2013 Best Retirement Home (Plan) /Architect: Jon Nystrom – as seen in Fine Homebuilding Magazine!

 Jon Nystrom

This home was built with so much thought. What happens when an architect and his wife plan a home that will serve them well into retirement (other than 2013 Retirement Home of the Year)? A stunning, beautiful, well thought out plan emerges, that’s what happens! There was a wonderful article in Fine Homebuilding magazine, be sure to read that article, you won’t want to miss it! In the article, Jon explains some of the details and why he designed it like he did. Fabulous!

Home Plan by Jon Nystrom

I love this plan. It’s not a massive home, but it’s so well thought out that it could work out better for you than a large home in many cases. There is one bedroom in this house, but there is also an Office. So if it needed to be another Bedroom, it’s a quick and easy movement of furniture. In this plan the Kitchen, Dining, Living areas are open, and look out onto a Patio. If you notice there aren’t hallways that take up space. It makes each area more roomy, here, Jon was thinking about the future, easy access is important. I’ve always wondered about hallways. They can be beautiful but they take up so much space and all you do is walk through them.

You can see how the plan is situated on the site it’s built on in an article from Fine Homebuilding Magazine.

Home plan by Jon Nystrom

This is the Guest House – The Guest House is not connected to the house. It can be used for guests, for long or short term rental, and in the future possibly to house a caretaker that would allow them to live independently in their homes for as long as possible.

 Jon Nystrom

What a dream, right?

This is the back of the house which is also seen in this article about what the perfect house looks like.  (Image from Fine Homebuilding article) – Great article, you’ll see the backyard photo is the last image. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? What you see in the foreground is a lap pool, then the fire pit, and just look into this house. Just beautiful! What a dream!

All images via JonNystromArchitect.com, used with permission…




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