Erin French’s New Book: Finding Freedom – A Memoir

FINDING FREEDOM | A Cook’s Story Remaking A Life From Scratch | By Erin French of The Lost Kitchen

Erin French. By now, most of you have probably heard of this famous creative cook with a dynamic restaurant in Freedom, Maine . She has achieved so much (hard earned!) success over the years – the latest is another book, this one is a memoir. I pre-ordered it back in December and it arrived this month. My husband got to it first…

Erin also has a cookbook (The Lost Kitchen) that is wildly popular. Everything she touches seems to turn to gold, BUT for a good reason. Hard work, strong ethics, she is Passionate (with a capital “P”) about every little detail in her restaurant and her books. She also has a strong family, her son, her husband and her mom… each of them is so cool, you’ll “meet” them on The Lost Kitchen that streams on Discovery Plus!

If you haven’t heard of The Lost Kitchen (*gasp*), Google it. 😉 It’s not a typical restaurant that you make a quick reservation and pop into for a bite to eat. This reservation needs a bit of luck, but patience, one day it’ll be your turn! We have not eaten there YET. One day! The Lost Kitchen is located in Freedom, Maine.

There is a lottery system in place to get a reservation (which may have saved the post office in the small town of Freedom). I don’t want to give away details. Check out Erin’s website (or any of the oh, so many magazine articles, talk shows, etc.) – she was recently in People Magazine.

When Fred read the blip at the end of the book about the photography by Cig Harvey, who’s work we’ve seen in the Dowling Walsh Gallery, and when I read who she dedicated the book to, I had tears. What a big heart she’s got. #gogetthisbook #itsonthebestsellerlist #WELLDESERVED

If you haven’t seen THE LOST KITCHEN on Discovery Plus, what are you waiting for? You see the real Erin up close and personal. The details of the restaurant and all the fabulous people who work there. You’ll see what the buzz is, the challenges they face (especially with a pandemic!) and how they come out triumphant. When someone is so genuine, kind, brilliantly talented, creative, and is one who helps others during difficult times (think pandemic) I cannot help but think the world of them. I #cannotwait to read this book! (Click here to see the prelaunch interview with Chip and Joanna Gaines (Magnolia Network) Click here to see a trailer for the show)!

**One more note – the cool little sculpture, Fred bought me for Christmas. It’s by Maine artist, Daphne Pulsifer. I love Daphne and her fabulous sculptures. She is owner of the Edison Studio on Monhegan, where she has some of her stunning sculptures – as well as work created by her talented family, Cat Bates (Jewelry), Kila Bates (Pottery) as well as paintings by Sylvia Alberts.

Note: website for The Lost Kitchen is

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5 thoughts on “Erin French’s New Book: Finding Freedom – A Memoir

  1. Michelle Marra

    Ok. I admit I’m one of those people that crawled out from under a rock and had not heard of her or her restaurant. You might say I have my “head in the sand” painting. Lol. Now I need to know more about this magical chef. I agree. Hard work and persistency is key. And Passion with a capital P is paramount! Thanks for sharing. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michelle, you have an excellent excuse as a very busy (and highly successful) artist! You know a bit about Passion (with a capital “P”!) – your paintings reveal your passion every single day! You will love Erin, and her story!


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