Winter in Charleston, SC

Bottle Brush Fern

Well, we are having a warm winter for the most part. A few cold days (and a few wildly windy days that brought our neighbors trash into our yard, shingles from someones house in our backyard and about 471 lawn bags full of leaves in the pool skimmer. We didn’t lose power, so we’re thankful for that, but whew! This photo was clearly taken on a calm day…

I see things blooming that shouldn’t be, at least not yet. Our tea olive is ready to bloom any minute – so many buds, normally it’s a bit later, and when the back door opens the scent permeates the room. Last year it was warm and had buds early, then we had an odd cold night and *poof* end of the upcoming blooms.

Fred usually jumps in our pool around May 1. Last year it was end of February. Our pool isn’t heated, because, well, it’s South Carolina, and it rarely needs additional heat. Swimming in February? Crazy!

We’ve switched to battery powered lawn everything… lawn mower, blower, weed-eater/edger – they are amazing! Quiet, no stinky gas to go get, no cord to have to pull until you’re out of whack. Just the simple press of a button and off you go. LOVE IT! It’s so much quieter. Some of these lawn companies blow yards for hours on end. #itsfastertorake Do what you can where you can to help ease the heating up of this planet. Can you imagine the future if we don’t?

I love these bottle brush ferns, they’re so cool looking. We planted them in the ground and they do well. They’re so whimsical.

Happy weekend!!

🕊 Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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