Monhegan Woods and a Public Service Announcement!

Monhegan, Maine. A beautiful island you may have seen me mention a time or two (ha). There is such a sense of peace when you’re in these woods hiking the wonderful trails.  Continue reading “Monhegan Woods and a Public Service Announcement!”


Marston House – A Knack for Classy…

Marston House – Wiscasset, ME

Some people have a knack for making things special. Very special. Fred and I visited the coolest B&B several years ago in Wiscasset, Maine – The Marston House. While the owners have moved to a different location – it looks like they’ve made things very special in Vinalhaven (as well as several French rentals that are to die for!) Continue reading “Marston House – A Knack for Classy…”

Monhegan Cemetery in Fog

This cemetery is located on Monhegan Island in Maine….. Continue reading “Monhegan Cemetery in Fog”

Monhegan Boat Line – Port Clyde, ME

Monhegan Boat Line – Port Clyde, ME

It’s always so exciting just getting to this point. To the point where you see the “Welcome to Port Clyde” sign hanging as you get ready to board the boat to Monhegan Island. Peace and tranquility are coming soon! The long days spent walking, eating, watching are on their way, woohoo! Continue reading “Monhegan Boat Line – Port Clyde, ME”

Appreciate the Gray Days!

Monhegan, Maine

As I write this (and schedule it to publish) – it’s a cloudy and gray day in Charleston (which I tend to love) – So I thought I would peruse my photos from our last visit to Maine – and pull up an equally gray day. Although there are so many interesting and bright colors that pop – a gray day is still beautiful! Last year we had many foggy days which kept the temps cooler which we were happy about (especially since when we left Charleston it was very steamy).

You can barely see Manana Island  but if you look you will see it. Thick fog. One minute you can see clearly and *POOF* the next minute everything is gone. Too cool!

Enjoy the gray days, it makes you appreciate the sunshine that much more! Time is passing so quickly… tomorrow is March 1! Can you believe it?


Catch you back here tomorrow!

Susan’s Flowers – Monhegan

Monhegan, Maine

I like to refer to this little stretch as “Susan’s Flowers”. Aren’t they just beautiful? This is one of my favorite places to walk past – although I don’t get very far because the flowers inevitably stop me in my tracks! Snap, snap, snap – many photos of her hard work! Continue reading “Susan’s Flowers – Monhegan”

Monhegan Island – A photographer’s dream!

Monhegan Island – Maine

Monhegan, Maine – a cool island located approximately 12 nautical miles off the mainland. It’s a small island that is full of character and the most stunning beauty you could ever imagine.

Continue reading “Monhegan Island – A photographer’s dream!”