Good advice!

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When I’m looking for a meaningful quote, I always turn to Maya Angelou. She was such a wise soul. So many of her quotes resonate with me, this one especially. Continue reading “Good advice!”


Charleston: Interesting at an Angle!

This is a photo in Charleston, SC – I love it at an angle. Continue reading “Charleston: Interesting at an Angle!”

Life Ring Buoy – Lobster Cove – Monhegan, ME

Life Ring Buoy – Lobster Cove – Monhegan, ME

This is a familiar sight to those of you who have ventured to Monhegan, ME. Continue reading “Life Ring Buoy – Lobster Cove – Monhegan, ME”

Monhegan in Fog…

Monhegan, Maine

Monhegan Island, a fabulous island off the coast of Maine. Approximately 10 miles out to sea and you find a treasure in this island. The peace and quiet, the birds, the hiking trails, the beauty no matter where you look… ahhhh! Continue reading “Monhegan in Fog…”

Here She Goes Again!

That look! “Here she goes again” – this dog is a ham, and I’m not exaggerating. He loves his photo to be taken. He will pose and wait for me to grab my phone. He’s had a lot of experience posing for the camera, that’s for sure.

Continue reading “Here She Goes Again!”

Craggy Tree – I’on Marsh – Mount Pleasant, SC

I’on – Mount Pleasant, SC

When I first saw this image I thought to myself “craggy tree”. Craggy? I’m not sure where i’ve heard that word, but it fits this tree.

Continue reading “Craggy Tree – I’on Marsh – Mount Pleasant, SC”


Tis the season for juicy, sweet oranges! Continue reading “TIS THE SEASON!”