Summertime Coleslaw Recipe – Quick & Easy!

Summertime Coleslaw

It’s always nice to have a little salad of some sort, whether it be a simple side salad, or cucumbers in Greek yogurt/vinegar or a quick and easy coleslaw. Dinner is part way complete – toss something on the grill and call it a day! Ok, so you may have noticed that the bowl is quite empty… I took photos yesterday but they weren’t great. So… I will replace this at some point, but for now, this is two day old slaw, and it’s amazing!

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American Macaroni Salad Recipe | Food Network

American Macaroni Salad | Recipe from the Food Network

I am so excited when I find a new recipe that I can make again and again, especially one that I can change up to be different… I didn’t want to make my typical macaroni salad, I wanted something a little different, but not too different… This is so good – AND you can add what you like, I did!

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Strawberry Summer Cake by Smitten Kitchen!

Strawberry Summer Cake by Smitten Kitchen

Heavenly. Yes, it’s the perfect description of this Strawberry Summer Cake. I am not a fan of cake, but my husband is. The amount of sugar and fat that goes into a cake and then again into the frosting is more than I feel comfortable making unless it’s a rare occasion. This cake does not need frosting. A tiny bit of whipped cream or a small scoop of vanilla ice cream is at most all it needs!

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A Fabulous Grilled Sandwich & Roasted Corn Salad!

Tasty Grilled Sandwich & Roasted Corn Salad

Is there anything better than a great grilled sandwich? The answer is “no” when you really need something different. I am a creature of habit. So most days I have an apple, a few tablespoons of peanuts, sometimes a few Wheat Thins, some grapes… then later a small amount of popcorn. It works well for me but sometimes you just really want a lunch. Not a puny lunch, but a real LUNCH. Haha… this is where this comes in. I made a batch of roasted corn salad the other day and it was enough for three meals for us. This salad is out of control good. My absolute hands-down-favorite!

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Easy Double Bean and Corn Enchiladas | Recipe from Cait’s Plate!

E a s y   D o u b l e   B e a n   &   C o r n   E n c h i l a d a s !

I was sitting by the pool reading Eating Well magazine (one of my favorites) – and I happened upon an image of enchiladas with the recipe written by a registered dietician. They gave the hashtag…

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