Liberty Boathouse by Lake + Land Studio!

Liberty Boathouse by Lake and Land Studio

This boathouse is a dream. It’s part cottage/getaway/house – however you choose to use it – it’s amazing! If living on the water appeals to you (heaven!), and maybe owning a boat sound like fun, you can have it close by. There are two kitchens (unique layout appeals to so many). Check it out!

Liberty Boathouse by Lake and Land Studio

This is the Liberty Boathouse by Lake and Land Studio. This plan is 1,228 square feet with several living areas, and a few kitchens. It works in so many different ways, and if there is anything that you see that you would like changed to work for you, the brilliant people at Lake and Land Studio can make those changes for you.

On this main level there is a bunk house, bathroom and kitchen. You are surrounded by the deck and have a view of the boat (which would go on the right, above “FIRST FLOOR PLAN”). Sweet, right?!

Liberty Boathouse by Lake and Land Studio

The second floor of this plan has this wonderful screened porch, a living area, kitchen and master suite. Note the daybed (back left), can you imagine tucking yourself in that space – daydreaming and looking out over the water? Wow.

Liberty Boathouse by Lake and Land Studio

The top level is 195 square feet – accessed via a ladder to a sleeping loft. For me, there is enough sleeping room without this space, so maybe would use as storage or open it up. But very fun for younger people for sure! I do love how the designers use every bit of space!

Lake and Land Studio

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