Hiking Monhegan…

Hiking Monhegan Island, Maine. Is there anything better? The island is small so we can cover a good amount of territory and then stop for lunch, head back out then come back in time to get ready for dinner or meet up with friends.

The peace and quiet in these woods is immeasurable. We are not used to such quiet.  When we’re out hiking I will stop… “JUST LISTEN to the silence!” – I love it. Fresh air, silence, peace. It’s like no place on Earth.

Blessed to be able to visit!

Like Fred says… “this is my happy place”, me too Fred! Me. Too!



A license plate on the Monhegan Trucking truck.

A welcome site when you arrive to the island and need your bags taken to your location. It’s cool how the few trucks line up ready to take your bags. The Island Inn, the Monhegan House, Monhegan Trucking and others picking up mail, packages, etc.

They have it down to a science!

Back to normal posting next week – catching up after a week of being out with a cold. Back to the land of the living, woohoo!


Peaceful Maine Water…

Calm Maine Water

Peaceful, isn’t it? Sometimes when the world seems out of control you need to take time to focus on something serene.

This will do it!! Happy Sunday! I’ll catch you back here tomorrow

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A walk through town… Monhegan.


A Monhegan street scene for all of you Monhegan lovers! The building on the left was the Carina and is now the studio of abstract artists Steven & Katherine Aimone.

This is walking from the church towards the Island Inn. We’ve been in it many times as the Carina (grocery, sandwiches, etc.). It would be fun to be back there right now!

Enjoy your Saturday! Catch you back here tomorrow!

📸 Images are my own unless stated otherwise. Please contact me if interested…

Featured Artist: Kate Chappell!

Path to Blackhead by Kate Chappell

Path to Blackhead by Kate Chappell  9×12″  Watercolor

Kate Chappell, an artist from one of our favorite places, Maine!  She has incredible paintings (among other things)! This painting (above) is the Path to Blackhead (Monhegan Island). The path with the shadows is delightful!

The Road Home by Kate Chappell 15x11" Watercolor

The Road Home by Kate Chappell  15×11″  Watercolor  (Sold)

This wonderful painting, The Road Home, was at the Lupine Gallery (Monhegan, Maine), but has recently SOLD… What a lovely painting! Just look at those dramatic shadows, I love the bits of dark – This is a wonderful path. Just beautiful!

Kate is quite amazing, her talent doesn’t stop at painting, I swear this woman can do everything! Check out her website and you’ll see what I mean!!

Read a bit about Kate, from her website:

“Kate Cheney Chappell was born Katherine Pope Cheney in Hartford, Connecticut, the daughter of George Wells Cheney, Jr., an insurance executive, and Mary Frances Pope, a trained artist and champion of the visually impaired. She spent her childhood in Manchester, close to her paternal grandparents, many cousins, and the family business, Cheney Silk. At the age of 12, she and her family moved to Farmington, Connecticut, and she entered the Oxford School for Girls (later Kingswood-Oxford School). With encouragement from Art teacher, Rebecca Jones, she entered and won a Gold Key in Connecticut’s Scholastic Art Competition, and was in her first show at age 14. Kate Cheney Chappell attended Chatham College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (now Chatham University), distinguishing herself in Art, Creative Writing and French Literature. Read more …

Images via KateChappellArtSpace.com and LupineGalleryMonhegan.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Festive door in Rockport, Maine!

Festive door in Rockport, ME

While in Maine earlier this fall, Fred and I drove around Rockport – a cool city with some really beautiful homes. When we came upon this house, whhhoooooa! STOP! Backup! Need a photo! Thought this would be the perfect Happy Halloween/Happy Fall photo! What an inviting entry, a beautiful door (fabulous paint color!), love the star, the American Flag is so stunning against this backdrop, the pretty flowers and of course, the pumpkins! How creative!

Wishing you a 🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃, and most of all a joyous fall! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Thinking of fall…

Fall is in the air!

Fall has got to be my favorite month. Spring is nice with all the flowers and trees blooming, but it also means hot weather is on its way. Summer is just hot and humid. Winter is nice here in South Carolina, so I have no complaints, I like it, but… Fall is my favorite – when those humid days change to something beautiful where you can be outside without melting – definitely my favorite. It’s so beautiful, even with all the leaves and acorns. It’s all good, I love to be outside this time of year!

These are Monhegan (Maine) pumpkins, I thought they made for a pretty fall photo!

Catch you back here tomorrow!