Geraniums Galore!

I love geraniums. My mom always has them planted so pretty. I remember her digging them up before winter set in and bringing them in the house where they did great! Come spring, she would plant them outside again. Here we tend to plant ours in a nice pot – I like to be able to move plants out of the way (storms, or increased/decreased need for sunlight). These are some beauties (not mine)…

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Live Oak Trees in Charleston…

Morning Walk, Charleston, SC

I was out the other day, for a morning walk, sun starting to rise and the live oak trees coming alive. They are so magnificent and are plentiful in this relatively small neighborhood. Most were planted back in the early 1930’s. So, many of these trees are approaching 100 years old! We try our best to keep them healthy – they add such beauty to the area!

I love looking out our windows and seeing these trees. Magnificent! They can be a challenge in the spring and fall (leaves, leaves, leaves, squiggles, pollen, acorns), BUT they are worth every leaf bag full of leaves collected (if not used or recycled in beds). No complaints! They are worth every minute spent cleaning up after them. It’s a meditation of sorts 😉

The girth of some of these trees is astounding and their canopies are equally as stunning. Oh, the stories they could tell. #ifonly

Happy weekend!!

👩‍💻 Until next time…

Eating local at small, family owned restaurants!

Our friend and neighbor told us about a small, family owned restaurant that they frequent. They love the food and the people are so nice. We stopped in, not thinking, on the Saturday before Mother’s Day (College of Charleston Graduation among other things going on in Charleston). We were the third group in the door, and the only one with no reservation. They sat us at a wonderful table. We had a great time (and the best food ever!) – We’ll be back (WITH a reservation next time!)

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Hand Painted Flower – Or is it?

It amazes me how Mother Nature has created such beauty. When you really look at things, the beauty is hard to describe. This flower (do you know what it is?) looks as if it were painted by hand. It’s not, of course, but the perfection is absolutely amazing! We planted these in our front yard, had them for several years, never got a single flower. Other places I see them, they’re thriving. #whatgives

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Pretty Poppies – Happy Saturday!

Poppy on a morning walk

When we walk early mornings (most days) we pass by a house with a garden in the front yard. Veggies galore, flowers, everything you can imagine. We were a bit later walking this weekend morning, and I saw the sun hitting these poppies – (I think it’s a poppy?) – Startlingly beautiful! Look at the absolute perfection!

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Up to his old antics… plus a new one!

Celebrating Sweetness…

I love impromptu photos. Most of the images I take are filled with sunlight. I walked by our sunroom on this sunny day to see Charlie sitting on the ottoman, full of light – looking like an angel, ha ha. This sweet beast loves his sunroom – so much to see and do. People walking, kids playing, birds chirping, cats staring in the window – 😳…

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I love a sense of humor…

A sense of humor goes a long way with me. It lightens up the world, makes people smile – and why not? Why not add a little humor? This truck cleans up after horses… (downtown, where there are horse/carriages) – when the horse does business they throw out a flag (that many tourists pick up as a souvenir only to quickly drop them), then these people come and clean up.

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Nasturtiums: The perfect (& edible!) flower!


Nasturtiums – The happiest of flowers in my opinion. I love this vibrant orangey/red – My mom plants nasturtiums in their yard and always has small vases full of these stunning flowers. They’re so bright and happy – they totally make a space. But did you know they’re more than just a pretty face?

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Heavenly Petunias!

I love Petunias – such good memories!

Petunias! Aren’t they the best? Some plants and flowers don’t need a thing, but petunias need to be deadheaded in order for them to bloom profusely. I love that few minutes spent looking for spent blooms and plucking them off. It’s a nice meditation early in the morning before it gets too warm outside. Almost daily I can pull off more blooms and they did beautifully.

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Pops of Color & What to Plant?

We were taking our dog for his daily walk around the block (we try to fit in a few) – and I came upon this pretty iris. The purples so dark, the greens so green, and that little splash of yellow in the bloom – stunning. Thinking about plants for our yard – I really want some color, but… our yard is tricky.

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The Art of Monhegan…

Currently the Monhegan Museum of Art & History | Monhegan, Maine

Monhegan, Maine. A place of utter peace and tranquility. The most gorgeous views you could possibly imagine… History, everywhere you look. If you’re familiar with paintings from Monhegan, you will likely have seen a painting or two of the old lighthouse keeper’s house and outbuilding – what is now the Monhegan Museum of Art & History. If this is a photo, you can only imagine the stunning paintings. Vibrant blue skies, stark white with red roof. Just beautiful!

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A Photo For Palm Sunday – Charleston, SC

Palms – Charleston, SC

I saw these palms on a walk and I thought of Palm Sunday – what a nice thought to post the gorgeous palms coupled with the blooming azaleas! I love these wild palms that just pop up wherever they please. They usually appear where you don’t want them (on the very edge of a walkway for example), but occasionally they land in a good spot. We have one in our yard that we let get rather large (tree) it’s amazing that it all starts from these thin palm branches.

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It feels like fall – the leaves are crazy!

We live in an area of Charleston, SC with a lot of live oak trees. They’re magnificent and grand and have been around for almost a century. Many have Spanish moss hanging from their limbs. They have resurrection ferns growing over the large branches (look at image and it looks like crunchy dead brown ferns on the larger dark limbs) – once it rains, they turn magically green and looks like the prettiest ferns you’ve ever seen!

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Like a Jamie Wyeth painting – Monhegan, ME

Seagulls | Monhegan, Maine

To those of you who haven’t been to Monhegan Island (Maine) – Wow. It’s a tiny island, for those who love the outdoors, love to hike and see beautiful things, eat wonderful food and visit with some of the nicest people. The hikes can be fairly easy or tough depending on which trails you choose (buy the trail map!) – the water is gorgeous and so different from the wharf side to the rocky side.

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