Featured Artist… Tim Kelly!

"The Red Hen" by Tim Kelly  [image]
“The Red Hen” by Tim Kelly
The Red Hen is Plein Air Easton’s headquarters – what a neat painting! He captured it quite perfectly!

"Rest For the Weary" by Tim Kelly [image]
“Rest for the Weary” by Tim Kelly
Tim painted this in his car while it was pouring rain, is that dedication or what? I love the light in the trees behind the truck… awesome!

Read about “Rest for the Weary” from OutdoorPainter.com:

The Grand Prize Winner at the Easels event in Frederick, Maryland, at the end of June was painted in inclement weather — but the artist stayed dry. “It was a rainy day in downtown Frederick at the intersection of East and 3rd Street that paid off,” the winning artist, Russell Jewell, wrote in his blog. “I painted the scene from the front seat of my car as the rain poured down.”

Here’s a blip about Tim from his website (a good one), click HERE to read in its entirety:

 In recent years I’ve taken to direct painting. This work can be seen on the FIELD STUDIES page. All of the work you’ll see here was painted on site and completed in a single session. Also in this page are interior studies. The medium is oil, usually on a masonite panel. The dimensions range from 6″ to 28″, average size is 16″ x 12″. Each painting takes 1 to 3 hours to complete. This type of painting can be a challenge for an artist. Gotta be quick, gotta get it right.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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