The Star of the Show!

The Star of the Show!

A simple salad – made extra special with one ingredient. A very cool radish. Not any ole radish, a watermelon radish. Which, remarkably, isn’t anything to look at on the outside, but once you cut into it, jaw drop. It’s like a tie dyed radish! The more colors we eat the better, right? So why not opt for some really incredible colors?

I made this salad as a side for Christmas dinner (lasagna this year… an odd year, just us, so why not lasagna, right?)

I picked an Italian blend lettuce that had radicchio in it (even more color!), chopped a few tomatoes, thinly sliced some carrots and the ✨ watermelon radish ✨sometimes I add green onion, sometimes I don’t. Pretty!

I usually just make a quick vinaigrette or drizzle olive oil and either white wine vinegar or white balsamic vinegar. Too good. 👀 Keep your eyes out for this special radish, it’s out of this world!

✍️ Until next time…


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