Houseplan: The Spartina Cottage by Allison Ramsey Architects!

Spartina Cottage designed by Allison Ramsey Architects (C0511)
Spartina Cottage designed by Allison Ramsey Architects (C0511)

Well, it’s officially summer in the South and it’s hot, hot, hot… It would be nice to have a break from the sun (something you would never hear me say in January/February). The porches on this house would really help keep that stifling heat at bay, at least keep the sun from shining directly in the windows! The Spartina Cottage is a great plan by Allison Ramsey Architects. It measures about 1,663 square feet of living space with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A great house for two people or a small family!

Let’s look further…

Spartina Cottage designed by Allison Ramsey Architects
Spartina Cottage designed by Allison Ramsey Architects (C0511)

Great porches on both the back and the front of the house = FABULOUS! Bedrooms on the left, living space on the right, and bathrooms in the center, which comes in handy for a tornado watch! I would probably make “Bedroom Two” a study, a place to read and relax… It’s a great smaller plan, which I happen to like. When Fred retires we don’t want big…

What are your thoughts on this plan?  What kind of plan are you on the lookout for? I’m happy to help you look! Big, small, cottage, modern, traditional, under 2,000, over 3,000 square feet?? Let me know!

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House Plan: Shadowlawn – 3 Bedroom

Shadowlawn - House plan by Allison Ramsey Architects
Shadowlawn (C0053) – House plan by Allison Ramsey Architects

Quite the classy design, isn’t it? You come to expect nothing but from Allison Ramsey Architects. The Shadowlawn plan (C0053) is 3,356 square feet and has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I love how these homes look like they could have been built many moons ago- such fabulous porches. A place you want to spend time, even before you see the inside! A wonderful design is key to a home that you will love for a lifetime. This home not only has a wonderful front porch, but great screened porches in the back. Lets have a look…

Shadowlawn Main Floor
Shadowlawn Main Floor

I like how the left side of the house is reserved for the Master Bathroom, Bedroom and Closet. This home has a wide foyer that looks straight through the Great Room to the Porch. Speaking of the porches, the screened porches allow you to keep the french doors open when its nice outside. What a nice size kitchen, hmmm! This is a grand house plan!

Shadowlawn House Plan - Second Floor
Shadowlawn House Plan – Second Floor

The upstairs offers plenty of room and privacy with the separate bathrooms, which is nice. For our purposes, I think I would have a storage room instead of two bathrooms… but this gives you great options!

See images from Allison Ramsay Architects website HERE.

This plan is available through Allison Ramsey Architects or through Southern Living Home Plans!

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House Plan: Rutherford’s Roost – Southern Living/Allison Ramsey Architects

Rutherford's Roost SL-297
Rutherford’s Roost SL-297

A pretty cool house for a coastal area, don’t you agree? This plan is on a raised foundation, which you need in this area. Note the french doors that lead to both the living and dining rooms. This is the perfect house for those of you looking for something on the smaller side. This house is approximately 1420 square feet of heated living space. I think it would look nice with wood chip shingles on the exterior and a metal roof… or all white horizontal wood with a metal roof… striking either way. You can search the website HOUZZ.COM for interior shots of some of examples of this plan that were built. I think this house plan would look equally as good on a crawl space if an raised foundation wasn’t necessary! This is Southern Living Plan SL-297/Allison Ramsey Plan C0059

I think I would consider screening the entire porch instead of just the side… only because then the french doors could be opened in the living/dining areas to let fresh air in minus the irritating mosquitoes that hunt me down everywhere I go!

Rutherford's Roost SL-297
Rutherford’s Roost SL-297

I’m not the best at interpreting house plans. From the looks of this it seems that your view into the living room is somewhat obstructed. I would give up the washer and dryer being in that location in order to extend the kitchen a wee bit providing me a clear site line to the living room… I would move the washer and dryer to the master bathroom. We don’t need a tub, so it would easily fit… I would also be willing to give up a sink. It’s mighty handy having our washer and dryer in our master bathroom.

