Featured Artist: Robert Strickland!

Dahlia Arrangement by Robert Strickland 24″X18″ Oil

Robert Strickland is an artist from Toronto, Canada – and whoa, can he ever paint! I think the Dahlia Arrangement painting is perfection. The backdrop and surface leave your imagination to fill in, yet the jars and flowers are out of this world realistic. The varying beautiful colors are a joy!

If you’re in the Toronto, Canada area and looking for a workshop, check out Robert’s website for more info, while you’re there just look at the beautiful paintings!

Read a bit about Robert, from his website:

Robert Strickland is a professional artist from Toronto, Canada. Robert was first inspired by nature and his surroundings. He recalls having a deep connection and appreciation for nature from a young age. It wasn’t until he was in his twenties that he was exposed to art however. He took a fundamental art program at Sheridan College to learn some basics and meet other artists. At this point he was more interested in illustration. After the program ended, he learnt in a more autodidactic way. He went to life drawing consistently and at one point just jumped into oil painting. With an intense dedication and a rational way of solving problems, he learn’t quickly. After making great progress he was awarded the Chalmers Professional Development Grant. This allowed him to study abroad from contemporary masters in representational art. After he felt the need to go back to his roots in Canadian culture to form as a mature artist. Painting “en plein air” connected him with nature once again, his voice in art became louder and more distinct. Through Roberts art we can see an appreciation of nature and an intimate way of looking at it. Robert believes the appreciation of art teaches values and connects us with a universal language. Continue reading, here

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Featured Artist: Judy Joy Nocifora! [Workshop Alert!]

Charlie by Judy Joy Nocifora   12 x 12″   Oil

Judy Joy Nocifora. A wonderful artist that has quite the following when it comes to workshops. From her blog, it looks like her students really have fun and learn at the same time, is there a better way? I think not!

Judy did a demo of Charlie, our Jack Russell. From an image she was able to capture his essence so well. Not an easy task to paint this dog, he’s got hair going every which way, and for it to really look like Charlie it takes some doing! It’s a beautiful painting – she’s even got his funny sit that he does. This is Charlie – lover of the sun, sits in the sun and follows it throughout the house all day. He sits and his eyes get heavy until he can’t take it anymore.

Judy is teaching an oil painting workshop specifically for animal lovers – it begins April 4 (2017)! Interested? Here’s the information, but be quick, I’m sure her workshops fill up quickly! Be sure to check out her website and blog as well!

Oil Painting Workshop for Animal Lovers  
with Judy Nocifora
Tuesdays & Fridays, April 4, 7, 11 & 14, 2017
9:00-12:30 pm at Memphis Botanic Garden

Professional oil paint and medium is provided. There is much to be learned in this workshop that will apply to all that you paint: i.e, brushwork, color mixing, etc.
There will be demos each day and a lot of personal instruction.
Registration and payment due by Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

Call Laurie at 901-6364128.

Read a bit about Judy, from her website:

Artist Statement: I awake each day to the gift of life and the unending beauty that surrounds me. I thrill to the challenges and surprises that develop in each painting. The privilege of sensing life and letting it flow through my fingers and onto canvas is joyful!

The artwork of Judy Joy Nocifora has unfolded through many years of an insatiable desire to create. In her teens, she began studying formal oil painting with a highly regarded local instructor and she continued a keen interest in the arts and in the creative process through years of teaching in a program for gifted students. 

Upon retirement, Judy embarked on a serious commitment to study intently and diligently with artist whose work she admired in order to become a professional artist. She has had the great pleasure to study with master artists, Jeff Legg, Dawn Whitelaw, Jennifer McChristian, Peggi Kroll Roberts, John Pototschnik, Roger Dale Brown, and Camille Przewodek, and Lori Putnam, to name a few. One of her great joys is to share what she has learned with others as an oil painting instructor for Creative Aging of the Mid-South and at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. 

Today, Judy travels extensively to paint and she loves to share the beauty that she finds everywhere through her oil paintings. Her artwork has been juried into local and regional exhibitions. When at home, you will find Judy painting in her studio or plein air painting in her hometown of Germantown, Tennessee. 

Judy is a member of Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, American Women Artist, Memphis/Germantown Art League, and Artists’Link of Memphis. She currently serves on the Board of Memphis/Germantown Art League as Publicity Chair. 

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Featured Artist: Colin Page!


Lobster Blues by Colin Page  48×36″  Oil

Wow! Colin’s still life’s have always amazed me. Well, I guess that’s true of all his work. Colin can literally paint absolutely anything! This lobster dinner looks quite tasty. Just look at the light in that blue glass. The intricacies of the tablecloth. The LOBSTER that looks, well, good enough to eat! I love the addition of the notecard and pen!


