Abandoned Sailboat – Charleston, SC

Abandoned Sailboat – Charleston, SC

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This View Never Gets Old…

Charleston, SC

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Sunset – Old Village – Mount Pleasant, SC

Sunset View, Old Village – Mt. Pleasant, SC

We were taking a scenic drive through the Old Village in Mt. Pleasant, SC – the sun was setting and we drove to the nearest spot so that I could jump out and snap a photo. Heck of a spot! Beautiful! The sunset was spectacular that night.

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Charleston Photo – Palm Trees in Sunlight

Palm Trees – Charleston, SC

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Wild Palm – Winter Light

Wild Palm – Winter Light

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King Tides in Charleston, SC!

King Tide | Charleston, SC | November 2018

I’ve never heard of a King tide until the past few years. A King Tide is a pretty non-scientific term that describes the highest tides that have been occurring lately – Read more about King Tides via mycoast.org! Continue reading “King Tides in Charleston, SC!”

Sunset: St. Philip’s Church

St. Philip’s Church – Charleston, SC

St. Philip’s Church – Charleston, SC – This photo was taken several years ago in January approaching sunset. The color of the light on the church is magnificent. I also love the shadows from the homes reflected on the buildings on the right side of the image. Continue reading “Sunset: St. Philip’s Church”