Featured Artist: Marc Anderson!

Dapple Dumpling Gang by Marc Anderson | 30″ x 40″ | Oil on Board

Marc Anderson. An artist who can create the most stunning work! For example, in this painting, Dapple Dumpling Gang, just look at the light on the rocks in the foreground and throughout. Absolutely brilliant. Marc captures every detail without making it look too “tight”. The subtle nuances in the color of water from near to far – the movement in the water, texture and of course LIGHT.

Marc was recently honored to be on the cover of Plein Air magazine, another fabulous painting. I cannot imagine how busy he must be. So much going on. Check out his website for a list of upcoming events!


Website | Instagram | Facebook | Workshops

About the Artist (via Marc’s website):

American Painter

b. 1987

Marc was born and raised in central Wisconsin in the Rockwellian town of Wild Rose. He has three brothers and much to his mother’s chagrin, no sisters. She wanted the Von Trapp Family, but what she got was closer to a cheesy barbershop quartet with excessive body odor. Nevertheless Marc’s parents were abundantly supportive of his and his brothers’ endeavors, creative or otherwise.

Marc began working as a professional artist while studying illustration at the University of Wisconsin-Stout—first as a caricature artist at a local amusement park and eventually as a freelance illustrator for a variety of clients and publications. While the caricature and illustration work were a far cry from the fine art world, they proved an invaluable jumping off point for Marc’s career as an artist. The drawing skills and quick decision making required in those fields would become foundational as he waded into fine art painting.

Continuing down this career path for several years, Marc discovered the mysterious world of plein air painting. While Marc loved the comfort and convenience of his studio, along with the abundance of distracting Youtube videos that could be found there, nothing could compete with this newfound passion. Big-eared, goofy faces and demanding art directors were quickly replaced with painterly depictions of the Wisconsin landscape. Notwithstanding, the Wisconsin winters would once again drive Marc back into the studio, where he would hibernate for several months, only emerging for rations of cheese and lutefisk.

In 2018, Marc opened the M. Anderson Studio—a showroom and painting studio that would serve as his workspace as well as a home base for teaching workshops.

As Marc’s love for representational painting expanded, so too did his list of professional accomplishments. His work has been accepted into prestigious shows around the country and has garnered awards from Oil Painters of America exhibitions, national juried plein air events, and fine art shows. In 2020 he judged the nationally renowned “Richeson 75” competition held at the Richeson Gallery in Kimberly, WI.

Marc currently resides in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with his wife Anna and studio cat, Frankie.

Click HERE to read Marc’s bio in its entirety. If you’re an artist and looking for a great workshop this year – be sure to check out the above links.


✍️ Until next time!


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