For many of the interior doors I think some nice pocket doors or, BARN DOORS, if they would work. I love barn doors in a house! The kind that slide back and forth! This plan packs a lot of punch into not a lot of square feet. Efficient as always, Allison Ramsey Architects have done it again!

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House Plan: Red Bluff by Allison Ramsey Architects

Allison Ramsey Architects
Red Bluff house plan by Allison Ramsey Architects

I know I should probably have more variety from different architects. Problem is I’m stuck on Allison Ramsey Architects! I think their plans are fabulous, detailed, classy and have more of what I’m looking for. I have literally spent hours scouring other sites trying to find something that would be suitable. Ugh… so many that look the same, kind of cookie cutter type and I zip through them… Once in a great while I will find a plan I like, but then it’s hard to share because it can be difficult to get permission to use their photos and house plans, and some really make you jump through hoops. I did that a few times. However, since this is a non-paying job, (ha ha), I need to move on and work with those who will work with me. Allison Ramsey is a great outfit. If I were hiring an architect today, they would be my hands down, number one choice. They are accessible. They answer questions and… THEY. ARE. GOOD. So here goes another great plan from ARA!

Red Bluff is a great plan with 1,590 square feet. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. You’ll find it in the CAROLINA INSPIRATIONS – BOOK 1 on their website!

Allison Ramsey Architects
Red Bluff house plan by Allison Ramsey Architects

I like how there are French doors leading to the (screened) porch off the living area! That way you can open the French doors up and be bug free. If I were to build this plan I would screen the deck area off the bedroom as well so that I could open those French doors, or opt to replace those doors with a window and leave the deck. Either way it would work beautifully!

Whew, another great plan found… thank you ARA!

To see actual images of homes that were built, click HERE. (I love that they do this!)

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House Plan: The River House – Allison Ramsey Architects

Alison Ramsey Architect - The River House
Allison Ramsey Architect – The River House

The last house plan I featured was an  overwhelming hit (the Holiday House/Port Royal  Coastal Cottage) – I am looking at plans like crazy, but I keep going back to Allison Ramsey! THE RIVER HOUSE – This is a fabulous one bedroom house that has got the neatest features. I would pair this house with one of the Allison Ramsey outbuildings… part garage and part guest suite. These outbuildings are a post all in themselves, but I just thought I would mention it… Imagine this sweet plan on situated on a river. You have a wonderful porch, useful living space that is as gorgeous as it is functional, then you have the master bedroom/bath upstairs.

Alison Ramsey Architects - River House
Allison Ramsey Architects – River House

One magical element… the BUNK… when you look at the link with the photos you’ll see how utterly cool this is. What a magical place to hang out and read… whoa!

The River House - Upstairs
The River House – Upstairs

I would have a built in headboard that doesn’t go above the windows, maybe with a drawer or two underneath for storage. I would love to have the washing machine/dryer where the bathtub is (upstairs) and maybe fit a small bathroom with shower downstairs (maybe where the laundry is), just in case one day you aren’t able to go up the stairs, you can still take a shower! I love having a master down, but this plan could make me change my mind!

Click to see images of a real “River House” by Allison Ramsey Architects (these images help so much to envision what this space could look like!)

Hey… does this house look familiar? Yep, it’s the River House on the cover of Garden and Gun magazine (image via Garden and Gun Facebook page) – and let me tell you, this is one classy magazine… click here to subscribe!

Garden and Gun Facebook
Image via Garden and Gun Facebook

Are you currently building a house? Have you run across some wonderful house plans (that actually include the plans)? Let me know about it!


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House Plan: Port Royal Coastal Cottage SL1414 – Southern Living!

