Wednesday Ramblings…

Butterfly, Charleston, SC

We were out walking Monday early evening. We were talking about butterflies on Monhegan, ME. Fred read that there is supposed to be an abundance of them this year. I remember the many butterfly photos I’ve taken over the years. So many different butterflies, each so beautiful and so different.

😳It was at that moment that I looked up. I tried to stop but it was too late. You see I look down a lot because we live in an older neighborhood with wonky sidewalks from the trees. So if you don’t pay attention you can take a nasty fall before you even realize it. WHEN I LOOKED UP, there it was. A MASSIVE spider web, FULL of the spiders catchings. 🕷🕸 Fred said they were EGGS (omg) I just saw many dark things and a very thick web and then FELT it on my face and neck. 🥴

Sometimes during a very stressful time my body reacts oddly. Almost like i’ve been given a shot of something to calm me. It kept me from jumping out of my skin. Granted I did have a bit of a fit to GET IT OFF ME while he was (mostly) laughing. When we passed the spider web, look what I saw… 🦋A butterfly! #lookforthepositive

Catch you back here tomorrow…


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