Happy Father’s Day!!

Kayaking in Port Clyde, Maine

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! Today is your big day… Enjoy every second of it! Father’s Day is a time to celebrate our dad’s – and I have one of the coolest dad’s on the planet. I. Am. Blessed.

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Erin French’s New Book: Finding Freedom – A Memoir

FINDING FREEDOM | A Cook’s Story Remaking A Life From Scratch | By Erin French of The Lost Kitchen

Erin French. By now, most of you have probably heard of this famous creative cook with a dynamic restaurant in Freedom, Maine . She has achieved so much (hard earned!) success over the years – the latest is another book, this one is a memoir. I pre-ordered it back in December and it arrived this month. My husband got to it first…

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The Star of the Show!

The Star of the Show!

A simple salad – made extra special with one ingredient. A very cool radish. Not any ole radish, a watermelon radish. Which, remarkably, isn’t anything to look at on the outside, but once you cut into it, jaw drop. It’s like a tie dyed radish! The more colors we eat the better, right? So why not opt for some really incredible colors?

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The Lost Kitchen (Erin French) – Gift Market Finds…

The Lost Kitchen (Erin French) – Gift Market Finds…

We are big fans of The Lost Kitchen, a restaurant owned by Erin French, located in Freedom, Maine. Erin has become a remarkable success – through hard work and dedication she has built an amazing restaurant and even during the pandemic has found ways (Farmers Market and a Gift Market) to help others sell their goods.

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The Nelson Daybed With Mid Century Modern Appeal

An Eclectic Mix of Antique, Mid Century Modern and Classic Styles

This blog is all about sharing the things I love with you. Namely ART (as well as artists and art events), FOOD (recipes, restaurants, products I’ve tried and love) and anything HOME related whether it be furniture, lighting, etc.

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