Featured Artist… Peter Fiore!

“Chosen” by Peter Fiore (Image: PeterFiore.com)

I love paintings depicting light… always have. The colors are so vibrant in this painting. Even though its cold out, you can feel the sun hit your back as you face the tree… nice and warm, (now if that warmth could reach down to your feet, right?)! This is a great moody piece. To me it looks as if the snow arrived early, while there is still a little color left in the trees. There are a few nuances that I think make this painting… the subtle thin reddish orange twigs/branches towards the bottom on the right as well as around the sun spot. It grabs my attention. Way to go Peter!

How wonderful to live in an area where you truly have seasons. I miss that. We have a brief bit of color in the trees, but nothing that makes you say oooooh/ahhhhh! However, our winter weather (usually) makes up for it in spades. I am thrilled that its finally cooling down, we made it through another summer! I firmly believe it’s a few of our snow scenes that help us get through… ha ha…

One more painting of Peter’s to share with you… entitled “Going Home” (Image: PeterFiore.com):

Note: Peter Fiore is part of an exhibit called TIMELESS EXPRESSIONS. The art of Peter Fiore, Dan Beck and Marc Hanson. Three FABULOUS artists! It’s at the RS Hanna Gallery, and is going on through October 31, 2012. If you are anywhere in the vicinity I would make a point to stop in to see their work. The RS Hanna Gallery is located in Fredericksburg, TX!

Here’s a blip about Peter from his website:

Peter Fiore is an american landscape painter who is best known for painting light and his striking use of color. His landscape paintings are widely collected and are in many corporate and private collections. He has won a number of awards, most recently first place for landscape in the Art Renewal Center’s Anuual Salon as well as receiving a Grand Prize in the America China Oil Painters Artist League (ACOPAL) competition. He has been featured in an assortment of publications including Fine Art Connoisseur as an “Artist to Watch” and has recently been name a “Living Master” by the Art Renewal Center.

Peter was born in Teaneck, NJ in 1955. He studied at Pratt Institute and the Art Students League of New York. Previously, he worked as a professional illustrator where he collaborated on thousands of projects. He has been on the faculty at Pratt Institute, Syracuse University and presently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Peter has given numerous guest lectures and workshops on painting. His work is represented in prestigious galleries across the country. Peter lives and works along the Delaware River in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Artist’s Statement
I am interested in making the simple profound, always searching for that universal moment in the world around us. I draw inspiration for my landscape paintings from many places, but most of it comes from the fields and meadows near my home in rural Pennsylvania along the Delaware River. I used to think that I had to travel far to find interesting motifs, but now I just walk out my door and it’s all there.

The abstract marks that I make are used to interpret nature’s tangle. Making visual sense and constructing order by structuring shape, form, tone, color and rhythm to create a palpable reality.

I like to visit a motif over and over again. I am especially drawn to the winter landscape. It is a time when the earth loses its leafy covering and reveals it’s true self. Covered in snow, the world reflects light and creates a spectrum of colors that are both dramatic and beautiful.

The true subject in any of my paintings is light and how it defines and endlessly changes the landscape around us. For me, light is more than a visual tool, it is an emotional subject. It is through the manipulation of light – how it falls, changes, sculpts, colors and creates various moods on a subject – that intrigues and inspires me.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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