Cozy Harbor by Colin Page  36×36″  Oil

This painting just grabs me. I love the stillness of the water and that red outbuilding (oh! that red!) – also love the magnificent white house looking so majestic in height compared to surrounding buildings. Colin can paint a dock with such style. Love it!

Are you interested in taking a workshop in 2017? Colin has several workshops, and good news, some still have openings, but be quick, the spots usually fill up quickly. Everyone loves Colin, has fun and learns a lot from his workshops – His next workshop is a CALIFORNIA PLEIN AIR WORKSHOP in Balboa Island, CA through Debra Huse Gallery FEBRUARY 1 – 4, 2017 (and a solo show that runs from Feb. 3-28)!

Next is a MARYLAND PLEIN AIR WORKSHOP that runs from MARCH 23 – 26, 2017, hosted by Chesapeake Fine Art Studio, Kent Island, MD.

Be sure to check out all of Colin’s Workshops and Upcoming Shows, as well as his new and improved (if possible) website!

All images via ColinPagePaintings.com, used with permission…

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Featured Artist: Eric Bowman!


Trespass by Eric Bowman  29 5/8 x 22″ Oil

Eric Bowman. I love his style. From Eucalyptus trees with so much character to his figure paintings, each evokes such feeling. Eric is brilliant when it comes to marketing as well, he’s got a great sense of humor, and his paintings show that he loves what he does. Eric’s work is stunning, to say the least!

Trespass is a very symbolic painting… it caught my attention when Eric sent out a Christmas/holiday newsletter entitled PEACE. Nice! Very nice! You can feel the passion in this painting – and that light in the distance, wow!

Eric has several shows coming up in 2017 – don’t miss them if you’re in the area! Click HERE to see more of Eric’s upcoming shows.


Eric will be showing with the Maxwell Alexander Gallery at this venue- the opening is tomorrow evening, Thursday, Jan 12th 11am – 7pm, 2017, the show runs from 1/12-1/15/2017.

Click HERE for a link to the exhibit!


Night Brings Good Counsel by Eric Bowman 16×20″ Oil

I happen to love Eric’s trees. They make me smile. They have so much character! I always love a road with trees, a stunning sky, especially a nocturne and oh! That moon! I swear it’s real!

Mockingbird Gallery 2017

Event Dates: 2/3/2017 – 3/2/2017
Reception: 2/3/2017  5-9pm
Location: Mockingbird Gallery
Phone Number: (541) 388-2107
Address: 869 NW Wall St, Suite 100, Bend, Oregon 97703

Eric will be showing with the Mockingbird Gallery in a three person show including Julee Hutchison and Bart Walker.

Mark your calendar! Click HERE for a link to the exhibit!

Read a bit about Eric, from his website:

“Eric Bowman was born in Pasadena and grew up in Orange County, CA (back when it actually had orange groves). Essentially a self-taught artist, Eric had a knack for drawing as far back as he can remember, always the class artist throughout his elementary and high school years. Various art-related jobs such as silk screen T-shirt printer or surfboard airbrush technician led to a lengthy and successful career as a commercial artist, eventually transitioning to fine art painting. As a painter, Eric has garnered many awards in national & regional exhibitions in some of the country’s most prestigious galleries and museums.  His paintings are in collections around the world, including England, China, Australia, Canada and Mexico. 

 Eric Bowman is a Signature Member of both the American Impressionist Society and the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, and an Out-of-State Member of the California Art Club. When not traveling to various plein air shows or visiting his beloved home state of California, Eric resides in northwest Oregon with his wife and daughter, and their dog, Mucha.” Read more HERE

All info & images via EricBowman.com, used with permission…

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Featured Artist: Scott Boyle (and workshop – October 2016)!

Roan Mountain Clouds by Scott Boyle 20x24 Oil

Roan Mountain Clouds by Scott Boyle 20×24 Oil

Scott Boyle. Beautiful paintings. Just look at these clouds! Puffy and light – I am a cloud connoisseur, ha ha… they fascinate me! The road leading up to the trees is wonderful and really shows distance, doesn’t it? Beautiful light and shadows in the grass! I think if I were here I would be on the grass gazing up at the sky – watching those clouds roll by…

“Roan Mt. Round Bald – Appalachian Trail” is Scott’s description. I love when artists give you a little blip about a painting. The who, what, when or where makes it that much more interesting.

Scott’s website shows his plein air and studio paintings. This painting happens to be a studio painting, it’s amazing how he has kept it so fresh, as if he were standing in that very spot. Usually I can tell a big difference between an artist’s studio paintings versus plein air paintings, but not with Scott’s. Truly, it’s like he was right there!

Hoyle Homestead by Scott Boyle 12x16 Oil

Hoyle Homestead by Scott Boyle 12×16 Oil

Just look at this home that Scott painted, the Hoyle Homestead, “The oldest known standing structure in Gaston County – Dallas, NC.”

