Quick Sketch: Live Oak Tree…

I did a quick sketch using my iPhone the other day – just trying to capture its essence. The way the branches seem to be reaching out – almost as if in a fairytale. I just wanted to sketch the main part of the tree which intrigues me ever single day. I left out the leaves and the Spanish moss, which as I look outside is blowing in the wind (as I write this).

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Azalea Season in Charleston, SC!

Azaleas Blooming | Charleston, SC

I know I’ve posted a lot of azalea/flower images the past few weeks. Charleston is nearing the end of a prolific azalea season – which has been tremendously cheerful and full of color. I love when azaleas are mixed with palms – the perfect combination. Many other plants are budding now and will soon take the spotlight. Can’t wait…

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It’s almost spring in Charleston!

White blooming azaleas…

Spring has almost sprung. – can you believe in less than a week it will be spring. It feels as if winter just began. Spring in Charleston, SC is very close to summer. The upside? The stunning array of blooms – and soon the unbeatable scent of everything from shrubs (ligustrums!) and wisteria… not to mention gardenias and everything else that will be blooming at once. #bestofthebest

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Live Oak Trees & Azaleas Blooming in Charleston, SC

Winter in Charleston, SC

It’s been a hard winter. Hee hee. Yes, this is winter in Charleston, SC. It seems as if spring (and pollen) come earlier and earlier every year. It is beautiful with so many flowers blooming. Soon come the scented plants – the ligustrums, wisteria, gardenias, jasmine, etc. It can sometimes be like the strongest candle – and it’s just the outdoors. I do miss when it’s gone.

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An Unexpected Burst of Color | Charleston, SC!

I love unexpected pairings of plants in containers. Something I wouldn’t have thought of, to mix strawberries and pansies, yet look! It’s beautiful. It helps to visit different design shops/nurseries to get ideas for spring plantings. I know everyone is chomping at the bit to get out and play in their yards. Right now the azaleas are in full bloom and they are stunning! I woke to 67 degrees as I write this and it’s going to heat up to the 80’s. It’s. Still. February. Also as I write this the northeast is expecting their biggest snow storm of the season.

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Grand Live Oak | Not what you expect!

Magnificent, right? The power and strength this tree shows is amazing. The massive circumference is mind blowing. It looks like the Angel Oak, but it’s not – and it’s in a location you wouldn’t expect. Not at all. I’m so thankful when historic trees are preserved. Their importance is incredible. I cannot imagine how long this tree has stood proudly in this location. Oh, the stories it must have heard…

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Take A Virtual Vacation…

Every once in a while it feels good to get away, doesn’t it? Go somewhere fresh and different. Ideally a place high up on a mountain with the freshest air and water imaginable. A place so fabulous that it sticks in your mind until you’re fortunate enough to visit again. Sometimes a “virtual” vacation is just what you need – until you can get to the real thing at least!

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The Spring Vibe Continues in Charleston, SC

It’s hard to believe our winter is almost over. It definitely looks, sounds and feels like it. The camellia’s are blooming, the birds are chirping and the temps are warming (70’s/80’s). Most days have been nice, breezy – not much humidity, but every once in a while it sneaks in and reminds you of what’s to come…

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Spring is in the air in Charleston!

Spring is definitely in the air here in Charleston. The mornings start out cool and refreshing, the afternoons heat up a bit, especially if you’re in the sun (with the exception of today which will be cooler, near 60 degrees and ☀️ – woohoo!) We are fortunate to be able to get outside during the winter. Charleston is an active place to live so people are always out and about.

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A February Sky in Charleston, SC

Sometimes the monotonous can become the highlight of the day. We were heading across the Ashley River Memorial bridge. As we were crossing the bridge after whatever errand we were running I saw the sky. Whoa. So stunning! This photo was taken coming from downtown Charleston, headed to the West Ashley side of Charleston (west of the Ashley river).

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Consistently Delicious – EVO Wood-Fired Pizzeria (& Best Salads EVER)

EVO Pizzeria (and EVO Craft Bakery next door!) – Best salad and pizza EVER!

Do you have a restaurant you love because they deliver consistently delicious (and creative!) food? Recently we had another unusual salad that was so exquisite in every way. It was different, it was fabulous – utter perfection. Their pizza’s are perfect, thin crust, great sauce, not too much cheese (or too little) – but their salads are what I look so forward to!

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Preserving Historic Trees

Charleston, South Carolina

Just look at this stunning display of tree canopy. The live oak trees in this area are astounding. Long ago (late 1920/30’s) a tree was planted in the front yard of each home. This area used to be a cabbage field. The architecture is varied, many homes with interesting cuts to their roofs, some slightly larger and some slightly smaller, but from the street they all seem to be somewhat close. Similar (not exact) in size and scale. The trees bring cohesiveness.

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The path to finding JOY…

Joy. It has a different definition for each of us. For some of us it may be spending time with friends out on the town, for others, we may prefer a quiet night at home. Some of are energized by being around a lot of people and others of us are quite the opposite. If you’re having trouble finding your joy. What makes you happy, what makes you smile, what gives you peace (or if you know someone who is) read on…

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