The Loudon SL 2054 House Plan by Bridgewater Architectural Design for Southern Living!

The Loudon (SL 2054) by Bridgewater for Southern Living

I love everything about this house plan – the porch, roof, windows, the overall setting… it’s fabulous! Just wait until you see inside.. (and yes, there are photos!) #jawdrop This house plan has some fabulous space! #dreaming

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House Plan: Port Royal Coastal Cottage SL1414 – Southern Living!

Port Royal Coastal Cottage – SL1414 (All Images:

This is the Port Royal Coastal Cottage, a house plan from Southern Living. This is an exclusive design for Southern Living by Allison Ramsey Architects. They have the most amazing house plans I have ever seen, and this is no exception! They have a unique ability to make a new home look like something that could fit in an older well established neighborhood. Remember the detail that made homes in the “old days” so special? Well, Allison Ramsey Architects keeps that wonderful detail.

This house is 2510 square feet with 3 bedroom and 2.5 bathrooms. If this plan looks like something you can’t live without you’re in luck! The contact info as well as pricing for the plans is listed HERE.

SL1414- Downstairs
SL1414- Downstairs

Ok… my husband and I have been dreaming of building a small house. Now… after seeing this plan, I want this house plan, with a few modifications for us. This is an amazing layout.  A wonderful porch to start out with, then the open dining and living room area which is also open to the kitchen so that the cook feels like part of what’s going on! From there wander to the back of the house and the laundry room with a nice washtub for bathing Fido, a small powder room tucked underneath the stairs, which is a brilliant use of space! From there wander to the library and reading room, both with fireplaces and finally on to the master bedroom/bathroom/closet. Whoa… we could easily live in a one story. Oooh! Idea! Maybe leave off the second floor and build a cool garage with a guest room above it!

Do you see what I see? An outdoor shower? What a fabulous courtyard area. A nice small pool, terrace, fire pit, outdoor kitchen and a storage area. Pretty darn fabulous. Attached to the master bath is the outdoor shower. Pretty cool.

Changes I would make for us personally… a smaller bathroom… we don’t need two sinks or even a bathtub… Just for cost efficiency I would probably not install a fireplace in the reading room/library. I love the way it looks, but I can’t imagine we would use it much and it would take up valuable wall space for PAINTINGS! We love our art and can you imagine having even more wall space? Woohoo!

SL1414 up
SL1414 Upstairs

Nice upstairs plan, nice and simple but efficient. For us maybe a room for storage and one guest room. What about you? What are some changes you would make? Truly, I could happily take it just as it is… this is gorgeous!

Side view… bigger than it looks from the front!
Side view… bigger than it looks from the front!

Look at the side view. LOVE it in every single way!

You can find this plan on as well… it’s called the HOLIDAY HOUSE. They have photos that you can see of the interior of a house that has already been built. AMAZING!


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[ h o u s e p l a n ] New Vintage Lowcountry a Southern Living Plan…

New Vintage Lowcountry SL-1831 [Image: Southern Living House Plans]
New Vintage Lowcountry SL-1831
New Vintage Lowcountry (SL-1831) is a 2,735 square foot home with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 fireplaces… this is an exclusive design for Southern Living by Group 3 Design. This plan is larger than most that I feature… it’s not too big, and the space is well used. This home looks like it could be in a quaint village where it has lived happily for many years… it takes tact to design a home that is new that doesn’t look so new. This home has charm and character… Lets take a peek…

Main Floor
Main Floor

This is a nice open plan. I like the way that the kitchen looks into the great room, and I love the office near the kitchen (with a separate entrance!). When I’m cooking I run back and forth from the computer (with my recipe) to the kitchen and its handy that way!

I have to say I really would enjoy the nice screened porch off of the great room. Wow, what nice air flow in the nice weather months… open all those doors and let the fresh air in! It would be dreamy to have a fireplace on the screened porch… get all comfy in your chair with a good book, a roaring fire and a cup of hot chocolate… ahhhh, life is good!

Upper Level
Upper Level

The upstairs is nice, but for just the two of us, I would probably make the study a bathroom, and make the two bathrooms into storage… and then have one bedroom with the treadmill for bad weather workouts and the other bedroom for guests! Either that or pick a bathroom and work around it…

Nice plan, huh??

All images via website – check out their site for more info!


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House Plan Thursday: the Beach Bungalow plan…

Beach Bungalow SL-243  {image}
Beach Bungalow SL-243

The Beach Bungalow plan from Coastal Living… this is an exclusive design for Coastal Living by Dennis Wedlick. My husband, Fred, found this plan years ago while looking through Coastal Living magazine while we were renting a cottage in Port Clyde, Maine.  It’s a great small plan… I can’t tell you how small because that part of the site isn’t populated… hmmmm? Isn’t  this the perfect beachside plan for a quiet weekend getaway, or for some empty nesters?!