This is such a fabulous house, I love the warm sun on the front of the house and THOSE TREES! What character! A really beautiful painting! Be sure to check out Scott’s website – you can tell that he loves where he lives – the areas that he paints are breathtaking!

Are you looking to take a workshop? Well, you may be in luck! 

Scott will be teaching a 3 Day Plein Air Painting Workshop in Dallas, North Carolina October 11 – 13, 2016 – click HERE for more info!

Read a bit about Scott, from his website:

“North Carolina landscape artist Scott Boyle is a visual explorer, a promoter of plein air painting, and the founder of the North Carolina Plein Air Painters, which organizes numerous outdoor painting events around the state each year.  Additionally, he teaches workshops and frequently speaks on subjects relating to outdoor painting.

While growing up in Indiana Scott was recognized to have unusual artistic abilities from a young age. He was fortunate to have parents who immersed him with opportunities to develop his talent with private lessons and years of study with traditional Brown County Artists in Indiana during his earlier years.

Scott moved to North Carolina in 1987, where his senses were awakened to the rich and subtle beauty of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  He soon discovered that painting small sketches outdoors was the best way to explore the landscape.  He continues in the tradition, commonly known today as plein air painting, following after the tradition of the great 19th Century painters who used this outdoor process as an indispensable tool to produce more meaningful studio works.

Since 2006, Scott has made dozens of trips to the Roan Highlands Region, which encompasses numerous high country grassy balds along the NC/TN border.  He backpacks with his painting gear to capture the visual drama at high elevations.  During the winter, he produces large paintings in his studio from these experiences.

In 2010, Scott was included in the historical Blue Ridge Realists artist group whose work focuses on Western North Carolina scenes. 

Scott currently lives in rural Gaston County, North Carolina with his wife, Esther.” Check out Scott’s Artist Statement as well as the rest of his Bio – good stuff!

Image via ScottBoyleArt.com, used with permission…

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Frank Gardner | Marc Hanson – Stunning Work! – Show at Addison Art Gallery TOMORROW!

TWO FABULOUS ARTISTS, Frank Gardner and Marc Hanson – ONE FABULOUS SHOW Opens Tomorrow at Addison Art Gallery!

The opening is Friday, July 30, 2016 from 5-7PM – if you are anywhere near Orleans, MA – you won’t want to miss it! These are two artists I admire so much, they both push themselves and the results are breathtaking!

Read a bit about the show, from Addison Art Gallery – then check out a sample of the paintings in the show – oh, how I wish I was close by:

Orleans MA — On Saturday, July 30 from 5 to 7, the Addison Art Gallery will host an opening reception for Marc Hanson of Mississippi and Frank Gardner of Mexico. Long time friends, Hanson and Gardner have often traveled together to paint, and have exhibited together in Addison Art Gallery and museum shows on Cape Cod. This past winter, they decided to join talents again. 


 frank gardner

Peaceful Harmony by Frank Gardner 24x30 Oil

Peaceful Harmony by Frank Gardner 24×30 Oil

Just look at the reflections in the water! The light on the ladder, the colors and textures in the pilings. WOW! I have always loved Frank’s paintings, they have something about them that are definitely all his, but this latest group of paintings is different and I love every one!

Snorkel by Frank Gardner 30x24 Oil

Snorkel by Frank Gardner 30×24 Oil

SNORKEL jumped out to me – I could look at it forever. There is a quiet innocence to it. That wonderful feeling of being a kid of vacation, remember the days when the family would be packed into a car and head for some place wonderful like Cape Cod? Frank’s paintings pull at your memories of those times. I love the kid in this painting, as well as the water behind him, with all the wonderful colors, this is stunning.

Frank’s comments on this show:

“My earliest memories of Cape Cod take me back to summer vacations with my family in the late 60’s and 70’s. We would load into the Chevy Impala for the much anticipated road trip every July. ‘Summer on Cape Cod’ is the theme for the new work I am painting for this season at Addison Art Gallery. My inspiration for this series is drawn from old memories and photos from my earliest trips to the Cape as well as from my most recent summer trips. Subjects range from fun on the beach, to classic Cape Cod scenes and some things in between.” — Frank Gardner 

Read a bit about Frank, from his website:

My paintings are interpretations of my experiences. They come from the desire to share the beauty that I see every day by arranging bits of color and ideas to tell a story. Drawn to the colors of fleeting light effects on the landscape I try and accurately represent color I see. However, I also interpret and push color if it is useful to convey how the scene makes me feel. Color combinations and juxtapositions are a lot of what make a subject appealing to me. I look for situations that are unique to a particular place at a certain time, depending on lighting conditions, but also filtered through my mood at the time a piece is painted.

