Happy June Y’all!

Dining Room Tulips!

June 1st – Already! This tulip has a hot color like the outdoors, ha ha. It’s bright and sunny and full of life. Nothing like popping in to buy groceries and leaving with something beautiful to boot. #treatyourself! I love how they are straight and tall in the evenings and wildly reaching out in the afternoons. #dancetulipsdance

Summer is almost upon us (6/21) – do you part to prepare for the season where you live? Weather can be a wild ride sometimes. Whether you’re in an area that sees hurricanes, tornados, flooding, severe storms, just stay cautious and be sure to sign up for notifications so you can be alerted prior to an event so you have time to take cover. It never hurts to buy a few “hurricane supplies” (something to get you through a power outage) each time you go grocery shopping. It’s better than making a hurricane run full of Pop Tarts and Spaghetti’s, haha.

Happy June! Here’s hoping for a happy and healthy month full of sunshine and flowers! 🌷

👩‍💻 Until next time…

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