House Plan Thursday: the Beach Bungalow plan…

Beach Bungalow SL-243  {image}
Beach Bungalow SL-243

The Beach Bungalow plan from Coastal Living… this is an exclusive design for Coastal Living by Dennis Wedlick. My husband, Fred, found this plan years ago while looking through Coastal Living magazine while we were renting a cottage in Port Clyde, Maine.  It’s a great small plan… I can’t tell you how small because that part of the site isn’t populated… hmmmm? Isn’t  this the perfect beachside plan for a quiet weekend getaway, or for some empty nesters?!


I saw this plan and the first thing I said… cute… but I don’t like spiral stairs… Fred’s idea was to remove the spiral staircase, enclose the porch to make a sunroom and have part of the stairs there as well as the area to the left of the fireplace. Another good thought… pocket doors for the bedroom, saves on space! What would you do??


Catch you back here tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “House Plan Thursday: the Beach Bungalow plan…

  1. Wow , cute but teeny. Totally agree about the spiral stairs. I think I would probably enclose the porch and make it part if the living room. Move the fireplace. Then I would extend the deck and porch . This side is not shown in the elevation. I am also wondering about how useful the top terrace is. If you changed the roof lines ( not much) you could bump out the loft. It could serve as an office/ studio and guest area. So now I have spent a lot more money which is all too easy!!!


  2. Frank Beckstein

    We built this cottage on Cape Cod; a few minor changes; but it works great. We installed hydronic heating, all tile floors on the 1st floor, and hardwood floors in the loft. The loft terrace is GREAT – our favorite spot for star gazing.

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    1. I love to hear when someone builds one of these plans. Very cool to get your thoughts! This must be stunning on Cape Cod! I’ve never heard of hydronic heat but I’m going to check it out! Thanks so much for your comment!!


      1. Frank Beckstein


        Ten years have passed since we built this cottage; and now we are thinking about retirement, and want to add a “satellite” master suite. Tried contacting the architect – no response. Given your contacts, any architect you would recommend for the project? Many thanks.


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