Featured Artist: Mark Farina!

Monterey Bay – Hopkins Point II by Mark Farina 30×48″

Mark Farina. He paints all subjects – all are just beautiful. It looks like most of Mark’s work is plein air (painted from life – outdoors) – he’s able to catch the spontaneity of changing light/colors. Mark’s studio paintings have the same fresh feel to them, they aren’t overdone – which is no easy feat!

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Featured Artist: Leonard Chmiel!

Suspended Reality by Leonard Chmiel 36×48″ Oil

Leonard Chmiel. A very talented artist who’s work is breathtaking. I was zipping through Instagram and saw this painting. What a beauty! The reflections in the water are so peaceful, so soothing – I could just look at this all day long.

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Featured Artist: Rachel Pettit!

Salt Creek Morning by Rachel Pettit 12×12″ Oil

Rachel Pettit. Rachel is an artist from the Utah area – her paintings are stunning, I love the way she captures light and the overall feel of the area she is painting.

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Featured Artist: Nicholas Coley!

Cypress Tree on the Panoramic Highway #10 by Nicholas Coley 40×40″ Oil

Nicholas Coley. Now this is a talented artist with a very cool story – don’t miss it! I love the perspective of his paintings – it’s a bit different from the norm and I think it’s so interesting. My emails back and forth with Nick and with his wife, Tracy, tell me one thing… these are good people. It’s not easy to make a living from selling paintings, but it doesn’t surprise me that Nick can do just that. His paintings speak to you – the paintings are large and bold – and each has a different feel – love the signature too! I wish him much success! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Nicholas Coley!”

Featured Artist: Fran Ellisor!

Painting by Fran Ellisor 12×12″ Oil

Fran Ellisor – beautiful paintings! Beautiful paintings of all kinds – landscape, seascape, portrait, floral, still life – you name it and Fran can paint it!

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Featured Artist: Carrie Schmitt!

Sassy Self by Carrie Schmitt 48×60″ Acrylic

Carrie Schmitt. Bright and happy floral paintings. It looks like they have a good time at her retreats (workshops). A bit of the abstract combined with great colors adds a little sunshine to any space! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Carrie Schmitt!”

Featured Artist: Holly Ann Friesen!

Stillness Within by Holly Ann Friesen 24×36″ Acrylic

Holly Ann Friesen. A Canadian artist with fabulous paintings of the outdoors – all with an abstract touch. Her trees are magnificent – and that reflection in the water, wow! Be sure to check out Holly’s work – so many wonderful paintings! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Holly Ann Friesen!”