Forest Bathing 101: just. breathe.

Waynesville, North Carolina

I love a misty/foggy day, especially when it’s relatively cool outside. We recently spent a few days in Waynesville, NC – where we spent some much needed time away from devices and pretty much every other distraction. This photo captures the serene beauty of the day. No sunshine. #woohoo A nice thick fog blanketed pretty much everything. There was mist at times and a short thunderstorm one evening 💛- we fell asleep listening to the rain. #perfection What a treat! There is scientific evidence to prove that forest bathing is good for you… (Click to read the article).

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Rain or Shine, Sleet or Hail…

View from Outdoor Porch at The Swag

Rain or shine, sleet or hail (or even snow!!) – some places we visit are so special it really doesn’t matter what the weather is.- each has its own appeal. Our last trip to the mountains had a good bit of fog and it was lovely! I love cool weather (yet live in South Carolina) – the difference in temperatures between Charleston and Waynesville is mind blowing – especially for a 4.5 hour drive. I see why so many people love to visit the mountains. Of course the fog lifted and the mountains were glorious – what a treat!

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Anticipation… part of the getaway experience!

Anticipation. You know, if you have a getaway planned months ahead -that wonderful feeling of anticipation. Looking forward to wherever it is you may be going. Anticipation makes you happy. It gives you hope that a break is coming soon, where you can getaway and become one with nature or sit and relax or go bungee jumping – whatever it is that makes you happy… is coming soon.

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In need of calm and serenity, who isn’t?

What a stunning sunrise, don’t you agree? This sunrise photo was taken last month in Waynesville, NC. So breathtaking and peaceful. I just look at this image and I think about the good time we had getting up and heading out only to run into friends along the way. Pretty cool. We all enjoyed a beautiful sunrise together. Very grateful for our time at such a beautiful location.

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Starry, Starry Night…

View from Annie’s Room at The Swag

Do you have Labor Day off today? If so, woohoo! If not, celebrate it on your next day off! We don’t have big plans, hanging around the house – haven’t even thought about what to make today… we’ll see what sounds good and work from there! #stressfree Sometimes, it’s worth it to get up early (work or no work), as proven in this incredible nighttime photo in North Carolina.

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The Beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains!

Waynesville, NC

I forget what the name of this very cool looking plant… To go from an elevation of around 9′ above sea level to over 5,000′ was amazing – the temperatures were magnificent. We were able to build a fire each morning and evening. We had a balcony off of our room that offered exquisite views. Everything was perfect. I took this photo while out on a hike with a group…

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