[ f e a t u r e d a r t i s t ] J O H N B U R T O N !

Changing Tide by John Burton
Changing Tide by John Burton

John Burton’s work really catches your eye. It’s the way he captures the light. Most paintings seem to be the western part of the country, but look at this jewel that I ran across… I love it! I would guess this is Maine? But its purely a guess…

John has several pieces headed to the Mesa Verde Foundation… From John’s Facebook page… (Image and words):

Last spring a select group of artist were invited to paint the Mesa Verde National Park. We had incredible access to paint inside the Native American ruins. This October 22nd we will be exhibiting our paintings in Denver. Here is one of the peaceful early mornings I witnessed.
To see more go to…

John Burton painting from Mesa Verde National Park
John Burton painting from Mesa Verde National Park

Just look at that light! Isn’t it remarkable? Such nice texture and distance, you get a feel for how big this park really is! I encourage you to take a peek at John’s website… wonderful!

Read a blip about John from the Bonner David Gallery website:

John Burton is an American original.   After years of being an accomplished figure painter he changed gears mid career to focus on the incredible landscapes of the American west.  He has the ability to capture the essence of a landscape through the poetry of his brushwork.  Mr. Burton says, “It has been an incredible opportunity to hike out to the Pacific Coast or deep in the Sonoran Desert with a canvas and paints and walk out with art.”                

A Westerner at heart, art has always been in the soul of John Burton. Whether it’s a figurative work of Native Americans or a plein air oil of a desert or coastal landscape, John’s paintings are always filled with life, light, and color. Having lived his whole life in the West, John graduated from Arizona State University and continued his formal studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco to study oil painting. John commented, “It was my Utopia, surrounded by people who loved art and had the same high level of dedication.” Upon graduation he realized that it was just the beginning and that “art is a lifelong study.” John considers himself fortunate to have studied with such noted artists as Scott Burdick, Morgan Wiestling, and Kim English. An avid traveler, John has painted worldwide, having been highly influenced by such movements as the Russian Impressionists specifically artists Nicolai Fechin and Dean Cornwell. Today, John is an artist of note in Arizona, as to see the West captured through the eyes of John Burton is a true privilege.

The depth of feeling he inspires with his brushes has won him many accolades. Just recently he placed third in the national Oil Painters of America show in Taos, NM and and second in the National Oil and Acrylics Painters Society’s annual competition. His work has been juried into the Arts for the Parks Mini Fifty show, the Howard Mandville Gallery miniature show in Kirkland, Washington. In 2003 he was invited both into the Tucson Plein Air Show and the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters where he painted side by side with other artists who also had a quest for painting western landscapes.  

Artist’s Magazine sums up John’s passion for painting, “I can’t live without it. I paint all day long, even at night, and I just can’t imagine doing anything else.”   Collectors and art critics from across the nation appreciate his work, Art Talk calling it “must see” and The Arizona Republic named him one of the 5 artists to watch in 2004! His work has been exhibited at over a dozen galleries and museums throughout the nation.

A much sought after teacher as well, John has taught workshops in San Francisco, and multiple locations in Hawaii and the Valley of the Sun.

All images via  BurtonArtStudio.com and John Burton’s Facebook


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       Trillium Soaps located in Rockland, Maine!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   View from the Grand Hotel porch… Mackinac Island!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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