Island Cottage House Plan (SL 358) by Historical Concepts/Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

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Island Cottage (SL358)House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living 

Unique, isn’t it? Like a home built long ago and added on to in the very best of ways. This is actually three different units – perfect for a family living together while maintaining a sense of privacy and having their own space. I can see something like this becoming more and more popular! You’re alone when you want your space and together when you don’t. #winwin

This is the Island Cottage (SL358) house plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living. This plan is 2,578 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Click HERE to see fabulous images of interior and exterior.

Island Cottage (SL-358) would be a gorgeous house nestled amongst mature trees… Somewhere nice and shady, fairly quiet, and if at all possible, near water! As we all grow older and the family dynamics change, this type of house could really make those times much better! If you look at the plan, everyone has their own space, including a screened porch! I love it! Then you have the shared spaces like family room and kitchen. Can you imagine, outdoor fires, cookouts and shared meals? This gives the younger people an opportunity to help out the older people… it also allows the older people to assist with the kids… It’s a unique plan because everyone truly has their own space to sit and read and be away from the crowd… I am all over this concept! And it couldn’t be executed more beautifully!

HousePlans IslandCottage SL358 cl

The porches are amazing. Some are screened, like the big one off of the Family Room… wow, you could open your door and not let any bugs in by having that screened porch! The kitchen is fabulous, I think it’s a layout that works well. Yep, one of my favorites!!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via used with permission…

Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.


3 thoughts on “Island Cottage House Plan (SL 358) by Historical Concepts/Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

  1. tabbatha couch

    i agree on the kitchen and one more thing..i love this plan but what does the front of the house look like??? i’ve looked and looked and can’t find the front elevation. i’m pretty sure the picture would be considered the rear elevation. right?


    1. My husband knows this plan very well, it’s one that we’ve loved for a long time. He said this IS THE FRONT elevation. The entrance is via the screened porch off the Family Room (when looking at the plans)… He said that it’s built at Spring Island (near Beaufort). He also said many homes are second and rental homes… so that may be worth checking out… check with the real estate office there and see if this house is available to look at. Friends of ours said they were very nice about it. If I find any other info I will let you know… b


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