Featured Artist: Ken DeWaard!

Ken DeWaard – a painter who now resides in Maine with his family. He’s been painting up a storm. This guy loves to paint and it shows. His paintings are dynamic and reflect his subject matter so well – he captures the very feeling of what he’s painting. His subject matter is diverse and because he’s been so prolific over the years it’s time to make room for more work! When you think about it, if you are an artist who truly loves to paint, you can collect quite a few paintings – sure they sell, but there are always some that are painted on location at different plein air events that aren’t even shown – galleries in other regions aren’t necessarily wanting subject matter painted in other locations so unless it sells via the website it can sit until someone sees it and inquires. Which happens all the time, but kind of like Spring cleaning, it’s time to move some to make room for more. Continue reading “Featured Artist: Ken DeWaard!”


Featured Artist: Colin Page (& Show at Anglin Smith Fine Art)

Pond Flowers by Colin Page 24×36″ Oil

Colin Page. An accomplished artist from Maine with incredible talent. We met Colin about ten years ago in Port Clyde, Maine. We loved his work at first sight – what a treasure! Colin has such a unique painting style, you can notice one of his paintings from a distance and know exactly who’s it is.

This painting of a lily pond is stunning – I love the dark contrast in the water as well as the reflections. There is a simple beauty to this painting and looking at it I instantly feel calm, as if I’m sitting right there. Ahhhh….

Fish Market by Colin Page 24×36″ Oil

Incredible, right? This painting is of the Shem Creek area in Mount Pleasant, SC – but the way Colin paints it – it’s not too specific that it couldn’t be another similar area. There is so much going on in this painting and it holds my interest. The people walking, watching, working… The bird on the dock, and that incredible shrimp boat with all that wonderful rigging set against a stunning sky.

Anglin Smith Fine Art in Charleston, SC will be having a show November 3-17, 2017 “New Works by Colin Page” – click here to preview the paintings – and just wait until you see them in person! Go if you can!

OPENING RECEPTION tonight, Friday, November 3, 2017; from 5-8PM

See more of Colin’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Colin, from his website:

Colin Page was raised in Baltimore, Maryland and studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design and at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Whether working on location or in the studio, Colin strives to capture the atmosphere and light of a scene. Colin currently lives in Maine, where he focuses on painting the landscape, and scenes that show his life as a father of two young girls. His work has been featured in solo exhibitions and group shows nationally and abroad.

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All images via ColinPagePaintings.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Stan Moeller Workshop – Island Inn, Monhegan

As many of you know, Monhegan Island is full of artists. Easels set up everywhere, paintings being created left and right. It’s amazing the talent on one small island.

Stan Moeller was giving a workshop and in the photo above they were painting on the lawn. This was a tricky week with a lot of fog, should make for some cool paintings!

Stan Moeller was the featured artist this year in the Island Inn dining room – very nice. Check out the Lupine Gallery for more work (click HERE to view paintings).


Photos this week – Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artists Kevin Beers and Amy Williams (Beers)!

Monhegan Dock Sunset by Kevin Beers 16x20 Oil

Monhegan Dock Sunset by Kevin Beers  16×20″  Oil

Amy Williams (Beers) and husband, Kevin Beers, are having a show (now – through June 26, 2017) at Legacy Properties in Damariscotta, Maine. If you’re in the area STOP BY! You won’t want to miss this show! It’s the last week of the show and you KNOW it will be good!

Many of you will recognize the painting above by Kevin. He has a way of capturing the essence of Monhegan. Every detail meticulously captured.


There is a reception at Legacy TODAY from 4-7PM – if you’re in the area, it’s the perfect time to meet the artists AND see their work! Here’s the address:

Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty

170 Maine Street, Damariscotta, Maine  04543


Also note Kevin has a show coming up in July (actually opens June 29th!) at Gleason Fine Art  in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

“The Beers show will be from June 29 through July 25, 2017.  The opening reception is Friday, July 7 from 5-7 pm.


Forsythia by Amy Williams Beers

Forsythia by Amy Williams Beers 12×12″  Oil

I love this forsythia painting of Amy’s! I remember a forsythia painting she did last year, it was different, but equally amazing… I also remember a fabulous painting of clouds – that one has stuck in my head! She has a cool perspective on things.

