Sweet Grass in Charleston, SC – Stunning!

Sweet Grass in Charleston, SC – At its peak!

What a beautiful color combination! Mother Nature is one heck of an artist. This is the time of year that Sweet Grass is showing off its beautiful pink plumes and they are stunning!

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Imperfectly Perfect

An Imperfectly Perfect Live Oak Tree – Charleston, SC

We were out on a walk around the block – taking our dog for “his” (leisurely) walk – so he can sniff and visit. He’s in his glory. There is no forgetting to take him, there will be many not so subtle reminders.

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Bowens Island Memories!

View from Bowens Island Restaurant, Charleston, SC

Oh! This view is a stunner every time we see it. Always changing but always spectacular. Bowens Island Restaurant is in a prime location in Charleston – the view from everywhere is breathtaking. It’s a little like being back in time and quite far from the hustle and bustle of everyday living – even though you aren’t far from it all.

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Nothing Could Be Finer – Botany Bay – Edisto, SC

Botany Bay Beauty – Edisto, SC

Botany Bay, a wildlife preserve located a short distance from Charleston, SC – however short the drive (roughly 40 minutes) it feels like you have stepped back in time – and I mean that in the best way possible. Your head is filled with beauty and it fills your heart as well…

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