The Live Oak Trees in Charleston, SC Take Center Stage!

A church in the Old Village, Mount Pleasant, SC

I was running errands one day and on my way down the street at a quick pace I just had to snap this photo. Beautiful church surrounded by huge live oak trees. Wow! Continue reading “The Live Oak Trees in Charleston, SC Take Center Stage!”


From the Archives: Charleston Sunset

Charleston Sunset

I just had a funny thought… for some reason, this photo just reminded me of Continue reading “From the Archives: Charleston Sunset”

Heading over the Ashley River Bridge… ahhh, the view!

When we head over the Ashley River Bridge in Charleston – I try to have my camera ready – Continue reading “Heading over the Ashley River Bridge… ahhh, the view!”

Contemplating the Snow – Charleston, SC

Contemplating the Snow

Snow in Charleston photos continue… back to normal posting tomorrow. Please bear with me. Snow in Charleston, SC is a precious thing! I love…

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Snow man and beast…

Man and Beast – Charleston, SC

Ah! The Charleston, SC snow that fell earlier this week was amazing. This weekend I’m sharing a few shots. There are so many (ok, too many) – it’s rare, so I had to document, ha ha… Fred and Charlie out and about – Charlie loved the snow – tried to eat a good deal of it. He was wild!

I have to say…

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Snow Days – Charleston, SC

This may look like a regular snow day to most of you well-seasoned-in-snowy-weather peeps. But here in tropical, sunny Charleston, SC this was a rarity. A very welcomed one! I’ve never seen so many people outside enjoying themselves. You have to admit, it’s really cool as a kid, but as an adult, it’s JUST as much fun. We had about 5″ of wonderful snow – some areas around here received almost 8! As I write this…

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Stunning view from Ashley River Bridge – Charleston, SC

View from the Ashley River Bridge – Charleston, SC

I’m getting better about…

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