Port Royal Coastal Cottage – SL1414 (All Images:

This is the Port Royal Coastal Cottage, a house plan from Southern Living. This is an exclusive design for Southern Living by Allison Ramsey Architects. They have the most amazing house plans I have ever seen, and this is no exception! They have a unique ability to make a new home look like something that could fit in an older well established neighborhood. Remember the detail that made homes in the “old days” so special? Well, Allison Ramsey Architects keeps that wonderful detail.

This house is 2510 square feet with 3 bedroom and 2.5 bathrooms. If this plan looks like something you can’t live without you’re in luck! The contact info as well as pricing for the plans is listed HERE.

SL1414- Downstairs
SL1414- Downstairs

Ok… my husband and I have been dreaming of building a small house. Now… after seeing this plan, I want this house plan, with a few modifications for us. This is an amazing layout.  A wonderful porch to start out with, then the open dining and living room area which is also open to the kitchen so that the cook feels like part of what’s going on! From there wander to the back of the house and the laundry room with a nice washtub for bathing Fido, a small powder room tucked underneath the stairs, which is a brilliant use of space! From there wander to the library and reading room, both with fireplaces and finally on to the master bedroom/bathroom/closet. Whoa… we could easily live in a one story. Oooh! Idea! Maybe leave off the second floor and build a cool garage with a guest room above it!

Do you see what I see? An outdoor shower? What a fabulous courtyard area. A nice small pool, terrace, fire pit, outdoor kitchen and a storage area. Pretty darn fabulous. Attached to the master bath is the outdoor shower. Pretty cool.

Changes I would make for us personally… a smaller bathroom… we don’t need two sinks or even a bathtub… Just for cost efficiency I would probably not install a fireplace in the reading room/library. I love the way it looks, but I can’t imagine we would use it much and it would take up valuable wall space for PAINTINGS! We love our art and can you imagine having even more wall space? Woohoo!

SL1414 up
SL1414 Upstairs

Nice upstairs plan, nice and simple but efficient. For us maybe a room for storage and one guest room. What about you? What are some changes you would make? Truly, I could happily take it just as it is… this is gorgeous!

Side view… bigger than it looks from the front!
Side view… bigger than it looks from the front!

Look at the side view. LOVE it in every single way!

You can find this plan on as well… it’s called the HOLIDAY HOUSE. They have photos that you can see of the interior of a house that has already been built. AMAZING!


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House Plan: INLET RETREAT by Allison Ramsey Architects!

INLET RETREAT houseplan by Allison Ramsey Architects
INLET RETREAT – House plan by Allison Ramsey Architects

Allison Ramsey Architects always has fabulous house plans to choose from. They have homes of all shapes and sizes with all sorts of layouts, if you’re in the market to build a new house I would not hesitate contacting these people. They truly know what they’re doing. This is the INLET RETREAT plan (C0037). This house is 2210 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It has been built with all kinds of different looks on the outside. From the cottage look to a mountain cabin look, each is unique and inspiring!

INLET RETREAT  - House plan by Allison Ramsey Architects
INLET RETREAT – House plan by Allison Ramsey Architects

This is a nice open plan with a master bedroom downstairs, as well as a guest bedroom/bathroom. I like the living room in the back of the house, it seems more private that way. Personally I would make the den an office/reading room. Matter-of-fact, since we don’t have guests that often, I think I might make the den the guest room and make the front bedroom and office/reading room. I would make it nice and cozy… Oh, yeah, that sounds delightful! I could work on my blog, then curl up with a good book as light streams in through the window…  This is what you call gracious living…

INLET RETREAT house plan by Allison Ramsey Architects
INLET RETREAT – House plan by Allison Ramsey Architects

The upstairs is the third bedroom/bathroom as well as loft space. I might even make this loft space and storage (stick the dreadmill, oh, I mean treadmill up there… where you can’t see it). Maybe build some nice storage space around the perimeter where there aren’t windows. Storage space is always a good thing!

See images of actual INLET RETREAT homes that were built, it really helps you get an idea of what it will look like, and see how differently the house can look depending upon your personal style!

