Cottage House Mini House Plan by Prim Haus!

Cottage House Mini (House plan by Prim Haus)

We recently took a little trip to the mountains. The weather was spectacular, the mountains gorgeous – the Great Smoky Mountain National Park – is a stunning array of mountains, trails, peaks and valleys. These mountains are called the Smokies because of the morning fog that seems to always be there – which is stunning to watch. While we were there, amidst fresh air, the cleanest water ever, solitude, and beauty galore, we could not help but think how nice it would be to live there. To find a piece of property with a view and build a home that would fit into the landscape and not stand out. Prim Haus immediately came to mind – I think I found the perfect plan…

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The 323 House Plan by Truoba!

323 House Plan by Truoba – Back View

Looking for a contemporary house plan? This plan checks the blocks for a having great features without being overly large. This is the back view of the house – pretty spectacular covered porch, isn’t it? There is a lot of living to be done with this much square footage outdoors where you can forest bathe to your heart’s content!

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Featured House Plan: Meadow House by Prim Haus!

The Meadow House Plan by Prim HausView of Back

The Meadow House plan is a clean and modern plan with great living spaces. This particular plan would look fabulous with a mix of interior design styles – really, the sky is the limit with this plan. I love the separated spaces, allowing guests to reside on one side, owners on the other, where they can come together and cook, chat, and live. This is a spectacular plan both inside and out, front and back. I love the layout. The Meadow is three sections with two glass hallways connecting them together. The halls are reminiscent of a dog trot plan, but are enclosed, which is nice. This is the back view – on the left is the master suite, on the right are the guest suites and connecting them is the living space (kitchen/living). Can you imagine this plan situated on a picturesque lot? It would be absolutely breathtaking!

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The Jib House Plan by Allison Ramsey!

The Jib House Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects (16404-1)

A new collection from the team of architects at Allison Ramsey! They’ve been hard at work in Belize (of all places!) and they’ve turned out some stunning house plans. I think this is a great plan for so many people (and so many living situations)! The Jib has a great look both inside and out. I absolutely adore this porch, all the windows and the back screened porches!

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The Honeysuckle House Plan by C3 Studio for Southern Living!

The Honeysuckle House Plan by C3 Studio for Southern Living!

Isn’t this the most charming plan? Can’t you see yourself spending time on this wonderful porch? I sure can! What you don’t see is a fabulous side porch. This is so delightful. It fits in with exisiting architecture in most older neighborhoods – it’s one of those house plan “gems” that truly hit the mark! Read on for more information…

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Queen’s Cottage Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects!

Queen’s Cottage Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects!

I think this garage plan/living space has a cool vibe to it. Love all the windows and the outside porch area. This plan looks like a building that you would find in a historic district in a cool, cultural city. Picture this plan nestled among older homes with similar outbuildings. I think the size of new construction is important when nestled amongst older homes – so important to keep the natural rhythm of the architecture. In the right neighborhood, this would fit so nicely. The upstairs living area is fabulous and very, very livable!

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RE-Feature: Evergreen Cottage by Lake + Land Studio – Southern Living Cover!

Evergreen Cottage | Lake + Land Studio | Southern Living {Photo: Brie Williams}

I’ve been following the footsteps of Lake + Land Studio for many years now. Their designs appeal to me. I love living on or near the water. Their plans have a coastal vibe that is both upscale and comfortable. A house that can be lived in yet can easily grace the cover of a magazine as shown above! Wonderful color and design throughout – all information is in the article… (link below).

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Glenn Court House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

Glenn Court House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living

Our Town Plans does it again with a gorgeous house plan that could easily be built alongside older homes and fit right in. So nice with a front entry porch as well as a side porch. You can enter the garage from the back and then enter into the back of the house. I think it’s nice that you don’t see the garage. Read on to see the rest of this plan…

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Red Fox House Plan by Sailer Design

Red Fox House Plan by Sailer Design

A guest house or a home? Well, I think the decision is yours. The Red Fox house plan will fit seamlessly with any of the Sailer Design house plans for use as a guest cottage. How nice to give your friends and family their own space. A well-appointed interior with the bonus of a covered porch is a #winwin in my book. Stylish design for sure.

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The Cabot Barn Home by Yankee Barn Homes!

The Cabot Barn Home by Yankee Barn Home

Can you imagine? A stunning setting and a beautiful home – it’s what dreams are made of, right? (Not to mention there are two options for configuration of the upstairs on this plan giving you added flexibility). This is a beautiful plan that takes advantage of the stunning views that surround it. I think I would paint this house black. Seriously, it would fade into the setting. Can you imagine how beautiful it would be in the evening with the warm glow of light coming through the windows. I may even upsize the windows a bit, depending where I lived at the time. I love that Yankee can modify a plan to make it yours!

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211 Rose Wood Lane by Our Town Plans!

211 Rose Wood Lane by Our Town Plans

Exquisite. How nice to have a garage with living space above and storage below that looks more like a house (to me). Outbuildings with apartments seem to be all the rage right now. I think it’s incredibly handy if you have a lot of family or friends who come to visit. This gives them their own space (and gives you your space as well). It’s also a great space for kids coming and going from college, or other life escapades – they are close, but also have their own space. I think this plan has a wonderful look to it.

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Truoba Class 115 House Plan!

Truoba Class 115 House Plan!

I know I post a lot of coastal plans – probably because we live on the coast, but it’s fun to look at other plans. I happen to love so many different styles of homes, I could go on and on. A Mid-Century Modern type plan is always fun to me. This is a modern plan with a lot of windows (therefore a lot of light!) – it’s a dream.

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The River Place Cottage Plan by Watermark Coastal Homes!

River Place Cottage Plan SL1959 by Watermark Coastal Homes for Southern Living

This is an iconic coastal house plan – with exquisite detail and an exceptional floor plan. The exterior looks like a home that was built long ago and maintained in the best possible way. Can you imagine how pretty this house must be in the evening with warm lamps on? I adore the screened porch on the side of the house with a stunning fireplace. #itswhereiwouldbe

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The Ramble Farmhouse (SL2052) by Beau Clowney!

The Ramble Farmhouse (SL2052) by Beau Clowney

What a house, right? The Ramble is a great name for this plan. Those steep rooflines absolutely make this house over the top! This plan has a nice front porch, a large back deck as well as a stunning screened porch with a fireplace – what a dream! There are great images via the links below…

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Brookfield Colonial House Plan by Classic Colonial Homes!

Brookfield Colonial House Plan by Classic Colonial Homes!

What a great plan if you have a lot of company, or if you have a parent or elderly child living with you. You have your space, they have theirs and you can get together in the common spaces. How perfect is that? I love the lines of this house, the steep rooflines, the windows and the breezeway between the two spaces.

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