Island Inn, Monhegan – MAINE!

Island Inn, Monhegan – Maine

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Oh Happy Day!

Monhegan Flowers – Island Inn

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A Maine House – Windows to the Sea!

Maine House – Windows to the Sea!

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Monhegan Woods and a Public Service Announcement!

Monhegan, Maine. A beautiful island you may have seen me mention a time or two (ha). There is such a sense of peace when you’re in these woods hiking the wonderful trails.  Continue reading “Monhegan Woods and a Public Service Announcement!”

Marston House – A Knack for Classy…

Marston House – Wiscasset, ME

Some people have a knack for making things special. Very special. Fred and I visited the coolest B&B several years ago in Wiscasset, Maine – The Marston House. While the owners have moved to a different location – it looks like they’ve made things very special in Vinalhaven (as well as several French rentals that are to die for!) Continue reading “Marston House – A Knack for Classy…”

Monhegan Cemetery in Fog

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Monhegan Boat Line – Port Clyde, ME

Monhegan Boat Line – Port Clyde, ME

It’s always so exciting just getting to this point. To the point where you see the “Welcome to Port Clyde” sign hanging as you get ready to board the boat to Monhegan Island. Peace and tranquility are coming soon! The long days spent walking, eating, watching are on their way, woohoo! Continue reading “Monhegan Boat Line – Port Clyde, ME”