Contact the architects at or 843.986.0559 to verify square footage, house dimensions and additional information or to purchase a set of plans. Their house plans show how their attention to detail time after time makes them a great architect to choose!

All images via


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[ h o u s e p l a n ]: Bay Point Cottage – Allison Ramsey Architects

HP- Allison Ramsey Bay Point Cottage 2 ara

I would like to start by saying that Allison Ramsey Architects are brilliant. Their website is over the top fabulous for those of you thinking of building a home one day. They provide so much information, photos, links… You MUST check out their site… amazing is all I can say! –  I would also like to thank them for use of their images… This house was built in Beaufort, SC and images of the interior are on their site at Wow, does it help to see actual images of the inside of this house. Not everyone is good at picturing the floor plan in their mind.

The windows upstairs make this the most charming house ever! I love how they open out, just like the old cottages that you see that are in pristine condition. It isn’t easy to tell if this house is old or new. It has wonderful detail and charm, something missing in a lot of today’s house plans. The Bay Point Cottage is a clear winner! It boasts a heavenly porch, screened porch, Master bedroom downstairs, and an open plan in terms of the kitchen, great room and eating area. I’m not at all concerned about having a formal dining room. It’s not a priority to me… we would rarely use it. We can always repurpose a room when the need arises instead of being saddled with an unused dining room all year long (if it’s not your thing).

Bay Point Cottage Allison Ramsey ara

This floor plan is roughly 2300 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It is in Allison Ramsey’s “Carolina Inspiration Book I” Page 35 (C0058).

Contact the architects at or 843.986.0559 to verify square footage, house dimensions and additional information or to purchase a set of plans. Their house plans show how their attention to detail time after time makes them a great architect to choose!

AllisonRamsey BayPoint Upstairs ara


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House Plan Thursday: Whisper Creek – a perfect mountain getaway!

HP SL1653 exterior

Whisper Creek – Southern Living House Plan SL-1653Allison Ramsey Architects 

Can you imagine this fabulous mountain getaway?  Can you imagine how much time would be spent on these wonderful porches overlooking the mountains/woods/stream… what a place to have as a retreat or better yet to live in all year? This is a modest size home at 1,555 sq feet. This home has 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Which makes it perfect for a small family or a retired couple. As I’ve said before I’m a fan of the open floor plan concept… and this is a great efficient plan…

House Plan Whisper Creek SL1653 sl

One week it’s the ocean, the next week it’s the mountains… that’s what is so fun about perusing house plans… you can picture it anywhere you’d like to be! Catch you back here tomorrow!

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House Plan Thursday: Block Island Cottage – SL 1059

HP SL1059 BlockIslCott cl

Block Island Cottage by Coastal Living – SL 1059, 1820 square feet – Image:

An Exclusive Design for Coastal Living by Allison Ramsey Architects, Inc.

Yet another house plan that we’ve had on our radar… even if you don’t plan on building a house it sure is fun to look at plans and dream what you would do differently, how you would arrange things, etc.

Things to change… I would paint the lattice underneath the house the same color as the house so it blends in… and unless I had kids or small dogs to contain on the porch I would go without spindles or use wire… I like that look, and that little window upstairs… I would have it open out. I LOVE THAT! The house has a nice porch (a requirement!) and is more than plenty big enough for us with just the downstairs…

HP SL1059 BlockIslandCottage down cl

This is a sweet plan that allows the master bedroom to be off on a wing by itself, which is nice for guests. I also like the laundry room nearby… right now it’s in our bathroom which is very convenient, but ahhh, the dust! I cannot complain… it could not be more convenient! Fred and I both really like the more open plans. It’s probably because we have a home with rooms… and the grass is always greener so to speak…

HP sl1059 BlockIslCott up cl

The upstairs is a simple loft design with the rest of the room open to the living space below… might be good for painting, or the treadmill… storage of Christmas decorations, etc. Whew, i’m glad I don’t have to be making a decision any time soon! What would you do?

Catch you back here tomorrow!