[house plan]: Bluffton SL-594… A Coastal Living Houseplan…

HP Bluffton sl-594 exterior cl
Bluffton SL-594 – A Coastal Living House Plan

I swear Coastal Living has some wonderful house plans on their website. This featured plan is called the BLUFFTON (SL-594) and it’s an exclusive design for Coastal LIving by Hall and Hull Architects, Inc. A beautiful plan that can be used in different ways, which is so nice these days! Proves that when you have a good plan you can fit a lot of living into a 1,435 square foot space!

Just look at all the wonderful porches! It’s nice to have  French doors in the family room… let the cool air in (well, as soon as we can open windows!)… One thought, it might be a good idea to screen the back porch, that way the French doors could be opened without mosquitoes getting in the house, as well as sit on the porch without being “bugged”, hee.

HP Bluffton SL-594 cl

It’s so nice when a house plan can be versatile, and this one is.  There is a lovely dining room off of the kitchen, and while many people enjoy a formal dining ensemble, some of us just don’t use it. So personally, I would put my desk, a few wing backs (ours aren’t formal, they’re slipcovered in white duck cloth), maybe a neat old table that we could use if we had people over for dinner, but otherwise would put books and a lamp on it. I would maybe even tuck one of those cool (and compact!) wood stoves made by Rais  (love this model!) in the family room for the cooler months. Heat and fire add such ambiance, and they take off the winter chill! Elegant, a bit modern and useful!

This plan is available for purchase through Coastal Living’s website. It’s a winner!

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O N E   Y E A R   A G O…  Featured Artist… Eric Zener!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… Live Long, Live Strong, Eat Seafood: The SLIPWAY RESTAURANT (formerly the Dip Net)!


House Plan Thursday: the Beach Bungalow plan…

Beach Bungalow SL-243  {image}
Beach Bungalow SL-243

The Beach Bungalow plan from Coastal Living… this is an exclusive design for Coastal Living by Dennis Wedlick. My husband, Fred, found this plan years ago while looking through Coastal Living magazine while we were renting a cottage in Port Clyde, Maine.  It’s a great small plan… I can’t tell you how small because that part of the site isn’t populated… hmmmm? Isn’t  this the perfect beachside plan for a quiet weekend getaway, or for some empty nesters?!


I saw this plan and the first thing I said… cute… but I don’t like spiral stairs… Fred’s idea was to remove the spiral staircase, enclose the porch to make a sunroom and have part of the stairs there as well as the area to the left of the fireplace. Another good thought… pocket doors for the bedroom, saves on space! What would you do??


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House Plan Thursday: Block Island Cottage – SL 1059

HP SL1059 BlockIslCott cl

Block Island Cottage by Coastal Living – SL 1059, 1820 square feet – Image: CoastalLivingHousePlans.com

An Exclusive Design for Coastal Living by Allison Ramsey Architects, Inc.

Yet another house plan that we’ve had on our radar… even if you don’t plan on building a house it sure is fun to look at plans and dream what you would do differently, how you would arrange things, etc.

Things to change… I would paint the lattice underneath the house the same color as the house so it blends in… and unless I had kids or small dogs to contain on the porch I would go without spindles or use wire… I like that look, and that little window upstairs… I would have it open out. I LOVE THAT! The house has a nice porch (a requirement!) and is more than plenty big enough for us with just the downstairs…

HP SL1059 BlockIslandCottage down cl

This is a sweet plan that allows the master bedroom to be off on a wing by itself, which is nice for guests. I also like the laundry room nearby… right now it’s in our bathroom which is very convenient, but ahhh, the dust! I cannot complain… it could not be more convenient! Fred and I both really like the more open plans. It’s probably because we have a home with rooms… and the grass is always greener so to speak…

HP sl1059 BlockIslCott up cl

The upstairs is a simple loft design with the rest of the room open to the living space below… might be good for painting, or the treadmill… storage of Christmas decorations, etc. Whew, i’m glad I don’t have to be making a decision any time soon! What would you do?

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Island Cottage House Plan (SL 358) by Historical Concepts/Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

HousePlanTH IslandCottage SL358 sl

Island Cottage (SL358)House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living 

Unique, isn’t it? Like a home built long ago and added on to in the very best of ways. This is actually three different units – perfect for a family living together while maintaining a sense of privacy and having their own space. I can see something like this becoming more and more popular! You’re alone when you want your space and together when you don’t. #winwin

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Introducing House Plan Thursday! Cottage of the Year (SL 593) by Moser Design Group for Southern Living!

Cottage of the Year (SL593) | Moser Design Group

House Plans. Fred and I have looked at house plans since we first met. Matter-of-fact one of our first dates was a home tour… we’ve always loved design, furniture, and great homes… Fred has safely tucked away so many wonderful house plans that it boggles the mind. Our affinity for house plans is the reason I’ve decided to make a weekly post dedicated to house plans… I might as well pass along the oh-so-great-ones to you, right?

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The Oregon coast… riveting!

Image: CoastalLiving.com

Since many of you are on vacation this weekend, I decided to share with you some of the wonderful images that I received in a newsletter from Coastal Living  (sign up you guys… great stuff!). They send out an image a day with an inspirational message… these are beautiful… and meaningful…


“The Moon is distant from the Sea—And yet, with Amber Hands—She leads Him—docile as a Boy—Along appointed Sands…”

–Emily Dickenson

Photo: Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. Cotton Coulson – National Geographic Stock

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Alaska’s coast… in a kayak?

Image: CoastLiving.com

Isn’t this the most beautiful picture? I love this! How serene. I got this image from Coastal Living. They sent out an email with a view of the day, along with an inspirational message. Great idea. Check out their website at http://coastalliving.com – GREAT magazine!

Now for the message that came along with the photo:
“I would not exchange my leisure hours for all the wealth in the world”
-Conte de Mirabeau
LOVE IT! Isn’t that the truth? You only have one life, ya gotta live it… Be inspired by this message, sometimes we all need something to give us a boost, let THIS be it! Money is nice, but… your time and the way you spend it is priceless…
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