I saw this plan and the first thing I said… cute… but I don’t like spiral stairs… Fred’s idea was to remove the spiral staircase, enclose the porch to make a sunroom and have part of the stairs there as well as the area to the left of the fireplace. Another good thought… pocket doors for the bedroom, saves on space! What would you do??


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House Plan Thursday (on Wednesday this week)… Holly Grove by Southern Living…

HousePlan HollyGrove SL1581 sl

Holly Grove (SL-1581) by Southern Living House Plans – An Exclusive Design for Southern Living by John Tee, Architect

* Beep * Beep * Beep * I would like to announce that House Plan Thursday will be today instead of tomorrow due to the 4th of July holiday… Didn’t want you to miss out on this sweet little house plan! It boasts a nice front porch to sit, drink iced tea and catch up on a good book… Ahhh, the possibilities are endless! Here’s a description of it from the Southern Living House Plan website:

These days you need every square foot in your house to count, just like each dollar of your paycheck. Our Holly Grove plan offers a modest 1,269 square feet, and this design is as straightforward as it is charming. Based on a shotgun house (so named because you can see clear from the front door to the back), Holly Grove boasts a combined living, dining, and kitchen area that’s suited to today’s casual lifestyles Two bedrooms and baths round out the other half of the house.

For great looks and space-savvy rooms, Architect John Tee designed this plan to give you the biggest bang for your buck!

So, if you’re looking to downsize, or if you need a small getaway… this could be the plan for you!

I really like that there is a separate utility room, as well as a back porch. Wouldn’t it be great with bead board and lots of hooks for hanging coats, etc.? As well as a place for shoes? Perhaps a dog wash station?!

As you all know, I’m a fan of an open plan, this way if you’re cooking you can still be a part of whatever might be going on! Perfect that the sink looks out a window… I do a lot of dreaming while I’m washing dishes looking down the street from my kitchen window… Hey, don’t laugh… DREAMING. IS. FREE. ha…

HousePlan HollyGrove floorplan sl

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House Plan Thursday: Tidewater Cottage SL 998 (Southern Living)

houseplan tidewater sl998 image sl

Tidewater Cottage (SL-998) An Exclusive Design for Southern Living by LRK, Inc.

For today’s plan, I was searching for something a little edgier, with a more modern flare to it… and look what I found! The Tidewater Cottage (Southern Living Plan SL-998) is 1,710 square feet. It’s got that open plan that we love (and it’s not for everyone, but it fits our lifestyle quite well). It would be neat to build this house out in the country or on the water… I’m not picky, I would take either one! I LOVE all those windows… especially if you had spectacular trees as your view! Perhaps on the edge of a forest.

Here’s a blip about the Tidewater Cottage from the Southern Living House Plans:

Our Tidewater Retreat (SL-998) is a 1,710-square-foot escape that maximizes indoor/outdoor living. After a day at the beach, stow gear in the storage room and wash off sand in a bathroom located on the ground floor. On the main level, the kitchen flows into the dining room and living room and two bedrooms are quarters for friends and family. Walls of windows look out to the wrap-around porch, a perfect place to enjoy ocean breezes and sunsets over the water. Upstairs await the master bedroom and a bunk room. A third-floor loft offers a panoramic view.

The ground floor… great for living at the beach, a bathroom so you don’t have to track back through the house…  a shower to rinse off… Hmmm… not sure I would want to clean all that. Personally, maybe a toilet, tiny sink and make the rest storage…

Rinse off with the garden hose 😉

houseplan tidewater sl998 3rd

The first floor has everything you could possibly think of… two small bedrooms down are nice, in case one day it’s difficult to climb the stairs… hmmm… although you would still need an elevator to get you to the first floor I suppose. I’m not a big fan of caddied walls… I would see if that one wall could be straight…

HousePlan Tidewater SL998 down

The second floor… the Master Suite… matter-of-fact… I might even make the two bedroom downstairs into the master bedroom… I would put the toilet and sink where the bathtub is, and make a doorway to the bedroom, closing off the hallway door. I would put a little tiny powder room (toilet/sink) under the steps. I would let guests have the upstairs bedroom. The bunk room could either hold another bed, or be used for storage. Storage. Wow… that would be great!

HousePlan Tidewater sl998 up

WHAT A GREAT ARTIST’S STUDIO!! Buns of steel from going up and down three flights of stairs, an added bonus! Wow!!

