Tideland Haven House Plan (SL1375) by Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

Tideland Haven House Plan | Our Town Plans

Now, THIS is one of the most popular house plans on artfoodhome.com – This plan appeals to so many. It offers wonderful indoor space as well as outdoor (i.e. fireplace on side porch – what a dream!) – and if you have a good view this plan has a lot of wonderful windows so you can take advantage. A great design by Historical Concepts!

This is the Tideland Haven house plan by Historical Concepts, which is offered by Our Town Plans for Southern Living. This plan is 2,418 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It’s a beauty isn’t it? (Click HERE to see more images, both interior and exterior!!) We know someone who built this house, and its a beauty! Nestled along the marsh it truly is the perfect plan for that setting. If you note, there is a fireplace inside as well as outside, and that porch… WHOA! A large unscreened porch and another screened porch. You just can’t beat it! I think if I were building this house I would flip flop the dining room and kitchen… Only because I love my kitchen sink in front of the window for all the times I am eating brownies washing dishes! Although, on second thought maybe I wouldn’t flip flop it, because then I could see the TV, which would be really nice when baking and making dinner! Either way, this is a nice open design, with the perfect amount of porches, both screened and unscreened. Now THIS is living!

Would you like to see more photos of this house? Click HEREthen click on the small photos in the lineup to see the images. I love how they put boards horizontally on the walls.  (Be sure to look at the “real” images… they are amazing)! This post has been updated 6/4/13 to include an image of the porch with wire instead of wooden spindles…

SL Plan 1375
Tideland Haven House Plan | Our Town Plans

How fabulous is this?? One more thing I would do… friends of ours opted for horizontal wire on the porches so that your view is unobstructed. I like that so much better than spindles which limit your view. I guess if I had small children I might prefer spindles, but Fred, Charlie (dog) and I would go for the wire…

Tideland Haven House Plan | Our Town Plans

These are the spindles I like… wire… photo below from a friend, Joe H. – thanks Joe!

Wire for spindles photo from Joe H
Tideland Haven House Plan | Our Town Plans

📝 If you have questions about this plan, you may contact Southern Living house plans – they’re so helpful! Or you can check out the Facebook Tideland Haven House Plan by Southern Living group (you’ll have to join, which is quick, easy and free) for those who are interested in building this plan, so you can see what others have done over the years!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via OurTownPlans.com, used with permission…

Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.


24 thoughts on “Tideland Haven House Plan (SL1375) by Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

  1. Barbara,
    This is so funny. I have this house plan, not the full blue print, sitting I’m a folder in my filing cabinet! I must have put it there a couple of years ago( not sure) but I just loved it !!!!


      1. If I were you, I would contact Historical Concepts… they have a great website as well as a contact page… Another thought is to create a Facebook page you may receive a lot of information from all kinds of people that way! I know that house was also built at Spring Island (Beaufort, SC), so you could try contacting Spring Island Real Estate and see if you can get in contact with those people (or perhaps get an address at least)… Hope this helps??



      2. We have contacted Historical Concepts and they had no information to share regarding Tideland Haven homes that have been built. The Facebook page idea is a good one though …


      3. Pam morrison

        I have studied thismplan since it first came out in southern living! I think it was first built in Hilton head SC , I’ve looked at hundreds of others but this is my dream house!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Barbara,
        I’d like to let Pam Morrison — and anyone else who comments here — that our Facebook group of Tideland Haven lovers is available to anyone who has questions. Search “Tideland Haven House Plan by Southern Living” and you’ll find us! It is a closed group, so it is necessary to ask to join. I try to respond to those requests within 24 hours. The group posts a lot of construction and final finish photos and folks are very happy to answer questions and invite people to tour their homes. We have well over 300 members in the group and continue to grow! Join us!
        Lyne Lassen


  2. Barbara, we are thinking of building an adaptation of the Tideland Haven up in Oriental , NC. Could you put me in touch with your friends who built it? Message me privately at my e-mail address below. Thanks!


    1. Marianne Witt

      Barbara,we are also thinking of building Tideland Haven in Newport NC,wondering if you could put me in touch with the other folks building the same,thanks for your help.


  3. Leslie Bauer

    Barbara, my husband and I love this home. We will be building in Northern Virginia, however; I wondering what the cost difference will be, I know you don’t know that, but from the pictured design on SL page, what things did you do different to keep the cost down and other hints you might have? we were thinking of a metal roof for example, Thanks Leslie Bauer, FB or


  4. Lisa Trom

    Did not know that this house is sooo popular, I too am building and would love this home on our Lakefront lot.. in Texas. Would love to hear about other ideas that people have on this design.


    1. One suggestion is to create a TIDELAND HAVEN HOUSEPLAN facebook page… that way other people who are searching for info can add their comments… just a thought?? Wow, lakefront lot in Tx… that would be fabulous!


    1. Thanks Lyne! Lyne, can you provide the link to the Tideland Haven Facebook, I couldn’t find it? Another blog I found (which is another option… start a blog TIDELAND HAVEN HOUSE PLAN QUESTIONS or something like that… where people comment, etc…


      1. Hey Lyne, am looking at the site… are people able to comment? I think I would add it to regular Facebook (just create another page) and not put it in a group, for some reason the search on fb doesn’t go to groups, so others aren’t going to be able to find this… lots of people search on Tideland Haven… I would name it TIDELAND HAVEN house plan by Southern Living or something that will get more hits… just a thought 😉


      2. Barbara, I added you to the group and also took your recommendation in changing the name. You should be able to post comments now that you are a “member”. Let’s see what happens! Thanks for your help!


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