Featured Artist: Brett Gamache!

Rock Islands by Brett Gamache | 16″ x 20″ | Oil on Linen

Brett Gamache. He has a style that is so unique. When you think about how many artists there are – it’s amazing that some artists can really stand out – I love when when I can look at a painting and know who painted it. I love running across an artist that I have somehow (how???) missed along the way. I hate that it’s taken me so long to feature Brett. But happy that I have!

I seriously love Rock Islands. The brushstrokes, the magnificent light – and look at all the color! I love the darkness and the sharp contrast with the light and the swirly movement around the rocks. This is a painting that I could just look at and imagine being in another place and time.

There is another wonderful (similar but different) painting on his website (last row under PORTFOLIO as I write this) a 13″ x 16″ and it’s fabulous as well with great movement!

Check out Brett’s info below – and use the link to visit his website/Instagram to see more of his work!

Brett Gamache | ARTIST’S INFO

WEBSITE | Instagram

Artist Bio (via Brett Gamache):

Brett X. Gamache holds an MFA in Painting from the University of New Hampshire along with a BFA from MassArt in Art Education & Painting. He is a recipient of a Fulbright Grant (Italy) and was recently awarded a Blanche E. Colman Award and the John Anson Kittridge Grant. He has received artist residency fellowships at the Vermont Studio Center, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and the C-Scape Dune Shacks in Provincetown, MA. His artwork can be viewed at brettgamache.com

As a New England landscape painter, I work outdoors throughout the year, enduring all weather, striving to capture nature’s ephemeral beauty with paint on canvas. For the past few years, I’ve painted on-sight in the treasured nature preserves in my town of Ipswich, MA. I have found great artistic inspiration painting the vast wetlands from atop the famous Crane Estate as well as deep within the meandering sand dunes that run along majestic Crane Beach. With my painting materials strapped across my back and canvas in hand, I hike by foot to reach my desired painting locations. My favorite time of day to work is in the late afternoon when the sunlight casts beautiful blue shadows across the beach dunes. My hope is that my work reminds viewers of the vital importance and beauty of my town’s sacred seacoast and helps shine a light on what is at stake of being lost at this crucial tipping point in the climate crisis.

I know you’ve enjoyed this artist’s work as much as I have!


✍️ Until next time!


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