Featured Artist… Aaron Schuerr!

AaronSchuerr TheRoadToNowhere BetsyWartzFineArt

The Road To Nowhere by Aaron Schuerr

Image: BetsySwartzFineArt.com

I feel as if I’m on this road, walking up this winding hill… I have my lunch in a backpack and a nice cold water, oh and maybe a Baby Ruth, you know, for safety’s sake… *ugh* let me get back on track here… I guess what I’m trying to say is… I feel as if I’m in this painting…          

I. AM. THERE.  It’s too cool when an artist can make you FEEL something… and this artist definitely makes me feel as if I am there…

The earth is amazing, the colors in the road… fabulous, the beautiful green, the mountains in the distance and THOSE TREES… those nice wild trees… makes this one spectacular painting. This painting is by Aaron Schuerr. Here’s a blip about Aaron from the Betsy Swartz Fine Art Gallery in Bozeman, Montana:

Aaron Schuerr began his art studies at the Art Institute of Chicago and then moved on to art college in Scotland. It was here, somewhat accidentally, that he was introduced to plein aire painting while out painting on the beach with a friend. As he describes “I packed up all my postmodern cleverness and became a landscape painter.” After graduation, he returned to Montana where he married his Rocky Mountain sweetheart. “In many ways, the school of nature was my best training”, says Aaron. These days he can be found loading up his field kit and heading to the Paradise Valley to paint. Working in both oil and pastel, he brings a quiet intimacy and sensitive rendering of light to the varied landscapes of the Rocky Mountain West. “I’m not just trying to paint a pretty picture; I’m trying to tell you what it was like to be there.”  Aaron’s paintings can be found in private collections in America and Scotland. He is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, a founding member of the Montana Painters Alliance, and a dedicated plein-air painter.

Check out Aaron’s website for more paintings! Also check out his blog, he’s got a sense of humor and his blog is a good read!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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