[ h o u s e p l a n ] New Vintage Lowcountry a Southern Living Plan…

New Vintage Lowcountry SL-1831 [Image: Southern Living House Plans]
New Vintage Lowcountry SL-1831
New Vintage Lowcountry (SL-1831) is a 2,735 square foot home with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 fireplaces… this is an exclusive design for Southern Living by Group 3 Design. This plan is larger than most that I feature… it’s not too big, and the space is well used. This home looks like it could be in a quaint village where it has lived happily for many years… it takes tact to design a home that is new that doesn’t look so new. This home has charm and character… Lets take a peek…

Main Floor
Main Floor

This is a nice open plan. I like the way that the kitchen looks into the great room, and I love the office near the kitchen (with a separate entrance!). When I’m cooking I run back and forth from the computer (with my recipe) to the kitchen and its handy that way!

I have to say I really would enjoy the nice screened porch off of the great room. Wow, what nice air flow in the nice weather months… open all those doors and let the fresh air in! It would be dreamy to have a fireplace on the screened porch… get all comfy in your chair with a good book, a roaring fire and a cup of hot chocolate… ahhhh, life is good!

Upper Level
Upper Level

The upstairs is nice, but for just the two of us, I would probably make the study a bathroom, and make the two bathrooms into storage… and then have one bedroom with the treadmill for bad weather workouts and the other bedroom for guests! Either that or pick a bathroom and work around it…

Nice plan, huh??

All images via Houseplans.SouthernLiving.com website – check out their site for more info!


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