Sunset on the Ashley River…

Sunset on the Ashley River…

The vast skyline is pretty, isn’t it? I love the dark of the landscape against the colors in the sky. Snapped this on the way home one evening (as a passenger in the car, not the driver) 😉 Magnificent, isn’t it? There is the round landmark hotel in the distance.

So the end of March is fast approaching, where does all the time go? Even when life seems hectic and stressed, take a minute to appreciate all the little things (such as a fabulous sunset, flowers blooming, etc) – Enjoy a beautiful, sunny day 🤞☀️🙏 (or take advantage of a cloudy day and read a good book). How are the pollen levels where you’re at? Whew, everything is coated in a layer of yellow pollen here. My MOLEKULE air purifier is chugging along, bless its heart!

Y’all stay safe, regular posts coming soon!

✍️ Until next time…


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