House Plan Thursday: Block Island Cottage – SL 1059

HP SL1059 BlockIslCott cl

Block Island Cottage by Coastal Living – SL 1059, 1820 square feet – Image:

An Exclusive Design for Coastal Living by Allison Ramsey Architects, Inc.

Yet another house plan that we’ve had on our radar… even if you don’t plan on building a house it sure is fun to look at plans and dream what you would do differently, how you would arrange things, etc.

Things to change… I would paint the lattice underneath the house the same color as the house so it blends in… and unless I had kids or small dogs to contain on the porch I would go without spindles or use wire… I like that look, and that little window upstairs… I would have it open out. I LOVE THAT! The house has a nice porch (a requirement!) and is more than plenty big enough for us with just the downstairs…

HP SL1059 BlockIslandCottage down cl

This is a sweet plan that allows the master bedroom to be off on a wing by itself, which is nice for guests. I also like the laundry room nearby… right now it’s in our bathroom which is very convenient, but ahhh, the dust! I cannot complain… it could not be more convenient! Fred and I both really like the more open plans. It’s probably because we have a home with rooms… and the grass is always greener so to speak…

HP sl1059 BlockIslCott up cl

The upstairs is a simple loft design with the rest of the room open to the living space below… might be good for painting, or the treadmill… storage of Christmas decorations, etc. Whew, i’m glad I don’t have to be making a decision any time soon! What would you do?

Catch you back here tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “House Plan Thursday: Block Island Cottage – SL 1059

  1. Great house!!! I agree completely about the changes you mentioned. It’s crazy but my house is in a magazine this month. It’s a total mutt. I love architecture and looking at home plans so I love these posts.Somewhere i have boxes full including my own drawings. For a real kick, look up Haiku houses! Thanks Barbara!


  2. I always smile at the term “cottage” because my concept of cottage is far smaller and more rustic; perhaps that’s because of the cottages I knew as a youngster. This plan is for a HOUSE, not my mind’s eye of a cottage. Very lovely and would love to own this “cottage” on Sullivan’s Island!


    1. Yes Kate… this would be nice on Sullivans Island… I see it as a cottage (cottage style), which I think of as a house (not large or formal) that would fit in near water/beach, etc. The simple building materials aren’t fussy. In my mind, the house plans that I feature, are selected for use as our main house and not a second home… (in my dreams that is, hee hee… and see, even in my dreams I don’t pick a large house)… Have a good day!


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