly art class along with workshops has added to his love of art and ability to share his passion.  His successes include:  Signature Status with the American Impressionist Society, Juried into multiple Oil Painters of America National and regional shows, Winning Honorable Mention in the 13th Annual American Impressionist Society National Show (2012) and also in the Portrait Society of America’s Members Only competition (2010), Best of Show at the CM Russell Auction in Great Falls, Montana (2010) and winning Third Place in American Impressionist Society’s 11th Annual National Show (2010).  Kyle has been written about in Southwest Art Magazine’s “Artists to Watch” (2008) (2013)(2017) and a feature article in Western Art Collector Magazine (2009) (2010) and (2013).
Life is just getting exciting and Kyle looks forward to a long rewarding career.

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Featured Artist: Lauren Sansaricq!

Le Lever De La Lune by Lauren Sansaricq 16×20″ Oil

Lauren Sansaricq. Wow. Brilliant paintings. Don’t miss the links given below, especially the art videos! What a treat it is to watch a painting be created – I could watch these videos all day long! Lauren definitely knows what she’s doing!

Lauren’s paintings have a timeless quality to them. Similar to paintings from long ago – she captures that feeling so well. It’s quite remarkable really.

In addition to fabulous paintings and wicked good skill she has an amazing website. Whew! Lots to keep up with and she does it beautifully!

See more of Lauren’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Art Videos

Read a bit about Lauren, from her website:

Lauren Sansaricq (b. 1990) grew up in Columbia County, New York, where from an early age she was exposed to both the beauties of the Hudson Valley and, under the teaching of Thomas Locker, a traditional approach to landscape painting. Taking Mr. Locker’s advice Miss Sansaricq received academic training in drawing and painting at the Grand Central Academy of Art in NYC.  In 2011, at just 21 years old, she was taken under the representation of Hawthorne Fine Art, a prestigious New York gallery specializing in 19th century Hudson River School Painting. Miss Sansaricq was also honored with a solo show in New York at Hawthorne Fine Art that same year. Sansaricq’s work has been exhibited in Manhattan at historic venues like the Salmagundi Club, the National Arts Club and the Union League Club. In 2012 she had a solo show at Saint Anselm College, and had her work featured at the Boston International Fine Arts Show. One of Sansaricq’s paintings was also featured in the New York Times, surrounding the show she was apart of, “The Great Hudson River Exhibition”. Today Sansaricq’s artwork is in collections throughout the country, and is hung beside some of the best American painters of the past. She also teaches every summer on the Hudson River Fellowship and occasionally at Grand Central Atelier in NYC. Sansaricq now resides in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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Featured Artist: Zachery Elletson!

Painting by Zachery Elletson via Instagram

Zachery Elletson. STUNNING work! Zachery was featured in Southwest Art Magazine back in 2015 as one of 21 Artists Under 31 to Watch. No kidding! His work is stellar, and he comes with quite a story! An inspiration for sure!

Isn’t this a stunning painting? Photographed at an angle to lessen the glare when wet – check out his Instagram page, it shows a few close ups. The lit candle, all these wonderful colors, the abstract background – the rich, fall like colors – all make this painting a winner. Every one of Zachery’s paintings is a stunner!

See more of Zachery’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Blog  | Press

Read a bit about Zachery, from his website:

From an early age Zac had a knack for creativity, always drawing and constructing on paper or building for hours with Legos. His aptitude for drawing blossomed when he started copying Calvin & Hobbes comic strips and drawing them from memory. His curiosity and independent nature grew with age, learning to play drums, guitar, skateboarding, and snowboarding. He didn’t start taking art seriously until his mid twenties.

From 2009 to 2012, he sacrificed all other interests to study intensely with representational painter Jonathan Hardesty in the 19th century Atelier method of drawing & painting. Zac’s approach to painting is grounded in the principles of the late 19th century representational masters, while also being influenced by contemporary artists, techniques, and subjects. He constantly strives for excellence in his work, believing that art reaches its highest form with a combination of high skill, personal vision, and idealized form. Born and raised in Montana, he has always had a deep respect for nature, and seeks to show his appreciation for it through his work. Standing on a firm ground of time-tested techniques has enabled Zac to create proficient work while continuing evolve and grow as an artist.