Read a bit about Amy, from her website:

Amy Williams has drawn and painted her whole life but she began taking formal art classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Art in 2000 after moving to Boston to take a position as Trustee Professor in Computer Science and Accounting at Bentley University. Over the next few years, in addition to taking SMFA and other museum school classes, she studied with Dennis Sheehan, Diane Rath and Casey Baugh and took workshops with Charles Sovek and Colin Page. In 2009, Amy gave up tenure and negotiated a contract to work half a year for three years so she could study intensively at the Art Student’s League of NY. She studied with Nelson Shanks, Burt Silverman, Ray Kinstler, Dan Thompson, Costa Vavagiakis, and Tom Torak and was invited to be Burt Silverman’s assistant in three workshops. She also frequently went to life drawing classes at Spring Street Studio in Soho. Upon leaving Bentley in December 2012, the university gave her a solo show in the McGladrey Gallery. In January 2013 she became a full time New Yorker. accepting an offer to serve as Director of Cyber Initiatives for the NY Citizens Crime Commission while taking classes and painting when she could. For years Amy really enjoyed helping others with their cyber security issues and painting in the evenings and on weekends but it became clearer with each day that all she wanted to do was paint.  So for that reason plus a few others, in September 2014 she and her husband Kevin Beers sold their apartment in Brooklyn NY and moved to Maine. Amy and Kevin initially met in Maine and spent summers painting together on Monhegan so this move was inevitable. Today they are both currently, happily, working as fine art painters from the renovated barn attached to their beautiful old Greek Revival house in Thomaston. Continue reading HERE

Read a bit about Kevin, from the Gleason Fine Art website:

In the Fall of 2014, Kevin Beers did something he had long dreamed of doing—he packed up his Park Slope, Brooklyn, apartment and moved to Maine to become a full-time resident. Beers and his wife Amy rented the Rockland home of a Monhegan friend and spent the winter of 2014-2015 hunting for their dream house. They found it on a Thomaston side street—an antique white farmhouse with a barn big enough for two studios.

For his 2015 summer show, Beers has given the gallery not only his typical Monhegan Island  panoramas and landscapes but also a half dozen sparkling winter paintings done on site in Rockland as well as several dazzling sunset views of Pemaquid. For Beers’ many fans of his truck and car paintings, this year’s show contains a special treat—“Stars and Stripes,” a majestic rendition of a familiar Rte. 90 sight, an old truck painted with red, white, and blue stars and stripes.

In mid-July, Beers heads out to his beloved Monhegan Island once again, but come fall, instead of facing the 7-hour drive back to Brooklyn, he will step off the ferry, drive less than half an hour, and be home—Maine at last! 

Amy and Kevin are about as nice as they come and their art… well, let’s just say that you will thank me 😉

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All images via AmyWilliamsArt.com and gleasonfineart.com, used with permission…
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Featured Artist: Patrick Lee!

Cruisers by Patrick Lee 24×30″ Oil SOLD  – Best in Show at Wayne Plein air 2017

Patrick Lee. His paintings are captivating. What grabs me are the abstract qualities. Cruisers is a striking painting that won BEST IN SHOW recently at Wayne Plein Air, in Pennsylvania, well deserved! Just look at the scale of those ships – the colors in this painting are stunning.

Another one of my favorites (also sold) is The Blue Side – a stunning side of a house in the shadows. WOW! (Check Patrick’s Facebook or Instagram to see what I mean, links below).

Beautiful paintings!

Patrick Lee

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Patrick, (from his website):

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and attended Edinboro University, where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Painting with an Art History minor. I’m the youngest of seven children raised by a single mom. My mother, who was an artist herself, gave me my first drawing book at the age of 10. It was an original copy of Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth by Andrew Loomis.  The bulk, and greatest part, of my artistic education has come from interacting with and learning from fellow artists and from studying works of art of all kinds.  I work primarily in oils, charcoal, and watercolor (gouache). My chosen subject matter generally ranges from figurative works and landscapes, to still-life and interiors.

I’ve participated in many group and solo exhibitions, including Plein Air painting events like Plein Air Easton and Wayne Plein Air and have been an adjunct professor of art at Allegheny Community College for the past several years. I like to look for the design and form possibilities in art which sometimes leads to strong elements of abstraction and suggestion in my work, rather than explicit detail. I love plein air painting because of its immediacy and freshness. Because you must work quickly in most cases, intuition and feeling take over and force you to simplify and look for the essence of what it is that you’re trying to accomplish. There is no better way to develop real skill in painting.

All images via PatrickLeeFineArt.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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Featured Artist: Stan Moeller!

Uncle Henry’s by Stan Moeller 11×14 Oil

The Lupine Gallery and the Island Inn will be presenting a fabulous show of Stan Moeller‘s paintings of Monhegan Island and France! What a show it’s going to be. I cannot wait to see it! If you’re fortunate enough to be on the island on June 28, 2017 – there is an opening reception from 2:00-4:00 PM. What a good time!

