Stunning Hydrangeas!

Stunning Displays of Blue

This year our hydrangeas have been plentiful. We planted several a few each year and now they’re all going wild! Their beautiful purplish blue color is jaw dropping! We once bought a white hydrangea – what a surprise…

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Father’s Day…

Wish I Was In One Of These Chairs…

I would love to be sitting in one of these chairs beside my Dad this year to wish him a Happy Father’s Day in person. Travel isn’t likely until this coronavirus at least slows down. Our numbers are rising in SC. #pleasewearyourmask #iwanttoseemyfamily

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Classic Design Mixed With Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mixing Styles…

The cool thing is that each of us has a different idea of what we like or don’t like (if you work in a gallery you will quickly see how there can be one painting, and the comments throughout the day are so varied “love it”/”hate it”, “don’t get it”/”it speaks to me”, “I LOVE the color palette”/”I hate those colors” – it is so interesting!) – which is a GOOD thing. Our house was very classic in design. Some antiques, some new pieces, but something was lacking. We have since fallen in love with the Mid-Century Modern furniture. The classic pieces are so amazing! There is a reason you see them in museums! Those pieces are EXACTLY what our rooms needed!

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Brown Rice Bowl – Fresh, Fast and Healthy!

Brown Rice Bowl with Pico, Avocado, Fresh Corn & Black Beans

Is there anything better than a meal that is quick to pull together, has a variety of veggies, good fiber, and so much tastiness that you cannot wait to eat it? This is a meal that you probably have ingredients on hand for and that you can alter to fit what you love.

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