Island Cottage House Plan (SL 358) by Historical Concepts/Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

HousePlanTH IslandCottage SL358 sl

Island Cottage (SL358)House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living 

Unique, isn’t it? Like a home built long ago and added on to in the very best of ways. This is actually three different units – perfect for a family living together while maintaining a sense of privacy and having their own space. I can see something like this becoming more and more popular! You’re alone when you want your space and together when you don’t. #winwin

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House Plan Thursday: Moser Design Plan TNH-B-11B…

HousePlan MoserTNH-B-11B side mdfb

An image of Moser Design plan TNH-B-11B via Moser Design Facebook

Welcome to House Plan Thursday! Today’s plan is a small house, 1,286 square feet. Compact but efficient, which is the most important element when choosing a small house plan. This plan gives you options for flexible space, which is important! Above is the TNH-B-11B plan from a side view. SWEET, isn’t it? I love the front porch. You can sit out and drink your iced tea, chat with the neighbors, or you can sit quietly in the screened porch area with a good book! This way you have the best of both worlds!


Click HERE for the pdf of the house plan – sweet! Nothing like dreaming about a house you might build one day… this house has impressive 10′ ceilings. So even though the overall heated space is 1,286 it’s a classy design. There are a few changes I would make for us (as I would with any house plan), and this is where the big fun is… Neither of us is big on caddied or slanted walls, such as in the den, I would make it smaller and square it off… If it’s a three person household, there is plenty of room with a master bedroom, and the den/bedroom area. Then if you need an occasional guest room aside from that you could put a daybed in the library… a thought! Then say your child goes off to school and then onto his or her own life… you aren’t left with a house too big for the two of you… and you can still have plenty of room! A big island in the kitchen gives you plenty of workspace, which is so nice. Another change we would make is in the Utility area, it shows a sink on one side, and washer/dryer area on the other. Instead of a regular sink and counter. I would have this cool sink, with counters on both sides. Perfect for big jobs as well as for bathing the dog!

White Haus 36″ – Noah Collection Freestyle Utility Sink –

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