House Plans Tidewater loft

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All images:

Island Cottage House Plan (SL 358) by Historical Concepts/Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

HousePlanTH IslandCottage SL358 sl

Island Cottage (SL358)House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living 

Unique, isn’t it? Like a home built long ago and added on to in the very best of ways. This is actually three different units – perfect for a family living together while maintaining a sense of privacy and having their own space. I can see something like this becoming more and more popular! You’re alone when you want your space and together when you don’t. #winwin

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House Plan Thursday: St. Simons Retreat SL-256 (Southern Living) – Fabulous house!

HousePlan StSimonRetreat SL256

St. Simons Retreat – An Exclusive Design for Southern Living by Ken Tate Architect

Of all the house plans we’ve looked at (and have tucked safely in a big bag in the closet), this is one of our favorites. It’s a nice coastal design, great near water or marsh… To me, it resembles those neat older beach cottages like we see on Sullivan’s Island… so very cool. So Charleston. What I especially love is the openness of this plan… I like that the master is downstairs and guests are upstairs, affording them their privacy.

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Tideland Haven House Plan (SL1375) by Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

Tideland Haven House Plan | Our Town Plans

Now, THIS is one of the most popular house plans on – This plan appeals to so many. It offers wonderful indoor space as well as outdoor (i.e. fireplace on side porch – what a dream!) – and if you have a good view this plan has a lot of wonderful windows so you can take advantage. A great design by Historical Concepts!

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Bermuda Bluff House Plan (SL254) by Allison Ramsey Architects for Southern Living!

Allison Ramsey
Allison Ramsey Architect

House Plan Thursday… and another great Southern Living house plan is unveiled! Wouldn’t this be a sweet cottage set on a bit of land on the water? This is the front view. I love porches, I think they make a house a home. They’re a nice gathering place where you can spend time enjoying the great outdoors. This plan has a screened and unscreened porch. So perfect, I would use both! 

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Featured Artist… Cassandra Gillens!

CassandraGillens AGoodDayToLetGo SGSfb

A Good Day To Let Go by Cassandra Gillens

{image via}

What wonderful style Cassandra Gillens has. She’s been featured in Southern Living magazine. Her paintings are in the 2013 HGTV Dream Home on Kiawah Island… she has made quite a name for herself! Fabulous southern style!

Let me say… thanks mom! For mentioning this artist… good work, keep it up! That’s right, I have help. Do you really think I can come up with all these fabulous artists on my own? Fred is a big help, and now with my moms help I can say “I have people”, ha ha…

Here’s a blip about Cassandra from her website:

Cassandra Gillens is a self-taught artist, residing in the Low Country of South Carolina, an area she cherishes. Born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts, her earliest memories are drawing with colored chalks on the sidewalks of Roxbury; Massachusetts. The memories remain a part of her when she began to paint images depicting her early childhood years in South Carolina. Upon her return, she was moved to paint her visions of the Low Country’s comforting southern culture.

Cassandra is closely connected with the people and culture in this beautiful and historic land; her paintings depict some of her fondest memories as a child, and also of good old southern living and images of various life styles found on the Sea Islands. Her paintings show that love with vivid saturated color and simplification of forms keeping her true to style of fauvism.

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Lemon-Dill Tilapia Recipe…


Ohhhh, a tasty fish-on-Friday treat! This recipe is quick and easy AND it’s delicious! You can use parchment paper or foil, I only had foil onhand so I used it and it worked great! This is a Southern Living magazine recipe, the recipe can be found at MY RECIPES if you would like to be able to print quick and easy, otherwise here it is! ENJOY!

Note… on one occasion this recipe seemed far too lemony, so I don’t use 2 lemons, but that’s up to you!

Lemon-Dill Tilapia

Note: Aluminum foil can be substituted for parchment paper.

YIELD: Makes 4 servings




4 (5-oz.) fresh tilapia fillets

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

2 lemons, sliced

1/4 cup shredded carrot

2 tablespoons fresh dill (I used dried dill to taste)

2 tablespoons fresh parsley

2 tablespoons butter


Preheat oven to 375°. Sprinkle fillets with salt and pepper.

Cut parchment paper (or foil) into 4 (13- x 9-inch) rectangles. Place 3 lemon slices crosswise in center of 1 parchment rectangle. Top with 1 fillet. Repeat with remaining lemon slices, fillets, and parchment paper rectangles. Sprinkle fillets evenly with carrot, dill, and parsley. Top each fillet with 1/2 Tbsp. butter. Fold 1 side of parchment paper over fillets; tuck excess parchment under fillets, pressing folds to form a crease.

Bake at 375° for 20 to 25 minutes or until fish flakes with a fork. Serve immediately.

Southern Living