Leanne Ford: Wear Black | Paint White

Wear Black Wear White by Leanne Ford
Printed on a Buck Mason T-shirt

Leanne Ford. I absolutely love her style. She is know for painting rooms white, which sound typical, but hers are anything but! How she can envision a room and make it come to fruition is a gift. She shares so much, from her Spotify playlists, to clothing choices and paint colors (YES! Paint colors!). This is one of my favorite t-shirts…

I love that Leanne shares her information freely. I’m not sure why some people won’t share paint colors (especially!) The thing is, you and I can both paint our rooms the exact same color yet they will look a bit different. Light, both natural and artificial plays a role. What direction the sun is coming from also plays a role in the color that you see. So if someone asks for a paint color, go ahead and share it!

Fred and I have always been big on color. Not bright color, most of our rooms (many years back) were dark chocolate browns, and the color of coffee with cream (all Ralph Lauren paint colors that are now discontinued). We loved it then, but all of a sudden after several years. IT’S GOT TO GO! Then we painted several rooms a dark grey (Knights Armor by PPG) – it’s a stunning and dramatic dark grey (art looks fabulous on walls painted this color). We had several dark rooms, and loved every second.

Fast forward a few years to the desire for change yet again. We painted our walls with Kilz3 (very low VOC) and left it for several months to be sure we wanted to make such a drastic change from dark to light. After several months, we determined it was a “Go”, and we got busy. We wanted a nice white, but not too stark or too creamy or antique. I read about a Benjamin Moore color that works well with art, SUPER WHITE, which sounds, well, super white. It’s not (to me). Although I did read that it is Benjamin Moore’s whitest white. I think the name is deceiving. It’s a beautiful white. So, right now the entire house is white (interior). It’s bright and airy and stunning with sunlight especially.

Check out Leanne Ford’s website, it’s fabulous and she shares all her source info. Like I mentioned she has links to her Spotify playlists (there are many), different clothes she wears, jewelry, makeup, you name it! She seems like a down to earth good person. Home Again with the Fords and Restored by the Fords (with her contractor brother, Steve) are great shows, can’t wait until the next season begins! A little something about Leanne. She is married to Erik Ford, who co-founded the menswear brand, Buck Mason (this t-shirt is printed on a Buck Mason t and it’s fabulous!).

Something you don’t know about me… The opposite of this t-shirt also holds true for me. I could pretty much paint any exterior black and be SO thrilled. Not a doomy gloomy black – it would be crisp, and stunning. Black is a neutral color after all. So I’m not quite sure why it’s shocking to some people. If you paint a wood fence a dark color it disappears into the landscape instead of standing out. Black can elevate a structure right through the stratosphere! Especially with good lighting coming from the interior and an evening shot. #wow It’s not feasible here in the South, but they do make some light reflecting paints, but you still have an issue with the roof color. So, for now, we will be normal, hehe. #butprobablynotforever

✍️ Until next time…

🙌 Image is from Leanneford.com


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