Lupine Gallery, Monhegan, Maine

Lupine Gallery, Monhegan, Maine | Photo: 2017

The Lupine Gallery on Monhegan Island, Maine is one of our favorite places to visit. The gallery has such a stunning space both upstairs and down – so many incredible paintings all in one place. The Lupine Gallery owners Jackie Boegel and Bill Boynton are the most delightful, knowledgeable and friendly people you could ever meet. Next time you visit Monhegan be sure to stop in the gallery and take a peek at the stunning work they have available.

The Lupine Gallery also has wonderful books, cards and all kinds of supplies that makes you want to break out your inner-artist at least while you’re on the island. I like to stock up on the wonderful cards when I can!

The Lupine Gallery is open mid-May through mid-October – visit their website at: or their Facebook or Instagram page, by clicking on those links.

Have you seen the show at the Island Inn with artist Caleb Stone? See work by Contemporary Artists as well as 19th & 20th Century Artists by clicking those links… Check out their website for more info on everything!

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