Artist: Ken DeWaard – Show at Roux & Cyr this coming Friday!

Leisure Time after Breakfast 12″ x 16″ Oil on Panel

Ken DeWaard. I would like to make you all privy to Ken’s latest newsletter which shares some of his latest work. The newsletter is full of art information as well as artIST info – I love when artists share a bit about themselves with us. It makes us like them (and their work) even more. A daunting task for the artist, no doubt, but one Ken is up for. Ken is a favorite artist of ours for so many reasons… Upcoming show at Roux & Cyr Gallery in Portland, Maine (THIS FRIDAY), May 28, 2021. “Leisure Time after Breakfast” is just one beautiful example of Ken’s paintings, see what I mean about the light coming through the table cloth? #brilliant

Ken’s paintings are gorgeous. There is something about his paintings that is unique. Creating your own style when there are so many artists out there is no easy task, yet Ken does it with ease. The way he can capture light (i.e. through a tablecloth in the featured painting) is stunning. I also love the near dark paintings with lights on inside of homes. The interiors he paints makes you want to BE there. That in and of itself is a big thing to do… to pull the viewer in and make them want to stay.

Many of you know Ken, he’s as nice as they come. If you are fortunate to get in a workshop with Ken, you will come back again and again for a few reasons. You will learn A LOT. More than you probably could have imagined, yet it won’t FEEL like learning (in the dreaded way it can sometimes). You will have FUN. (I know! Right?) Workshops always seem fun when you’re signing up for them, even packing for them, until you get there and then. *😳* The stress can melt away any fun you may have had, and it’s hard to grasp a lot and really learn once you’re in that state (overwhelming at times). It will be fun. You will learn. You will walk away amazed and hoping for another spot in another workshop with Ken, some time in the future.

Interested in a workshop with Ken, or would like to know more about them? Click HERE.

I mentioned that Ken recently sent out an awesome newsletter. If you aren’t on his email list (I am, and he does not bombard you with emails, they’re infrequent, but wonderful!) and would like to be, click HERE. To read his latest newsletter which sums up the idiosyncrasies that 2020/2021 had to offer – with all this world has been through, yet wading through it and still painting (FABULOUS paintings as you will see in the newsletter), click HERE. Ken’s newsletter will leave you with a smile.

See more of Ken’s work via these links:

Website  |  Newsletters  | Workshops


For Ken there is nothing more rewarding and challenging than painting under an open sky, surrounded by the scents and sounds of nature, along with it’s ever changing color and harmonies to excite one’s creativity.

After receiving his Bachelor of Arts with honors, Ken began working in a commercial art studio in Chicago. He continued his studies at the American Academy of Art, where he studied with nationally recognized watercolorist, Irving Shapiro. Upon Irving’s recommendation Ken joined the acclaimed Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art in Chicago, where he soon began studying with Scott Burdick as well as Dan Gerhartz.
It is here that Ken adapted his direct and pure approach as well as his bravura brush style, which he achieves by painting directly from life.

Strongly inspired by John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, William Wendt, Edgar Payne, Nicolai Fechin, and the Russian Impressionists, Ken finds himself painting an array of subject matter from everyday life. The feelings Ken evokes in his paintings are due in part to the excitement and passion he feels while capturing the fleeting effects of light, or the wonderful color nuances and harmonies presented by nature and all of her beauty.

Ken continues to travel throughout the United States as well as Italy and China. He has won numerous awards around the country in many of the top Plein Air Competitions including the coveted Artist Choice awards, Best of Show, along with a host of various other awards. He has spent many a summer day painting the Italian hillsides, American vistas, and beauty wherever it finds him. This has always been a contributing factor in his work, insight, and inspiration and growth as an artist.

After spending the last 14 years in the Driftless area of Wisconsin, Ken has recently moved to Maine. After much thought and consideration he and his wife along with their 4 young children decided on Hope ME, which is a neighboring town to Camden, mid coast Maine which is also where the Mountains Meet the Sea. The area is absoluetly gorgeous and full of inspiration, so much to paint!”


✍️ Until next time!


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