The Molekule Air Mini +

Molekule Air Mini + [Image:]

Molekule. What an ingenious product. This air purifier is amazing and it looks chic. There are many different models, meet the Molekule Air Mini + It. Is. Sweet! Click the link for more info. This came recommended to me by a trusted source, and I highly recommend it to you…

I’ve had my Mini+ for several months now and I cannot imagine life without it. Ok, that may be dramatic, but being able to sleep well at night AND not wake up congested is so huge to me. The Air Mini + detects when it needs to change from a lower speed to a higher speed (often when the heat is on, or when cooking for example). You can set it to a constant speed or you can put it on AUTO and it will take care of things. And. It. Does! There is a small area on the top (center) of the Mini that when you touch it it will show you if it detects the air particles in your room and will tell you if the air is good, moderate, etc. You can also see this information via their app, as well as control the Mini + via the app. I highly recommend reading about this piece of art – it’s quite amazing.

This little machine takes care of business (and looks mighty sharp while it’s at it – Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) even sells it!) I only use the highest setting after I dust/vacuum, etc. I might bump it up when I walk out of the room (it can be quite loud on the highest setting), but it’s clearing the air and cleaning it well! Otherwise it’s a nice light white noise. This small air purifier is good up to 250 square feet. There are other models that handle more square footage. I use it in the bedroom and the area where we live. Works great, no problems!

An article you may want to read: AIR MINI & MINI + FDA-CLEARED FOR MEDICAL USE TO DESTROY VIRUSES & BACTERIA. If anyone is interested in purchasing an Air Mini, Mini + (or any of their models) – I can send you a $50 coupon (I think I get $ back as well, and so will you after your first purchase – but that isn’t why I’m writing this). I used it for several months prior to posting this and I still LOVE it!

✍️ Until next time…

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