Here is a bit about the show, from the Lupine Gallery website:


The Lupine Gallery and the Island Inn will be showcasing Stan Moeller’s paintings of Monhegan Island and Paris, France in the 2017 Island Inn Show, “Stan Moeller: from Montmartre to Monhegan.”  The exhibit will be on view from Friday, May 26 through Sunday, October 8. The public is invited to a reception for the artist at the Island Inn on Wednesday, June 28 from 2-4 pm.                        

To view the paintings, click here.

Stan Moeller has been painting and teaching oil painting workshops on Monhegan since the 1990’s. He describes his style as “Modern Impressionism with a little Contemporary Realism and a smidge of the Ashcan school.” The works on display reflect his passion for painting on site and his ability to capture the energy of a moment—whether the power of an ocean wave or the gesture of a figure in a café.

There has been a strong thread of connection between Monhegan and Paris for over 100 years, as American artists who were drawn here to paint the rugged and rustic life of the island were also drawn to the Paris art scene. In the late 19th and early 20th century, the hill of Montmartre was a mecca for painters, and many of Monhegan’s most prominent artists lived and studied in Paris, bringing the latest movements in European art back with them.

Stan travels annually between Maine and Europe to paint two of his favorite muses: Monhegan and Paris. This show brings together, for the first time, his paintings of these two iconic places. The owners of the Island Inn, Jaye Morency and Michael Brassard, split their time between Monhegan and Paris each year, and were inspired to bring their love of their two favorite places together in this exhibition.

All images via stanmoeller.com and lupinegallerymonhegan.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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Featured Artist: Tom Balderas! [workshop alert]

Study by Tom Balderas

Isn’t this painting striking? Everything about it makes me smile. I especially love the imperfection, the fact that the fruit is not exactly round, which can be so boring. To be able to paint like this would be a dream! Loving those subtle shadows and light, the background, the composition, the brush strokes, absolutely everything! The little touches that Tom makes can change a painting and take it from nice to stunning at the speed of light. Those little bits of orange make my heart sing! Brilliant!

I have always loved Tom’s paintings. He has his own distinct style, his paintings stand out to me. Are you an artist who needs a nudge in the right direction or just wants to see what you may pick up from someone who’s paintings have such a unique quality? If so, you may be in luck! Tom has a 3 day workshop beginning Friday, May 19, 2017 at Del Mar Art Academy and it’s going to be fabulous! From their website:

Tom will be teaching painting in what is called the “gestural color method,” emphasizing the idea of trusting the first impression you receive when observing the subject you wish to paint – whether still life, landscape, figurative or from reference material. If practiced with regularity this approach to painting can take a painter far and help to instill the attitude that “all great painting can be found in the honest and humble study.” Click HERE to read more about the workshop! 

Tom also has an ongoing Thursday workshop in Newport, if interested, contact Tom: tombalderas@gmail(dot)com

Read a bit about Tom, from his website. This is one of my all time favorite bio’s. Not only is Tom creative with paint, he is so creative with words!


Third son of four. painter. writer. musician. photographer. thinker. creator. listener. observer. human. social. loner. understanding. misunderstanding. giver. taker. wanter. perfectionist. imperfect. mess. father. Found himself dwelling upon an emotional and artistic precipice since birth.

Growing up in Torrance, California, Tom Balderas lived only a few miles from the ocean, which has made nature, along with his family, the main inspiration of his paintings. Balderas attended Loyola Marymount University, where he studied film production and art. After graduating, he worked several years for NBC Productions and made many made-for-television movies. He then began studying under the tutelage of his photographer father, as well as Joseph Mendez, master painter and teacher. Balderas considers the time spent studying with Mendez to be the cornerstone of his growth as a painter.

Also, studied with charles, anne, jennifer, daniel, sophia, lynne, joseph, harold, zen, elliott, starbuck, dan, andrew, dr. block, zinaida, david, e. charlton, michael, rose, ken, walter, selden, chris, armin, joaquin, edward, bejar, valentin, george, edward, jesus, pierre, rachel, mort, marileigh to name but a few of so many.

Works towards progress.

I love it! Works towards progress… Something we all need to be doing. I also love all the people Tom has studied with, told you… creative!

Be on the lookout for Tom’s new website, coming soon… You can check back here for the link (use the Search on the Home page)…

All images via TomBalderasFineArt.Blogspot.com, used with permission…

New Website Coming Soon – Will add link here once it’s complete! 

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