San Fran from a while back…

San Francisco, CA

Well, since like many of you, we haven’t been anywhere lately, so I thought I would share an image from long ago. Taken in San Francisco. Aren’t these are the coolest boats? I love how they’re lined up. They are absolutely striking! #theyhavesuchcharacter San Fran is a city where you can walk forever!

It’s been eons since we’ve been to San Fran. We went for a few years, had the best time, met some great people, stayed at a very cool boutique hotel – breakfast in the morning, wine and cheese in the early evening, cookies in the later evening (this was all pre-COVID). It was in close proximity to Union Square – aptly named, The Inn at Union Square – I just checked and it’s still there. What a great place!

We then toyed with the idea of doing a west coast vacation one year and an east coast vacation the next. We went to Maine. #endofstory Not that we wouldn’t like to visit San Fran again, but there are so many places to visit. We need to start a list, ha ha. #goodtimes

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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