The Spring Vibe Continues in Charleston, SC

It’s hard to believe our winter is almost over. It definitely looks, sounds and feels like it. The camellia’s are blooming, the birds are chirping and the temps are warming (70’s/80’s). Most days have been nice, breezy – not much humidity, but every once in a while it sneaks in and reminds you of what’s to come…

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A February Sky in Charleston, SC

Sometimes the monotonous can become the highlight of the day. We were heading across the Ashley River Memorial bridge. As we were crossing the bridge after whatever errand we were running I saw the sky. Whoa. So stunning! This photo was taken coming from downtown Charleston, headed to the West Ashley side of Charleston (west of the Ashley river).

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A way to eat salmon if you you’re not a fan:

Candied Brussels Sprouts, Potato Croquettes and Wild Caught Dill Salmon (Cooked on a Cedar Plank)

I’ve tried to be a sport in the past. I WANT to like salmon, it’s good for you, yayaya… BUT, it’s strong taste about did me in each time. We would go out to eat and my husband would have me try a bite of his… #itsanogo Then, one day we were talking with a neighbor (thank you CW) who had been to a nearby restaurant. She said she always orders the salmon. I thought, ugh. And then…

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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

We are fortunate to live in an area surrounded by Live oak trees. They were planted when these homes were built (mostly in the 1930’s). One in the front yard and one in the back (of most). Visually, they make a stunning streetscape as their limbs have grown together over the years. The Spanish moss hangs, swaying in the breeze. The Resurrection fern grows, changing from bright green (with rain) to crumbled brown (no rain) and back to bright green again.

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Who Knew? So many pretty berries on a Yew!

Yew with berries

We were out on a walk, phone in my pocket and as we walked by this Yew, the berries hanging over the fence in a multitude of colors was fascinating to me. I don’t recall seeing all these different colored berries in the past. Sometimes it’s the little things that really stand out. #beautiful

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Charleston’s abundant camellias!

Camellias in Charleston, SC

Spring in Charleston is literally an explosion of color. The stunning array of bright colors and scents wafting through the air are absolutely magical. This is my very favorite part about spring. The bees look happy, the birds are very busy and I’m watching the larger birds swoop from branch to branch. #itsajungleoutthere

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pink perfection!

Azaleas | Charleston, SC

The azaleas in Charleston, SC are blooming like crazy right now. They truly are a wonderful mix of pink perfection (various shades of pinks, as well as white). We live in an older neighborhood and most yards have azaleas, they don’t always bloom at the same time, but when they do – Lookout! It’s stunning!

Azaleas, most of the year are a ubiquitous shrub with green leaves. New growth is usually a brighter green. We get buds and then blooms, then wilted blooms. This is the point to cut back your azalea if you wish to. If you wait until too late you risk not having blooms the following year (#beentheredonethat) – so the rule of thumb is to trim after blooming.

Another rule of thumb is that it’s ok to cut back 1/3 of the shrub without harm to the plant. We’ve gone even farther and they were fine. Azaleas can get leggy and thin. They aren’t as pretty when this happens. If you do something shocking, like cut them back, they come back stronger and thicker. It may look drastic when you do it, but they grow quickly and are back to normal in no time. I think this spring we will be cutting back a majority of ours.

When I look back over my posts on Instagram or Facebook I can see that I post a LOT of flowers. I love them. Inside, outside, I really don’t care where they are, I absolutely love flowers. You can never have too many, am I right?

Happy Monday, y’all!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

Afternoon walk…

Oh, the sights we see when out walking! Of course, if I forget my phone there will be a phenomenal sunrise/sunset or a setting so perfect for a great photo and BAM… phone is at home. I rarely forget it, so I’m always armed to take a good shot – like above, this bird was posing… strutting… I stayed on the road, and left him (or her?) his own territory.

The marsh rises and falls with the tide. The grasses change with the seasons and the weather. Many trees dramatically hang over the water, like something you would see from days gone by. Charleston, SC is a city rich in history and plenty of beautiful water views. The city has changed a lot – many new large apartment buildings everywhere – it’s concerning for the wildlife when beautiful areas are bulldozed and built upon. I’m just curious how anyone is going to get anywhere soon? Traffic is a challenge now, but add a lot more people and? There must be a plan – I hope. Evacuating for a hurricane has never been a party. Our last evacuation was Hurricane Floyd – went to Charlotte, NC – took over ten hours for a three hour trip and we were very fortunate. We had a map, a paper map in the glovebox… #gofigure I have nightmares about that trip, and have heard of so many horror stories of people stuck on the interstate with no gas, etc. It was taking people over 2 hours to get to the interstate a few miles away. So I cannot imagine what it will be like with many, many more people?

I’m not sure how this turned into a hurricane post? Haha… Scroll back up, look at the photo, breathe in, breathe out… that’s better 😉

✍️ You made it to the weekend, which is fabulous if you don’t have to work (or if you love your job!) Enjoy your weekend (or your days off)- Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

View from Crosby’s Seafood Dock!

Crosby’s Seafood – Folly Beach – SC

Heaven, right? Absolutely! We do not take for granted the ability to get the freshest seafood on the planet.. Crosby’s is a short distance from the house – it’s where we go to buy fresh seafood. Everyone there is so nice and helpful. But one of the biggest bonuses when we go to buy fresh shrimp is…

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Featured Artist: Leslie Pratt-Thomas (Upcoming show at the Dare Gallery in Charleston, SC!)

Follow the Sun by Leslie Pratt-Thomas 30″ x 30″ Oil

Leslie Pratt-Thomas. Many of you know her work. Leslie is a talented artist located in the Charleston, SC area. Art is a big part of people’s lives – it makes the world a better place. In addition to Leslie’s innate painting skills and ability to capture this area so perfectly, she is such a nice person. Kind, and interesting – you will look at her paintings, and be reminded of an area, or a memory and smile when you think of the artist who painted it. Leslie has a following clearly because her work is gorgeous and is a nice reminder of the Lowcountry. Did I mention her exhibit which starts this Friday, November 5, 2021?

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Never Forget

9/11. Specifically, 9/11/2001. I don’t even need to type a description of the horror that occurred on that very day. There were heroes, I will focus on them. There were heroes that saved so many people while everything was happening, there were heroes after it occurred that searched tirelessly through rubble. One thing I know, we will never forget…

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Celebrate Good Times!

What a wonderful week!

I cannot believe how quickly time goes by, you may have heard me say that a few times this past week. But it’s true! So if there is something you’ve wanted to do, make plans to do it. I know with COVID it’s not the time for everything, but you can use this time to PLAN for when this extended pandemic is over!

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Happy House!

Happy House Anniversary!

Many years ago we made the move to an older subdivision in Charleston. We live in one of the first neighborhoods developed (outside of the peninsula) – developed around 1926 – Our home was built in 1931. Due to the depression I’ve read that the neighborhood was started but there was a lull due to the depression. It was not built out until after World War II.

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View from Mingo Point | Kiawah, SC!

View from Mingo Point (Kiawah, South Carolina) June 2021

Drop dead gorgeous, right? Mingo Point (located on Kiawah Island, SC) is a popular event venue. Our nephew and his fiancé were married here back in June. It was a beautiful wedding. Over the top beautiful. Every moment there was something stunning, the sky, the clouds (and of course, the bride, groom and all in attendance!) – When I saw these clouds roll in around 9PM I had to get some photos!

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