Artist to Watch: Mary Erickson!

Wind on the Water by Mary Erickson

Wind on the Water by Mary Erickson  12×24″ Oil

Mary Erickson. What wonderful colors in the water! The reflections, the bird, grasses, trees all so nice and so serene. This painting captures the coastal areas so nicely.

Path to the Sun by Mary Erickson

Path to the Sun by Mary Erickson  8×8″ Oil

Mary is well known for her beach scenes. She has a way of painting sand, it’s just beautiful. I love the footpath to the beach. Think of all the people who have made their journey through this area… Isn’t that hint of sun at the far end just stunning? You just know that when you step off of this path you are stepping into sunshine, which sounds fabulous during these cooler months!

Read a bit about Mary, from her website:

Mary Erickson grew up sketching the beaches of Long Island Sound and sold her first painting to Gulf+Western Industries in Stamford, Connecticut at 13.She studied at the University of Bridgeport and Sacred Heart University, and initially worked in small business management. Erickson’s passion for painting, and a move to Florida in 1986, stirred the desire to pursue art as a career. Finally, she realized a long held dream, and in 1993, Mary began painting professionally.

Preferring to work on location, in the tradition of painters since the French Impressionists, Mary travels extensively. She creates field studies (plein air) then returns to the studio to produce large paintings using the visual knowlege and critical information gathered in the field.Painting tours have taken her to Spain, Guatemala, Argentina, Ireland and throughout the United States. Whether solitary excursions (like scouring the coast of Maine for painting sites with her rescue dog, Maggie) or group efforts with other professionals or students, Mary believes these painting trips are essential to an artist’s career and growth. Future trips are planned to Italy, France, Costa Rica, Mexico and New Zealand.

Erickson currently maintains studios in Marshville, NC and Venice, FL. In the summer she rents a large house in Port Clyde, ME and shares the experience with other professional artists. Daily painting excursions and art talks into the night typify the weeks into early September. Read more HERE

Be sure to check out Mary’s upcoming EVENTS for 2016.

Thank you Mary for submitting your website for a possible feature – what a treat!!

All images via, used with permission…

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Catch you back here tomorrow!


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