Me, being me…

Me being me…

Who else shares unflattering images of themselves? #haha I took this several weeks ago when my natural blonde was being refreshed (ahem). Nothing like getting your doo done, right? I love the woman I go to, she’s amazing and can work miracles! So thankful. #TYHM

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A Walk on the Wild Side 🐊🐍🦅

Birds Hanging Out in the Tree

Morning walks are the best. Especially if you get moving about the time the sun hits the golden stage at sunrise (or at sunset if you’re not an early riser). There is no better color than that of sunlight on anything. Just look at that amazing blue sky and the sculpture like shape of the tree. #beautiful

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What to read? I’ve got a stack of books!

The book lineup right now…

Who loves to read? I’m curious… of those of you who love to read, how many of you grew up reading? I cannot imagine not wanting to travel to faraway places from wherever I am. Reading offers such an escape. It enlightens you and makes you a better person I think. Books can make you compassionate, well traveled, knowledgeable no matter what time in history, or it can simply transport you to another time or place. Whether that place is the beach or different countries.

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Marshall Point Lighthouse – Port Clyde, Maine

Marshall Point Lighthouse – Port Clyde, Maine

Beautiful, right? Gorgeous sunsets! This is one that I only caught the tail end of – yet still… so much beauty in one area! The islands, the water, the working (and playing) boats. The fabulous Marshall Point Lighthouse with so much history. Does it look familiar? Have you seen the movie Forrest Gump? This lighthouse was in the movie

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Missing this view…

The view from a cottage in Port Clyde, Maine…

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a hell of a year. We stayed right here, still haven’t been anywhere. I know it’s a small price to pay, but it hasn’t been easy. I cannot wait to get to MI to see my family. I can’t wait for them to get here to see us, and I am certainly missing this view from a cottage we rented in Port Clyde, Maine. The sound of the surf. I want it back. Right now, please 😉

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Simpler Times – A photo from the past…

A 2007 Norwegian Cruise (with mom, pictured here)!

This photo is a blast from the past, 2007 to be exact. Fred and I were on the cruise with my parents. It departed Charleston and went to George Town (Grand Cayman), Cozumel (Mexico) and Key West (Florida). I appear a bit apprehensive in this photo. This was before the ship left port. The cruise was in March, and the weather was beautiful here. We arrived in style…

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High Five to Roper St. Francis Healthcare!

Roper Vaccination Drive-Thru Site – Charleston, SC

“We’re Here For You, As Always” – was posted on a sign on one of the pillars in the parking garage where the COVID vaccines were being administered. I have to give Roper the highest of accolades when it comes to stepping up and getting people vaccinated (without even getting out of the car!), and doing so in a calm, extremely organized way. HIGH FIVE, Roper St. Francis Healthcare!

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Wysteria Blooming – A Sure Sign of Spring!

Wysteria – Charleston, SC

Wysteria, plentiful here in Charleston, SC. The aroma that drifts through the air is enticing. If you’re walking down the street it will stop you in your tracks and make you search for where the heaven scent (pun intended) is coming from! Wysteria is a vine (that you need to keep in check). Spring is when it shines in all its glory!

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Gratitude on a busy night…

The other night we were out running an errand. The sky was phenomenal – everyone going about their lives, entwined in whatever life has brought their way. Some are busy, some carefree – some going to or coming home from work. Others are taking care of others, whether their children or parents. Life can be so busy. Whether it be their children, friends or relatives…

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