Featured Artist… Susan Graeber!

SusanGraeber CocoAtTHePrudhommeCottageMaine SG

“Coco” at the Prud’homme Cottage, Maine by Susan Graeber

I love this happy little dog… Coco is one lucky pup to have this kind of room to run around… Charlie would run until he couldn’t run anymore (if being at the dog park is any indication!). What a sweet painting. You can feel the distance, the light, the happiness…

And one more just because I like it! Don’t you agree??! Fabulous painting!

SusanGraeber SealHarborIslandMaine sg

Seal Harbor Island, Maine by Susan Graeber

Read a blip about Susan from her website:

I have had the good fortune of beginning my life long interest in painting from early childhood attending the Bryn Mawr school where creativity was encouraged. I attended Hobart William Smith colleges for one year and decided to commit to going to an art college rather than a liberal arts program, and then transferred into the Boston Museum School for two years. During that time period my family moved to Brussels, Belgium for three years, and I had the benefit of travel as well as painting programs during the summers in europe and seeing the museums first hand. After this time period I transferred into the Maryland Institute and graduated in 1980. I had a few jobs related to the arts including a gallery position, settled down and married an art dealer who is a works on paper dealer, and had two children.

I always painted plein air when our children were growing up, especially enjoying Maine and the Maryland countryside. I now am a full-time painter, and maintain a warehouse studio in Baltimore, but mostly prefer to paint on location. I love to paint on Monhegan island, Mt Desert island, New Mexico and Maryland. I am influenced by the artists Arthur W. Dow, Fairfield Porter, Wayne Tiebolt, Neill Welliver, Eduard Vulliard and others. I am most attracted to places in nature where light is creating abstract shapes, and color is creating a mood. Capturing fleeting light is always a challenge, and a thrill when occasionally it works in a painting! When painting, or even seeing that spot that pulled my attention, I am drawn to unexpected movements of light and beauty.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Featured Artist… Susan Graeber!

  1. Jerry Stocks

    fBarbara, this Susan Graeber is a talented artist. Thought you might like to know that we have a Susan Graber in Beaufort who is also a very talented artist. Her portrait work is fantastic.


    1. I looked at Susan Graber’s work just now… very nice portraits… (hint, hint, for anyone out there looking to have a portrait done… very nice)! Thanks Jerry!


  2. Susan’s art work is a refreshing prism of colors. We recently met up in Monterey, CA during the Plein Air Convention and painted every night. We both attended BMS. It was a wonderful coincidence and I am a artist also.


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