A Photo From the Archives | Rockport, ME

A Photo From the Archives | Rockport, ME

I have so many images on my computer – it’s getting a little mind boggling. Last year I spent a good week going through images and deleting. But I love so many of them and keep them – time to “spring clean” again! Continue reading “A Photo From the Archives | Rockport, ME”

Life Ring Buoy – Lobster Cove – Monhegan, ME

Life Ring Buoy – Lobster Cove – Monhegan, ME

This is a familiar sight to those of you who have ventured to Monhegan, ME. Continue reading “Life Ring Buoy – Lobster Cove – Monhegan, ME”

Monhegan in Fog…

Monhegan, Maine

Monhegan Island, a fabulous island off the coast of Maine. Approximately 10 miles out to sea and you find a treasure in this island. The peace and quiet, the birds, the hiking trails, the beauty no matter where you look… ahhhh! Continue reading “Monhegan in Fog…”

Another Monhegan Memory!

Monhegan Island

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Monhegan Memory…

Monhegan Memory…

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Island Inn, Monhegan – MAINE!

Island Inn, Monhegan – Maine

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Oh Happy Day!

Monhegan Flowers – Island Inn

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