Featured Artist… Erik Weisenburger!

ErikWeisenburger ThePursuit MEMagFB

“Night Pursuits” by Erik Weisenburger


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Maine Magazine is a fabulous magazine full of all kinds of great art and design in Maine. This painting by Erik Weisenburger is so cool and different. I love that big moon peeking through the trees. Erik’s art is very different and so interesting, check it out if you get a chance! This painting reminds me of being a kid, maybe at camp, walking through the woods with night approaching, the spooky story telling coming soon, maybe a bonfire and some marshmallows… great painting!

Here’s a blip from Erik’s website:

My current work is a continuation of my exploration into patterns and community, drama and subtlety while creating an image that will mingle with personal memories, including the anthropomorphization of the natural world I encountered as a youth.  I have had a long interest in natural patterns, their mathematical balance, mysteries, and symbolic histories.  Memorializing the small dramas and peripheral images from my surroundings and interests has been a long running theme in my work.  

 A series of memorial gardens that pay homage to mentors and influencers to my education as an artist, and paintings based on the history and inhabitants of Graceland Cemetery in Chicago served as a precursor to the images I am creating as a relative newcomer to Maine.  Here, landscape dominates my visions: the movement of the ocean, wind, and visiting animals,  while my interest in the history of painting and illustration often becomes it’s own source for re-interpreting these observations and events. 

 I work in a painting tradition used by the Dutch still life artists.  Its luminous qualities and history-rich process best allows me to explore and interpret the mingling of memories, monuments, permanence and impermanence.  

 I am fascinated by our society’s intense efforts to keep death and change at bay.  For those that do consider death and impermanence, there is an instinct to keep a foot in the mortal world through monumental and sentimental remembrance–attempts at permanent connection with others.  It is my hope that viewers will find a personal meaning in the work, a moment of calm or a stirring of memory.

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