Easy and Elegant Dog Treats!

A Sampling...

Frozen Yogurt “Cookies” for Fido

Our dog has a history of Pancreatitis. Therefore he is on a strict diet of very, very low fat food and no “normal treats”. His treats are frozen green beans, carrots, crunchy lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin “cookies” (frozen pumpkin), an occasional piece of pasta or two or brown rice. About a tablespoon, he loves!

Yogurt "Cookies" for Fido

To make these very easy cookies, just cover a cookie sheet with wax paper. Then spoon little spoonfuls of 0% Plain Greek yogurt (I used Fage) onto the tray. You can “decorate” with anything they can eat, for Charlie, peas and carrots are his #1 choice. Some I have made very fancy, ha ha…

Pop them into the freezer (NOT the oven!) until frozen solid, several hours or overnight, usually. Then pull out the cookie sheet and working quickly, put them into a container that can go into the fridge, I separate the layers with wax paper.

It helps to have another “treat” to offer! It makes me feel better, ha ha…

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Flashback Valentine’s Day Recipe!

Valentines day cookies 021411

Flashback recipe… and a reminder that Valentine’s Day is NEXT WEEK! You can make a batch of these beautiful cookies and share with those you love!

It makes plenty, so you can pass them out as Valentine’s! WHO wouldn’t love that?? Decorate them however you like. I just had white, then tinted with a little red which made a pretty pink, then more red food coloring to get the deeper red color. Three colors and endless possibilities! You will have so much fun doing this! You can bake the cookies the night before and decorate the day of. There is no tastier cookie, it’s not just a pretty face!

Click for a link to the original post: Valentine’s Day Butter Cookies!

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My Grandma’s Chocolate Pie Recipe!

My Grandma's Chocolate Pie Recipe

I was so fortunate growing up. I had one grandma that made wonderful cakes and another that made pies that were so outstanding. I’m not a big cake fan. Pie on the other hand, whew… Delightful! I haven’t made my grandma’s pie in years (making = eating). But we gave in for New Year’s (or around that time).

This pie is still made by my parents, sister, aunts, cousins, etc. Funny how a recipe from long ago can become such a tradition. A very welcome tradition!

Simply bake the crust, cook the filling, poor it into the baked shell, make meringue, top the filling with the meringue and pop it in the oven for a bit until the peaks are golden. What you are left with is absolute perfection!

Oh! This is a deep, dark chocolate that is so satisfying, especially with a cup of coffee.

My Grandma's Chocolate Pie Recipe

Look at that dark chocolate!!! It makes my heart sing!! 🎶

Click HERE to print the recipe below! This will quickly become a favorite!



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Tips for Making a Fabulous Tuna Melt!

Tuna Melt

Sometimes it’s nice to have a quick and uncomplicated meal – this is great for lunch or for dinner! A tuna melt has flavors that meld together and create the ultimate eating experience!

Of course anyone can make a tuna melt, but sometimes you’ll read one tip that will change your life (OK, that may be a bit dramatic). I rarely make it the same way twice, add what you like!

Tuna Melt Tips

“Use good bread” as Ina Garten would say. The better your ingredients, the better your result. I don’t think a tuna melt comes out quite right with grocery store bread. It’s too soft. Find a good rustic bread (Semolina, Sourdough, Farm bread, etc.). Toast it lightly.

Make your tuna salad. I use a can of tuna, drained (for two of us), diced celery or red onion, or both, and a plop of Hellman’s Canola Mayo. I add a few shakes of dill, and pepper.

Here’s where you can get creative.

We have had an amazing tuna melt at Dean & Deluca, and they spread the bread with Dijon mustard before they add the tuna. Sometimes I use it and sometimes I don’t.

Cheese – oh yeah, can’t have a MELT if there is nothing to melt! I’ve used sharp cheddar and pepper jack. Love them both, depends on my mood.

Sliced tomato, if they’re in season, GO FOR IT! I put the tomato on top of the tuna and then top with cheese.

Turn your broiler on (I have a high/low setting, I use HIGH). Place the tuna melt on a cookie sheet to put under the broiler, be careful if you use the top rack, it can be too close, I have used it, but prefer the second rack from the top.

👁KEEP AN EYE ON IT. It can go from almost done to burnt to a crisp in no time, it’s easy to get distracted… Don’t do it!

Owie! ENJOY, and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

Shepherd’s Pie – Great recipe for a cold day!

Shepherd’s Pie = Comfort food with a capital “C”! 

I have always seen recipes for Shepherd’s Pie, but have never made one. Meat and potatoes, hmmmm… cold weather prompted me to try this. I used a recipe from Food Network that sounded delicious, I made a few changes, I didn’t have mushrooms, so I omitted. I didn’t use as much oil/butter as it called for, and it wasn’t missed. Finally, I upped the amount of beef broth and changed the order of how I prepared this, based on comments that I had read. One detail I left out, is that when you spread the mashed potatoes, you can make fork marks that give ridges that will end up browning nicely. In the images above, I added parmesan to one half in case Fred didn’t like… Next time, Parmesan on both sides, without a doubt. It also made it brown, and I would probably leave it until it browned a wee bit more, although it was absolutely done and so delicious!

We were so anxious to try this that I forgot to take a photo of it plated 😳 – wasn’t the first time that happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Might have to try to make this again soon to update the images!

Click HERE to print the recipe as I made it (as shown below), or click HERE for the original recipe (Food Network) to print! Enjoy!


Are you wondering what to do with the leftover tomato paste? I have a solution! Read HERE!

Enjoy, and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

A SUBMARINE SALAD – fabulous, fresh and quick salad!

Submarine Salad

How many of you love eating a submarine sandwich? Well, this salad TASTES like a submarine without the bread – it’s amazing!! We have this for dinner quite often with a small baguette (so much for no bread, but it’s much less bread!) and some olive oil for dipping… What makes this salad taste like a submarine? A few things, the lettuce being chopped, the salami and provolone and THE OREGANO. Don’t leave it out! I put very little compared to the original recipe and it was plenty, if you want just put a few shakes, but to get that oregano flavor in with everything else it’s just fabulous!

I first saw this in an email from Smitten Kitchen – Love her recipes and her blog – highly recommend!

The original recipe (PRINT HERE) makes 6 meal-size salads or 12 side portions. Make it however you like! The first photo shows only iceberg lettuce, the second photo shows both iceberg and radicchio, but no chickpeas. Good any way – the texture is fabulous, the crunch, with bits of salami and provolone. Owie, I needed this after an indulgent New Year…

Sub Salad


I make it for just the two of us and there are no leftovers, BUT, my quantities are much smaller and there are a few things that I change, because it’s our preference.  Click HERE to print my version (as seen below) – this is a recipe we will be making summer and winter!

Another note… I had a hard time finding a good looking head of Iceberg the other day, and ended up buying shredded lettuce (like for tacos, etc.) it was AWESOME! I always buy organic, but this time bought regular, and having it already shredded was nice!



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Beef Stew with Turnip Root, Potato and Carrots!

Beef Stew

Beef Stew… fabulous when the weather turns cooler! This recipe uses one pan, a Dutch oven preferably, and cooks it low and slow. This beef stew was delicious! I made it a day ahead and served the next day so the flavors had time to meld and OH! Was it ever worth the wait! Trust me on that… The meat was so tender you could easily cut it with a fork.

This original recipe is from Once Upon A Chef. The original recipe uses 3 pounds of beef chuck, in the recipe below I changed things a bit, and made it for 2 servings with leftovers… Click HERE to print the original recipe as it or click HERE to print as shown below!  Either way, you cannot go wrong. Tweak it to make it how you like it best!


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