Painting in a representational style, and influenced by the impressionists, I am drawn to fleeting light effects and color while sometimes sacrificing detail. A controlled chaos or loose spontaneity is my favored look, although each color and stroke is well thought out and carefully placed. My goal is to convey to the viewer my feelings about the scene through my use of color and brushwork. I’ll let the subject and my mood determine how much detail is required to complete each painting.

Paint application is important to me. It is a very personal facet of my work. An artists brushwork and paint handling is what sets their work apart from another artist’s interpretation of the same view. It is as unique as a fingerprint. I not only brush paint on, but lift it off, or smear it with a finger or paint rag. It is often the lifting off of the paint or moving it around after it is on the canvas that gives the look I am after. Continue reading HERE

marc hanson

A Little Cedar by Marc Hanson 11x14 Acrylic

A Little Cedar by Marc Hanson 11×14 Acrylic

Marc knows how to make a painting really stand out – I think the lavender in A LITTLE CEDAR adds so much, it makes the rest of the painting stand out. Marc is a master when it comes to landscapes, his paintings will blow you away – His skill has been acquired from years of hard work creating MANY paintings – just look at the light! A that bit of unexpected blue on the horizon… really nice! Everything about this painting is first class!

Brilliance by Marc Hanson 8x10 Oil

Brilliance by Marc Hanson 8×10 Oil

Utter perfection! Some of you may have heard about my affinity for orange. I can feel the warmth from this painting! It’s stunningly beautiful in every way! Marc has a way of portraying a scene without overdoing. I love the simplicity of this painting. Sounds easy, but it’s not.

Marc’s comments on this show: “In my work for this show, I have concentrated on the quieter side of the Cape. That’s the side that I enjoy the most. Although the harbors and towns are all part of the experience there, I prefer to spend most of my time exploring those areas that see less traffic. In particular the Fort Hill area is a favorite. The marshes and lowland areas draw me in and have me thinking about the history of the area pre-settlement. In the end, it’s the light on the Cape that is the real subject of all of the work I’ve done there.”— Marc R. Hanson

Read a bit about Marc, from his website:

Having grown up in a military family, Marc’s youth was spent on the move. He was born in Oxnard, California and spent some of his early school years there. But his geographical resume soon included Alaska, Florida, Arkansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Norway. After his father’s retirement from the Air Force, Marc’s family settled in the small northern California community of Loomis. Marc began college as a biology major, but soon applied to and was accepted into Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, majoring in illustration. After Art Center and a brief stint as a staff illustrator in Sacramento, California, Marc moved to Minnesota where he lived for 33 years while raising a family and pursuing his art. Marc relocated to Colorado in the Fall of 2012.

“I have pursued a career as a painter for many years now. Along the way my methods, materials and focus have evolved. A naturalist at heart, the landscape is the perfect vehicle for expressing the joy I have for the world that surrounds me. My real interest and challenge as a painter is how to best manipulate the core principles of painting into effective visual statements. I’m most successful when I’m able to communicate that joy to the viewers of my paintings.”

Marc teaches landscape painting workshops in many locations nationally. “ I love working with other painters in their pursuit to better their craft. My goal is not to have them assimilate my style and technique, but to teach them how to more closely exam- ine the subject and apply the principles that representational painters must follow to become effective visual communicators.”

He has shown his work in galleries and museums nationally and internationally since the early 1980’s. He is a Signature Member of The Oil Painters of America (O.P.A.)… Continue reading HERE

All images via AddisonArt.com, FrankGardner.com and MarcHansonArt.com used with permission…

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Featured Artist: Colin Page! Show at Dowling Walsh Gallery!

The Apple Tree by Colin Page 36x48 Oil

The Apple Tree by Colin Page 36×48″ Oil

Colin Page. His paintings are recognizable from a distance. He really doesn’t even need a signature, you can look at it and say WOW! COLIN! There are so many fabulous paintings to chose from it boggles the mind. The Apple Tree is so wonderful, I love how the children are playing, the dramatic tree, fabulous sky, tree shadows, and the girl reaching for the cat. Stunning work. As always!

Skull by Colin Page 36x36 Oil

Skull by Colin Page 36×36″ Oil

I love Colin’s tablescapes. I love every one of them. This one is so unexpected. I’ve seen other skull paintings of his and they were remarkable as well, but this skull on top of the table with flowers is stunning.

If you are in the Rockland, Maine area, do not miss his show at Dowling Walsh Gallery!

Opening Reception, First Friday, July 1, 2016 from 5-8pm (TONIGHT!)

Read more about Colin, and see more work from this show HERE.

Colin has a fabulous website as well, be sure to check it out – don’t miss his journal, it’s full of great information!

Are you an experienced artist looking to take a workshop? I see that Colin has a workshop coming up in September – it looks AMAZING! Check out the details HERE!

All images via DowlingWalsh.com, used with permission…

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