House Plan Thursday: A Classy Commune… Coastal Living plan SL 358!

HousePlanTH IslandCottage SL358 sl

Island Cottage (SL-358) is an exclusive design for Southern Living by Historical Concepts, LLC and offered by Our Town Plans, LLC 

Island Cottage (SL-358) would be a gorgeous house nestled amongst mature trees… Somewhere nice and shady, fairly quiet, and if at all possible, near water! As we all grow older and the family dynamics change, this type of house could really make those times much better! If you look at the plan, everyone has their own space, including a screened porch! I love that! Then you have the shared spaces. Can you imagine, outdoor fires, cookouts and shared meals. This gives the younger people an opportunity to help out the older people… it also allows the older people to assist with the kids… It’s a unique plan because everyone truly has their own space to sit and read and be away from the crowd…

HousePlans IslandCottage SL358 cl

The porches are amazing. Some are screened, like the big one off of the Family Room… wow, you could open your door and not let any bugs in by having that screened porch! My only concern is that the kitchen needs to be larger. Especially for this many people… A large pantry would also be a necessity… This plan is 2578 square feet, so it’s not out of control big…What do you think?

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House Plan Thursday… Southern Living – Tideland Haven SL-1375


Southern Living House plan 1375, also known as Tideland Haven… it’s a beauty isn’t it? This is an exclusive design by Historical Concepts for Southern Living. We know someone who built this house, and its a beauty! Nestled along the marsh it truly is the perfect plan for that setting. If you note, there is a fireplace inside as well as outside, and that porch… WHOA! A large unscreened porch and another screened porch. You just can’t beat it! I think if I were building this house I would flip flop the dining room and kitchen… Only because I love my kitchen sink in front of the window for all the times I am eating brownies washing dishes! Although, on second thought maybe I wouldn’t flip flop it, because then I could see the TV, which would be really nice when baking and making dinner! Either way, this is a nice open design, with the perfect amount of porches, both screened and unscreened. Now THIS is living!

Would you like to see more photos of this house? Click HEREthen click on the small photos in the lineup to see the images. I love how they put boards horizontally on the walls.  (Be sure to look at the “real” images… they are amazing)! This post has been updated 6/4/13 to include an image of the porch with wire instead of wooden spindles…

SL Plan 1375

How fabulous is this?? One more thing I would do… friends of ours opted for horizontal wire on the porches so that your view is unobstructed. I like that so much better than spindles which limit your view. I guess if I had small children I might prefer spindles, but Fred, Charlie (dog) and I would go for the wire…


These are the spindles I like… wire… photo below from a friend, Joe H. – thanks Joe!

Wire for spindles photo from Joe H

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[Images via Southern Living]