Zac’s work has been featured in Southwest art Magazine’s “21 under 31” 2015 emerging artist feature. You can also find his work in national group shows for Oil Painters of America and American Impressionist Society. He is currently represented by Meyer Gallery in Park City, UT and Jack Meier Gallery in Houston, TX.

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Featured Artist: Lana Ballot!

Breaking Wave by Lana Ballot 17×25″ Pastel   |   The Yang Family Award, 44th Annual Pastel Society of America Juried Exhibition, Enduring Brilliance

Lana Ballot. Whoa! Impressive pastel paintings – I found Lana while perusing Instagram. Wonderful paintings, each and every one. The wave paintings capture the very essence of the sea – and those gorgeous colors – I like how you can see the light coming right through… It’s easy to see why this painting won an award!

See more of Lana’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Blog  | Workshops

Read a bit about Lana, from her website:

I majored in Studio Arts at Stony Brook University, NY. After graduation I worked as a web designer, while studying painting further on my own. Always being fascinated by nature, I made landscape my main subject. After I discovered pastels as a perfect plein air medium, I often spent my free time painting outdoors. Although this early plein air work did not result in a lot of finished paintings, it proved to be an invaluable experience in developing the ability to see how color, light and atmosphere affect each other in different times of day or season. With this knowledge and feel for the landscape around me, I am trying to capture the beauty of nature whether it’s a magnificent display of colors in the sunset sky or a quiet winter scene…

I am happy to live on Long Island, NY where I can paint my favorite subjects – ocean, harbors, beaches and anything that provides me with inspiration.

I teach pastel painting in newly opened Atelier in Flowerfield, St James, NY.

I’m a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America.

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All images via LanaBallot.com, used with permission…

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Featured Artist: Steven S. Walker!

Bare Hilltop Property by Steven S Walker   12×24″   Oil

Steven S. Walker. An incredible artist that I featured back in 2014  (a brilliant nocturne that was also the winner of Plein Air Salon’s “Best Nocturne” – I couldn’t agree more). His paintings are so special – just look at this one above – how beautiful he captured the light, that magical light in the trees, grass, shrubs and a hint of it on the fabulous house in the distance.

I AM CRAZY about the trees he is painting, from a unique angle – LOOKING UP! Check out his FB/Instagram to see what I mean. Whoa! Nice guy, fabulous artist –

See more of Steven’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Book!

Read a bit about Steven, from his website:

“I didn’t come from a family of artists, I wasn’t top of my class or win a lot of awards but I’ve always had a strong work ethic and the passion to work on my craft.”

Born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and raised in Richmond, Virginia he discovered his love for art at a very early age. With little interest in anything else, Steven took the next big step towards his pursuit of a career in art when he earned his bachelor’s degree in fine arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. He would later earn his masters in fine arts from Marywood University, where he also met his wife/ fellow artist Evelyn.

Instant success was not in the cards as Steven continued showing at a string of coffee shops, libraries and other businesses. Eventually his hard work paid off with a few local awards that soon caught the attention of two gallery owners. Since his venture into gallery life, his landscapes have been well received by collectors as his paintings are part of several private collections such as Airstream Inc., Hilton Hotels, the Boy Scouts of America, Dominion Resources, Virginia State Department, the National Parks Service, the Columbus Convention Center and the United States Air Force.

Since going full time as an artist in 2008, Steven has been included in several local and national juried competitions including the Richeson 75 Landscape Competition, Plein Air Salon, the International Salon Competition, the Oil Painters of America Salon and the Art Renewal Center. Steven also had the privilege of being a part of a statewide traveling exhibition with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

He has participated in several artist in residency programs in Michigan, Indiana, Iowa and Colorado. In 2014, he was selected to create the Ohio Governor’s Art Awards by the Ohio Arts Council and in 2015 he received honorable mention in the Southwest Art Magazine’s Artistic Excellence Competition.

Steven currently resides in Hahira, Georgia where he continues to work hard on the advancement of his career, with the assistance of his lovely wife Evelyn and studio assistant/daughter Poppy. Currently, his work is represented in Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Oklahoma and Washington, D.C.

“I should have quit years ago but that would have proven so many people right.” – SW

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Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via StevenWalkerStudios.com, used with permission…
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