Reminder: It’s orange season!

It’s Orange Season! (Photo taken at Whole Foods) – Cara Cara Oranges

Who can’t resist the ubiquitous orange? Sure, they may be available everywhere all year long, but you know it’s true season is NOW! They are 100% tastier than they are other times of the year (although they’re still good then they are no comparison). And who can’t use a Vitamin C boost right now, right?

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View from Crosby’s Seafood Dock!

Crosby’s Seafood – Folly Beach – SC

Heaven, right? Absolutely! We do not take for granted the ability to get the freshest seafood on the planet.. Crosby’s is a short distance from the house – it’s where we go to buy fresh seafood. Everyone there is so nice and helpful. But one of the biggest bonuses when we go to buy fresh shrimp is…

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Crosby’s Seafood – Folly Beach, Charleston, SC

View from Crosby’s Seafood…

Like many of us, we’ve curtailed our dining out – which isn’t fun, especially since we just started back (2-3 restaurant visits) before numbers started ramping up again. Fred had a great idea, Crosby’s Seafood. We wanted to head that way to pick up some fresh shrimp to cook at home, so we went while the food truck was open. WOW! So fresh, they’re actively working on the dock and serving your seafood – it just doesn’t get fresher!

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Winter in Charleston, SC

Bottle Brush Fern

Well, we are having a warm winter for the most part. A few cold days (and a few wildly windy days that brought our neighbors trash into our yard, shingles from someones house in our backyard and about 471 lawn bags full of leaves in the pool skimmer. We didn’t lose power, so we’re thankful for that, but whew! This photo was clearly taken on a calm day…

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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise…

A beacon of hope always… these trees are magical!

Happy New Year! Sending wishes for a wonderful New Year! May it be filled with everything you love, and nothing you don’t. A new year, a new attitude. Speaking of New Year’s… with it comes resolutions. Do you partake? I usually don’t, but I think I will this year. #whatcanithurt

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Tis the Season – ESD

Tis the Season…

Is there anything more wonderful than decorations during the holidays? I love seeing businesses decorated festively during Christmas (and any season/holiday) – We were recently at ESD, there were so many beautiful decorations everywhere, what a treat for the eyes! This is just a small snippet of decorations at Elizabeth Stuart Design (the aforementioned ESD) in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

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Bowens Island Restaurant | Charleston, SC

Bowens Island Restaurant (R) and Event Space (L)

I have posted many photos of Bowens Island Restaurant over the years, it’s one of our favorite places. We had dinner back in October, sat outside at sunset, it was so beautiful. The view CANNOT be beat! I always take photos of the view, but never of the restaurant itself, so… #hereyago

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