Laura B. “Outgoing”

“Outgoing” on the Laura B. | Monhegan, Maine

Monhegan Island is an amazing place to visit. 99% of us arrive via one of the local boat lines. We’ve always used (and loved) Monhegan Boat Lines. Nice people, clean, safe, etc. They make it an adventure (and sometimes it’s a bit more of an adventure than anticipated due to high seas). #bringthegingins This is a photo from years gone by… friends of ours departing the island (hence the name “Outgoing”).

It’s so peaceful to finally make it to Monhegan (to those of you reading, we are not there – this is an older photo from 2015). It’s not a piece of cake heading from Charleston to Monhegan, there is no airport 😉 We fly into Maine and drive, then spend the night nearby Port Clyde (where Monhegan Boat Lines is located), then head to the island, usually for 5 nights. Then we spend the night somewhere, and head home the next day. When your destination is an island, and seas are involved, boats can get canceled, which is why we get there early. 🤞 we haven’t had a problem… yet.

If you’re looking to visit Maine, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Do your research – Google can be your friend if you let it, ha ha… (thanks, Bryan S. for coming up with that line – I use it often). 😂

🙋‍♀️Oh, happy day, to our friends on the boat – #goodmemories

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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