It’s almost spring in Charleston!

White blooming azaleas…

Spring has almost sprung. – can you believe in less than a week it will be spring. It feels as if winter just began. Spring in Charleston, SC is very close to summer. The upside? The stunning array of blooms – and soon the unbeatable scent of everything from shrubs (ligustrums!) and wisteria… not to mention gardenias and everything else that will be blooming at once. #bestofthebest

There is a reason so many people visit Charleston and come back over and over. My husband and I do the same thing when we find a special place. You find your niche, the places you love to visit and the cool things to do and you look forward to it all year until you can return again.

Our special place (because we live here) is in Waynesville, NC. The freshest air, the best food, stunning views and great company. We cannot wait to return.

Early spring in Charleston is nice. The views are unbeatable. Where is your special place? #tellme

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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