The Benefits of (or the app!)

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How many of you are familiar with (or the Goodreads App)? How many of you simply couldn’t live without it? 🙋‍♀️ I used to keep a folder of sticky’s with books I’ve read. Epic fail to go through the folder every time I looked for a book (and it’s not something I want to drag along to a bookstore or library with me). Then I started a notebook, still, you have to look through it page after page. Trust me, you need Goodreads!

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Summer Book List and Paint Color in Study!

My Summer Book List

Beach reads 🏖 this time of year are the go-to book on many of our book lists. I like to hear what y’all are reading! Drop me a message via the CONTACT ME button above, or via a comment on my website (this post), Facebook or Instagram. The one genre I’m not big on is horror. Good grief, I don’t even watch the nightly news 😉 So if you have any great suggestions, let me know!!

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