Windowsill Flowers

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Lowcountry Marsh

Lowcountry Marsh

I snapped this photo while walking – it’s so hard for me to not stop and take photos. I’m not sure my other half appreciates this trait in me, but it can’t be helped… So I snap away, then try to catch up only to stop again.

The marsh here in the Lowcountry is dramatic and beautiful. Always changing – low tide, high tide, grasses change, birds, sky and oh those trees! Continue reading “Lowcountry Marsh”

Sweet Beast

Charlie – our Jack Russell Terrier. I love when the sunlight is streaming in our back room, which is painted a dark charcoal gray, and I can get a photo shoot of Charlie. His white fur highlighted by the sunshine – his gaze fixated either on a carrot or the mention of one.

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Delight in the little things… 🌼

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Monhegan Woods and a Public Service Announcement!

Monhegan, Maine. A beautiful island you may have seen me mention a time or two (ha). There is such a sense of peace when you’re in these woods hiking the wonderful trails.  Continue reading “Monhegan Woods and a Public Service Announcement!”

Sunroom Flowers…

I like to say I’m a lot like MacGyver (remember that TV show?) – I can find a way to make things work using objects I have sitting around. This photo is from years ago, flowers growing like crazy in our sunroom. All of a sudden I needed a prop to keep my Amaryllis up straight. I looked around for various things to use, then I came upon some well-used paintbrushes. PERFECT! It worked like a charm.

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Where to Next?

I saw this the other day and had to grab my phone and take a photo. Sadly the dog had turned it’s head and I missed the shot that was head on. This dog, sitting in the driver’s seat waiting for his person to come back to the car. He looked like he was the driver.  It cracked me up. Delight in the little things!


Catch you back here tomorrow!