Island Inn, Monhegan – MAINE!

Island Inn, Monhegan – Maine

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Oh Happy Day!

Monhegan Flowers – Island Inn

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A Maine House – Windows to the Sea!

Maine House – Windows to the Sea!

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Bobbers on a bookcase…

I snapped a photo in my Dad’s studio, a very cool space where paintings are painted and flies are tied (fishing flies, not house flies, hehe). Bobbers are so cool. I loved them as a kid, while fishing with my Dad, using my purple plastic worm… I loved that worm, because I could bait my own hook. Never caught a fish with it, but that was OK.

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Caught at Dairy Queen!

Caught at DQ!

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St. John’s Marsh – Clay/Algonac, MI

St. John’s Marsh – Clay/Algonac, MI

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Sea Fog?

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