Another Monhegan Memory!

Monhegan Island

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Monhegan Memory…

Monhegan Memory…

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Island Inn, Monhegan – MAINE!

Island Inn, Monhegan – Maine

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Oh Happy Day!

Monhegan Flowers – Island Inn

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A Maine House – Windows to the Sea!

Maine House – Windows to the Sea!

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Monhegan Woods and a Public Service Announcement!

Monhegan, Maine. A beautiful island you may have seen me mention a time or two (ha). There is such a sense of peace when you’re in these woods hiking the wonderful trails.  Continue reading “Monhegan Woods and a Public Service Announcement!”

Marston House – A Knack for Classy…

Marston House – Wiscasset, ME

Some people have a knack for making things special. Very special. Fred and I visited the coolest B&B several years ago in Wiscasset, Maine – The Marston House. While the owners have moved to a different location – it looks like they’ve made things very special in Vinalhaven (as well as several French rentals that are to die for!) Continue reading “Marston House – A Knack for Classy…”