The simple way to organize and clean a closet!



Let me start by saying YOU AREN’T SEEING THINGS… I made a theme change to my blog… it’s about 4:40PM, so if you visited earlier YEP it looked much different! Cleaning things up and giving them a fresher appearance, let me know if you like it… or if you don’t!

It’s almost always time to clean out your closet. If you do it on a regular basis it’ll never get out of control… BUT you have to start somewhere, right? Make today the day you start getting your life in order. Start with one closet at a time and you will feel so good! The steps couldn’t be easier… It’s easiest to go through everything and put it in one of four piles… Note: I’ve written this to apply to cleaning a closet, but same goes for art supplies, a garage, kitchen cabinets, etc.

C L E A N  Y O U R  C L O S E T – C L E A R  Y O U R  M I N D ! Don’t laugh, it’s true!


These are the clothes/shoes/etc. you KNOW that you wear on a regular basis. The items that you can’t live without.


These are the clothes that have seen better days. You know the ones, the holy shirts, and I don’t mean the ones you wear to church on Sunday…  these are the shoes that are worn slap out.


This is where you can do so much good with items that you may want to hang on to. It gives you motivation to let go of “stuff”. There are so many places that accept donations, the Kidney Foundation, Good Will, local homeless shelters, etc.


Whether it be a yard sale or a consignment shop there are some items that will make you some money. That never hurts, does it? What doesn’t sell can later be donated.

If you have a some things that you don’t really want to keep, but don’t want to toss, donate or sell, pack them in a box. If you don’t pull them out of the box after a year (or two!), its time for them to move on…

It’s nice to have boxes to put items to Donate, Sell and Toss. spring-closet-cleaning-14-great-ideas-04-sl


Before you hang everything back in your closet go ahead and give it a good cleaning. Wipe down the shelves and walls. Wash (or vacuum) the floor. It’s not easy to do this when there are clothes hanging in the way, so now is your chance.

Hang your “Keep” clothes back in the closet. One idea is to hang the hanger backwards. After you wear the item hang it the way your normally do. After a period of time, you’ll see the items that you’ve worn (hung the regular way) and the items you haven’t touched (hangers hung backwards), so the next time you clean out your closet you won’t have to wonder if you wore it or not. It should be easier to get rid of!

They say the best time to clean a closet is in the morning. It’s when you’ll make the best decisions. Remember we all have stuff, some is sentimental and we don’t want to get rid of… but sometimes stuff is just stuff and it overtakes our lives. You will feel a sense of calm when you walk into your closet (or open your dresser drawers, etc.) when its not overflowing with STUFF. When you look and what you see are possibilities and none of the items that you know every time that you look at them, that you’ll never wear.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “The simple way to organize and clean a closet!

  1. Denise Carmical

    Hello Barbara,

    Thank you for creating this article. I have no excuse to start tomorrow morning! Please keep the articles coming. Have a great weekend!

    Sincerely, Denise


    1. Sheila

      Now I am really excited! My favorite thing to do when I am stressed out, upset or bored…tackle a closet or cupboard or desk draw….oh, so many messy things….today I went thru kitchen cupboard and pantry and put a bag of food stuff to take uptown to the food bank at an old church…I found a box of cheer bites my husband does not need, a box of whole wheat hot cereal….now I just want trader joes oatmeal. Soups crackers pops I already forgot. Do more on this subject….I love this format….it is easier to figure out how to reply…LC mat


      1. What the heck are cheer bites I wonder? Ha ha… We also get cards in the mail when the Kidney Foundation will be coming through the neighborhood, just pack up the bags and set them outside as they instruct and *POOF* they’re gone! We try to take them to anyone who will need them (a great January 1 event downtown Charleston, you drop off clothes and food for the homeless and for vets who are having a bad time… then they can “shop” through the clothes and food and take what they like… this year I saw a LL Bean sleeping bag in the closet, we’ve had it for years, never used it, can’t imagine using it, so took that and it was like giving them gold. Wow…. what a great feeling!
        Glad you like the format 😉


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