Slightly Flower Obsessed…

Michigan Cosmos iPad Sketch | barbara stroud

A quick sketch on the iPad is always a good time – it’s relaxing, and it’s my preferred way to create art (clearly not to sell but just to settle down for the evening) – quick cleanup (turn it off), hehe. I used my finger so it could be a wee bit more precise, but I wasn’t going for precise, just quick and sketchy. I like the pink with a white background. I also have a coloring book app that I use, ha ha. #goodtime

I posted an image the other day of these flowers – my parents have them planted around their mailbox and they’re stunning. Cosmos always make me smile.I write more than I sketch, but I do think it’s fun. I like the imperfectness of it.

Can you believe it’s the beginning of AUGUST already? Good grief, time flies! Not that I’m trying to rush things, but this extreme heat is getting to me (as it is most people). When the dew point hovers around 78 most of the day 🥵 and the 10PM temp “feels like” in the 90’s STILL, good grief, I need a break! Even walking really early provides no relief. Thankful to come home and jump in a cool pool. Not sure how it’s staying cool but it is. When it rains it will dramatically cool the pool. So that’s working out, ha ha. Although ANY water is refreshing after a hot walk.

Enjoy your August! A pretty time of year, remember it is hurricane season, and it’s August which means it’s close to September, so… stocking up on necessities isn’t a bad idea. Anything to prevent going hurricane shopping with the masses, right? We keep our hurricane food supply in a tote, pray we don’t need it, then donate it to a nearby Blessing Box. ☀️

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


4 thoughts on “Slightly Flower Obsessed…


    Today we go back to MA. With the uptick in the virus we are pulling back on our forays into public spaces. We are masking whenever we go inside a store. I guess the last three months have been a short reprieve. We have enjoyed getting out.
    Weather in Maine has been cool and dry during last four days. I have been doing early morning yard work; it is work that Bob cannot help with due to neuropathy in his feet. It is actually work keeping the forest at bay. I have tried to hire help, but none is available. In MA there is help with the land. They are Central Am workers who work as teams.
    All growth is lush. The green is a deep color. I have a bayberry bush, planted in 2001. Yes, 20 years ago. I have never seen such growth. All the earlier rain has made a huge difference.
    I will cut some sea lavender to take home.

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    1. We are doing the same Heather… masking up indoors when we do go. Feels like we’re going backwards but hoping for a better outcome to prevent future strains from emerging.
      Your lot is so beautiful, I can only imagine the amount of upkeep needed to keep the forest from growing into your yard! Rain does make such a difference! Sea lavender sounds intriguing! Does it smell like lavender?


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